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Some Anime Cliches (Musical Genre)


After my post about the clichés that are repeated again and again in Romantic and Comedy anime series, today I decided to continue that trend and came back with another ‘Anime Clichés’ post. This time, I have chosen the genre ‘Idol’ or ‘Musical’. If you guys don’t know what that is, it’s generally a slice of life anime that centers around a musical background, which means it might be about playing in a school band, or playing in a middle school band, or in a high school band or….. Well, I think you get what I mean. That’s why, without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

  • The Goofy Protagonist: 

    Be it horror, slice of life, romance, action or even thriller series; we always come across at least one goofy character. I don’t know what’s with the creators and their ‘Carnal Attraction’ with these kinds of characters. Well, in the musical genre, they just have to make the main character goofy or hyper energetic. For some reasons, she just HAVE to be lazy about important stuff, HAVE to get a sudden desire to form a random club and just HAVE to be the one who EVERYONE magically listens to. I swear to God, I will never be able to figure them out.

  • The Strict Character:You guys know what’s a Equilibrium, right? If there is something negative, introduction of a positive substance equalizes the net value. What I want to say with this sudden science stuff is that 1, Science is the only thing that I have to think about after I entered High school, and 2, if we have a goofy main character, there has to be a strict character that will be there to scold the Protagonist as well as the other associated characters; only to get ignored by everyone XD
  • Fewer members and the hunt to find more:As I mentioned before, the main character just HAVE to get this sudden desire to create a new club about something they have zero idea about. Since it is of musical genre, of course the club has to be regarding music and stuff, but the thing that pisses me off real bad about this cliché is the fact that the protagonist just suddenly decides to create a club and start something new and SOMEHOW manages to find all the required members (Oh yeah, they are always shown to be in some kind of member crisis, until a sudden character shows up, saving their club) and learn everything about it and just happens to get the whole band ready by the Cultural Festival. Bruh……… It took me 3 weeks to learn how to play a basic song in guitar (Well I’m slow so nevermind that example ._.)
  • The Almost Failure First Performance:
    Well it was easy to get the idea to start a sudden music related club, gather members and practice hard for the day of their first performance. It’s not necessary that it would go that smoothly all through the season (Well, K-On! was smooth throughout the entire story, *SPOILERS* it still came across a tiny bit of crisis when Ritsu and Mio had a fight). In most of the idol based anime series, the first performance either starts with an empty hallroom or a nervous breakdown. When all of us are convinced that it’s gonna be a failed performance, suddenly things starts to change and well, it turns out to be an ‘Fair enough’ show. How did they manage to do it? Magic.
  • Cute Girls doing Cute Things:Musical anime = Cute girls. Like, that’s just completely obvious, no one watches these anime for the music, it’s all for the loli like characters who are wasting their time having a pillow fight or eating cake and practice for their performances only for a few days. I mean, come on, wouldn’t it be boring as hell seeing them just practice all day? To hell with logic, we want these cute girls to do certain cute things……. Like saying “N-Nyaa” while wearing cat ears in their clubroom.
  • The Sudden Dream:While the protagonist had this sudden urge to make a band, its hunger for more doesn’t stops there as he/she suddenly decides to perform at a certain ‘Oh-So-Big-And-Famous’ stage. What’s more, the member of that band agrees to set that as their target without much of an opposition, and then suddenly starts to get ready for it……. Well, after finishing their cake, that is. God, I must say, Musical/Idol genre is the only genre that exploits the ‘Protagonist power’ so much. The side characters could literally do nothing but accept his/her orders.
  • The great final performance:Guess what comes after months of practice, tea time breaks, soap drama and stage lives? Why, of course, their dream show! The live that they were all waiting for, the place where all of them wanted to perform at. Now, just like the sports cliché, they would try to enter this tournament before too but might get knocked away by their rival, however, by the second season, here they are, having the time of their lives. It’s beautiful and heartwarming, but at the same time, it’s very repetitive.


And with that I’m summing up this topic. Wew, it really was fun to write it again, even though I have a feeling there still are some clichés I think I have missed. What do you think of this post? Is there anything that you would like to add? Let me know in the comments below.


Anime Plot: A second preference?

I hope that most of you are familiar with a small proverb, “All That Glitters is Not Gold”, it means that everything that looks attractive isn’t necessarily good too. While we might follow this rule in most part of our daily lifestyle, sometimes we tend to forget this moral when watching anime.

Agreed that anime has gained popularity mainly because of its overwhelming story, beautiful art style and liquid flow animation techniques; there are some brilliant series out there which get neglected only because of an art style that’s not as appealing as the other mainstream anime series. That’s why today I will be talking ranting about how important the art style, story, animation as well as the OP/EDs are for an anime.

The face I make when I realise that I have chosen to watch an anime with good animation but awful story

In these past 3 years of my anime viewing, I have met different sorts of people who have different preferences when it comes to watching anime series. While story remains the main focus most of the time, there are some examples where the mass gets attracted to a series of extremely beautiful animation even if the story is pretty shitty; they sometimes like it. Well, I won’t comment of someone’s personal taste and preferences, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it does happens.

My latest review of ‘Kuzu no Honkai’ showed how I struggled to criticize the first two episodes only because I liked the art style (Even though the story was killing me). It’s not just this anime, there are many series out there with not that great of a story (Like Trinity seven, Saekano, Mayoiga), who got their fame thanks to the amazing amount of details and brilliance in the artistic side (Totally my opinion on the story liking part).

Have a look at the amazing Art style of ‘Ping Pong: The Animation’

While on the other hand, there are low budget anime series (Like Tatami Galaxy, Welcome to the NHK, Uchouten Kazoku, Ping Pong: The animation), who have excellent story but were not able to gather as many audiences as the mainstream ones, reason? Well of course it’s because the art was so mediocre (Or different in some cases) that the audience decided to bail out even before they could complete the series. As a result, these anime don’t get to earn much and the producers drop the idea of continuing the series (This shit is the main cause of the end of most series in the very first season).

OP/EDs also play a main role in the popularity of an anime series. Personally, I get the feeling of watching a series if I find their OP/EDs to be enjoyable. Even though the story of that series is shit, I couldn’t stop myself from ending it; something keeps telling me that an anime with a song this good can never be bad (That thinking of mine has made me suffer a lot tho). Like for example, I wasn’t actually planning to watch ‘Tokyo Ghouls’ at first, but as soon as the hype of its OP ‘Unravel’ swallowed the whole community, I also decided to watch that series with that same ol’ philosophy of mine (TG didn’t appeal to me that much). Anime like ‘Kuzu no Honkai’, ‘KnB’ and ‘Toradora’ are some more examples of me following this trend; Toradora, thankfully, wasn’t a mistake, and I still find myself get all excited to watch that series whenever I listen to its first OP ‘Pre Parade’.

A small advice: Choose. Watch. Think. Judge.

Anyways, in the end, I would like to advice you guys (As well as myself) that every anime, no matter how it looks or rated by most peoples in the community, if it fits into your preferred genre, must be viewed and judged by you before you put a label of ‘Not worth the time anime’ on that series. Remember, a diamond is always found in the coal shaft. You could neglect a series based on how it looks like at first, but that might deprive you from experiencing something that most mainstream anime doesn’t gives us.

Thanks a lot for reading this post. Yeah, I know I’m not being much active but things have been quite busy over here after I got admitted into this new school. Well, I still am doing my best to provide you with some of my rants,  bear with me for a little longer please XD


Celebrating The First Anniversary of This Blog!!


It was just another day of the week when I decided to log in to WordPress, but as soon as I checked the notification tab, I realized that today is actually a day that needs to be celebrated. This day marks as the first anniversary of my blog, Ryuji’s Anime Review. I really have a hard time believing that it’s already a year old now.

I still remember the day I decided to start this blog. It was around 5 to 6 PM when I just finished watching ‘Your lie in April’. At that time, I had a habit of discussing the pros and cons of anime I finished watching in a closed room; however that day, my mother walked in and on seeing me talking about anime to myself with such enthusiasm, she advised me to start a blog about anime. To be honest, I was looking for a platform to talk about this stuff in a more official way, so I didn’t hesitated much into searching for a site to do it; and within two hours, I had posted my first post of my site, Ryuji’s anime review. Thanks to all of you for following my blog and giving me the strength to continue.


So what have I planned to do for today? Even though it’s not something really grand, I do hope that you guys would have fun reading this Anniversary special issue. At first, I will be sharing with you guys, some facts related to my blog, followed by some of my posts which I actually enjoyed writing (Told ya, not much). So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!!



  • Even though my first post was made in 29th of July, my blog actually became active in the month of September, when I started writing anime reviews more often.
  • At first, the name of the blog was ‘Chat with Ryuuji’, but after a while, when I realized that my reviews are hardly anything like a nice chat, I changed it into Ryuji’s Anime Review. Though I think I might change this name again as my blogs aren’t only about anime anymore.
  • I used to have a page where I decided to update my Top 10 anime list every month. But I never actually updated it and the rankings remained stuck in their for 8 months, before I finally deleted it.
  • I actually tried to manage a second site known as ‘Ultodurbin’ for some weeks but then I decided to focus more on my main site and didn’t post for a while in Ultodurbin. Presently, my mother manages that site and posts some of her photography occasionally (Shameless publicity: Do check her out here).
  • I had no idea that I could use GIF images in a post until December. The same goes for using the VLC screenshot feature too (I used Google Images for pics in the earlier posts).
  • The Ryuji’s Anime Review site has changed its layout more than 10 times, the current one has survived for the longest period of 4 months.
  • The day I got my first award, I skipped the nomination part of the post at first because I thought that there was no way for me to be in that list (I found that out later when I was linked to the post).
  • The ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’ actually got finished in 28 days instead of 30 (I cheated a lot XD).
  • My first completed Episodic review was ‘Kuzu no Honkai’ I tried to write episodic reviews of some series earlier, a couple of times, but they were never completed.

Well I hope that you enjoyed these facts (I don’t know why I wanted to share them but meh). Moving on, I will be talking about some of the posts that I really enjoyed writing and got pretty good response from you guys as well, be sure to check them out later if you haven’t!

  • Your lie in April (Anime Review): The reason I have included this post here is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Because no matter how much my blog and my experience develop, I actually started from this little review of a great anime. When I read it again, I realized that the way I wrote this anime is pretty amateur-ish (Which it still is but to be honest, it’s comparatively better now), it really was fun going down the memory lane and see how much I have grown up.
  • How I came to love Anime: Next up, is a post which is really really close to my heart. Maybe I was feeling nostalgic that day or something, whatever the reason might be, I took the time to write down my feelings here and I really am lucky as it got great reactions from you guys. This post, which shows how I got in contact with the anime culture and how far I have come since then, is the most viewed post of my site and to be honest, I really can’t thank you guys enough for stating your thoughts clearly in that post.
  • Some Anime Cliches ( 1, 2): Maybe one of the most appreciated works of mine, the ‘Some Anime Cliches’ series were the reason I got a sudden boost in the number of followers as well as views in my blog. While I want to post more of the same pattern but this time of different genre, I want to be sure that I could surpass these posts by a long shot.
  • A Look Back On 2016 While this post didn’t get as much views and likes as the other posts, I personally enjoyed creating it. Not just the post was really lengthy but the picture collage that I decided to try out took a huge load of my time (I actually stole the idea of collage from D….. thanks for the idea bro XD). Well, after this post, I didn’t tried to do the collage work again, but I do have to admit that if I weren’t so lazy, my posts would look really good (Just like it did with D and other fellow bloggers).
  • A Big surprise: Sunshine Blogger Award: Lastly, I slipped in my first award reaction post. This post meant a lot to me, mostly because it was at that time I realized (I fucked up…. Sorry I couldn’t resist that XD), that my works are actually being spread out to other bloggers out there. It made me feel that there are some peoples who actually enjoy reading my posts and that it’s not worthless. That moment, when I found out that I got an award, was one of the one of the greatest moments of my life!


That sums up my First Anniversary post of this blog. I would like to thank all of you for being there for me all these days and for appreciating my work and encouraging me to write more. This is just a small step for a better future of this blog and I hope that you guys will be there to see this through. Thanks a lot!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 13)

Sup everyone; it’s your boi Ryuji! (Probably not the best intro) Welcome to another post of the 30 Days of Anime Challenge. I had to do a lot of research for today’s post and I had to have a chat with myself, to figure out what I was. And that’s why I’m pretty excited about showing you this post, so without any further delay; let’s get into the post already!

An Anime Character You Can Relate To The Most:

I believe I have said this before that I have never ever been able to relate to a character in all these years. Yes, there are one or two qualities which kind of make me think that he/she is like me in some sense, but totally relatable character? No, sir. That’s why I had to go through all of the series in my laptop to find someone who has at least more than one quality like me. In the end, I was able to find two characters, which, if combined together might be able to create ‘Half-Ryuji’. Who are these characters? Let’s see.


Firstly, we have Yuuji from ‘Baka and Test summon the best’. Well, the series was just average in my view and I didn’t really enjoyed the comedy jabs; but I have to admit that I found Yuuji somewhat relatable. He was portrayed to be an idiot but in the end, he was revealed to be smart, he delivered some pretty awesome pervy comedic jabs with Akihisa and the best thing about him, he doesn’t gives a f**k about what’s going on in most cases. There’s not anything exceptionally relatable with Yuuji, but I guess the last attribute is a major part that defines me.


Moving on, we have an interesting character from ‘Kuroko no Basuke’. He’s the captain of Toho Academy, Shouichi Imayoshi. What I can relate to with him is his habit of keeping a smiling face in all situations, but deep down, inside, he’s a menacing sadist ready to take revenge. If I can define myself in 4 points, it would be Sadist, Ignorant in some cases, Vengeful and Straightforward. It really made me happy when I was able to find my sadistic and vengeful side in Shouichi topped with my habit of smiling every time. (I kind of enjoyed finding myself in Anime)

And that sums up my post for this segment of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Be sure to tell me which anime character defines you, and did you have to think a while for it or not? Thanks for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 3)

Hola minna! It’s Ryuji with the third post of the ’30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Today’s question is almost the same as last day’s except with a small change and I’m really excited to answer this one. So without any further delay, let’s get on with it!

Favorite Female Anime Character:

This is the first post where there is a single answer. I said before that there are not many characters who I admire that much to call my favorite; however, I realized that that condition only applied to male characters (#NoGenderEquality). There are almost a bunch of female characters that I respect and admire, but today there will only be one winner and that character is from a series which is not as mainstream as series like ‘How to be a pirate’, ‘How to be a shinigami’, ‘How to be a ninja’ and ‘How to yell you’re a** off for power’ (Totally not aiming at any long mainstream anime *Innocent Smile*)


My favorite Female anime character is Holo from ‘Spice and Wolf’. As I said before, there are not many people out there who have watched this amazing show (Even though it won’t be getting a 3rd season), but if you have seen it then you will have the idea of what I am trying to say. Holo is a wolf deity who joins hands with Laurence, a peddler, to reach her home in the North. While they are on their way, she along with Laurence encounters many business related hurdles, but thanks to the combined brain of these two, they always manage to escape the situation without any hitch. Holo is a good example of the fact that women can be strong too and not just in physical strength, which has been portrayed by her awesome wolf transformation, but also in brains. She is the perfect mix of brains, beauty and seductiveness and I will have to admit if there is anything that keeps us from stopping to watch the series is the pure intimacy that Holo puts off, hats off to the creator if this beautiful female character.

And with that, I conclude the third post for this challenge. The questions are getting interesting and there are lots to come. Thanks for reading!

PS: Sorry for not posting yesterday, my net was down and it was almost impossible to do anything. Sorry again.

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30 Days Of Anime Challenge (Post 2)

It’s finally a new day and it’s time for the Day 2 of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Today’s question maybe isn’t that hard for most of the bloggers who have attempted this challenge, but for me it is a really tricky question; what’s the question? Let’s check it out!

Favorite Male Anime Character:

Here’s one fact about me, I have never really admired an anime character that much to call him/her my favorite. But I do have to admit there have been some characters that have really been inspirational. On doing much thinking, the list have been shortened to only two characters, maybe these are the one who are eligible to be called as my ‘favorite’.


First up on the list is Hikigaya Hachiman from ‘Oregairu’. Well most of the people on the anime community loved this little series for the ‘Relatable’ storyline and the male lead that has proved how life really is for a high schooler. Even though the story is slightly hinting to bend into some sort of harem, I will be glad if they stick to their original plan. Hachiman is probably the best philosopher in the history of anime, his deductions and way of thinking may prove to be wild and self-sacrificing, we are magically made to respect his decision in time. This is one of the reasons for him being one of my favorite male lead.


After Hachiman, we have a name which may also seem to be mainstream, but that doesn’t matters because when you have a character with the looks and intelligence like Light Yagami, there is no way that you could overlook his presence with any other character (Totally my opinion). What I really like about Light isn’t his looks or intelligence, (Which, however, is some of the really good points too) it’s his madness and evil craze that has made me crazy. I mean, I haven’t seen many action or thriller anime but he is really someone whom you couldn’t help but support. At first, the reasoning he gave for using the Death Note was appreciated but even when he went astray from his path I still couldn’t stop wishing him luck and prayed for to succeed in his venture (That prayer wasn’t heard by the creator but meh….. he is still awesome).

And with that, the second day of this challenge also comes to an end. Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you guys on my next post. Now if you will excuse me I have to eat something, I guess I will take a potato chip………. AND EAT IT!


Spoilers: The Truth Hurts

In the last few years, that I have spent watching anime, I have come across a word that I don’t think I knew before and that word is ‘Spoilers’. Well I’m sure those of you who followed reviews of books and movies must have known this word, but I wasn’t that accustomed to read reviews until I started writing them. But now that I have known the meaning of this word, I can see why it has been hated by most of the people in this community.


If you are one of those peoples who, just like me, did not know the meaning of this word, let me ease your pain of going to Google and search it. There are some elements of a movie, game or books which act as a twist in the tale and must be known or figured out as one progresses in the story, now when someone tells or writes about those things and reveals the twist to someone who didn’t know that is called adding ‘Spoilers’ or spoiling their fun in normal words. Well, I have heard many mixed opinions about this 7 letter words, while some say they don’t mind them while others started ranting about how they tortured the guy to death who once spoiled her……. but let’s not talk about those experience for privacy’s sake. So today, I have decided to write about what I think too.

Personally, I don’t dislike spoilers. While I do understand that there are some things that should be revealed as the story gradually progresses, I’m always up for an offer to know about those things which may spoil the fun of finding it out gradually. I’m one of those guys who, before watching an anime, read about all the things that will happen in it from Wikipedia and then, decide whether or not I should watch that anime. Well there are also times when I don’t read the detailed explanation of an anime, but that doesn’t means that I give up because just after I download the series, I skip to the last episode after watching 2 or 3 episodes and then I wonder if it’s worth it. However, I do avoid reading the detailed explanation of the episodes of a mystery or detective story, but that being said, I watched the last episode of Death Note after I finished the 5th episode, so I don’t think the thing I said before counts.

Anyway, now that I’m freely talking about my unusual behaviour, let me tell you one of my twisted reasoning behind all those things I do. I read or watch the end of a story before even knowing the story that deeply because when I actually do start watching it and the storyline starts getting together and the ending starts to make sense, I feel like God (That’s twisted af) I mean, if someone’s gonna die and they don’t know, I just sit back and grin saying, “Life has something else in store for you, MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” My evil laugh makes my neighbours rage but who cares about them, I’m gonna laugh like Yu Otosaki when he misused his powers MUAHAHAHHAHAHA……. I think that’s enough Evil laugh for one day (._.)


I first found out how others react to spoilers when I told my best friend, who just started liking Naruto Shippuden, *SPOILER ALERT* how Jiraya dies fighting an orange haired villain in 6th season J Well of course he thrashed the life out of me, but it was worth it! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like spoiling others, unless it’s my best friend, but I’m always up for spoilers.

So that’s all that I can say about spoilers and how I react to them. I hope you enjoyed my little account of twisted behaviours. How do you react to spoilers? Do you have some twisted behaviours while watching anime? Be sure to tell them in the comments below!


My Top 7 Admirable Female Characters

Female characters in anime series are one of those things which are sometimes used shown as Self sufficient and independent character in some liberal minded anime, while at the same time; they are used as just a method of Fan-service in some other series. Even though there is no stop to those series where females are just another way to “Please the audience”, it is also a fact that in some recent years, there has been many female characters that we all should take inspirations from. So, on the occasion of “International women’s day” I have decided to put before you some of those brilliant female characters which I think really prove the fact that “Men and Women have no difference in skill, in any kind of work”

  • Miyamori (Shirobako)
    I never knew that Shirobako will be an office drama based anime (To be honest, I was surprised that they didn’t have a high school setting), so I was ready to drop the anime as I thought it won’t be interesting. However, I finished the series, and the only one I think who was able to make me sit back and watch the whole thing, would be Miyamori Aoi. Her sheer will power to do the task assigned to her and the way she did her best to come out of any bad situation that the production house faced, was absolutely amazing. Aoi is maybe the best normal office girl I have seen in an anime, who possesses such a great mental strength and made sure that we realize that girls don’t break down that easily.
  • Erza (Fairy Tail)
    I will be honest here, I have not watched Fairy Tail and have no idea why most of the people of the anime community are screaming in support of this series. But if I have to marvel at one thing that I managed to came across and loved was the portrayal of Erza Scarlet. I have seen many female warriors and Fairy Tail seems to be booming with fan service, still the way Erza was shown fighting, her willpower and sheer concentration to defeat the enemy was amazing.
  • Akame (Akame ga kill)
    Now I know that the anime was probably not one of those good action anime out there, but we will have to admit, Akame was badass. I mean just think about it, everyone died, like EVERYONE DIED FOR NO REASON, but then there comes Akame and she wins like a boss! Akame is the only character that I have come across, where the female lead shines brightly even though she is not the protagonist.
  • Chihaya (Chihayafuru)
    After discussing some great characters of action based anime, we come back to the slice-of-life genre where there is also involvement of sports. Chihaya starts off as a lazy girl who has no actual aim and is just another girl next door who looks good. But as the anime progresses, we find how determined she stays to become the queen of a not so famous game, Karuta. Chihaya was included in this list because even though she is klutzy and careless and not good at most of the things, she can be lethal at Karuta. Her focus in goal and power to never give up is admirable.
  • Tsunade (Naruto)
    Whenever we talk about strong female characters in Naruto, we think about Sakura and Hinata, but if we think clearly, we will find that the one who should really be marveled for her strength should be Tsunade (At least I think so). By strength, I don’t mean the brute physical power that she possesses; I mean her strength to take decisions, her courage to take action and her attitude to oppose others when needed. Being the first female hokage, she really proves no matter how supreme or hard a work is, women are also as capable of doing it as men.
  • Riko (Kuroko no basuke)
    I didn’t really enjoy Kuroko no basuke, but I really respect this anime for something that I hope will become true one day, and that something was portrayal of Riko as a female coach. The anime broke the boundary where the only thing a female can do for a male sports team is becoming a manager. She received criticism and people laughed at the team as they had a female coach, but she showed them that she has what it takes to become a coach. She is a little hot minded, but she is calm at taking decisions and is not afraid of taking risks.
  • Kaori (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso)
    Personally speaking, Miyazono Kaori is my inspiration. I want to live life to the fullest, just like she did. She has something that most of the people in the world doesn’t and that is being full of life. She knew she wouldn’t be alive for long, but instead of counting her days in misery and morbid thoughts, she decides to take on the stage and enjoy each and every moment she can squeeze out of her lifespan. Kaori is the most powerful girl I have ever seen in any anime.

That sums up my special post dedicated to all the women of the world. Be happy, be proud, you HAVE the capacity to change the world. Don’t let what others say to you get your heart, women are not weak, I hope my post was able to convey that message. Thanks for reading!


Some Anime without Conclusions

Usually, an anime series have 12 or 24 episodes for a season, which are enough most of the time to deliver a sweet and memorable story. However, not all anime out there have managed to give to their fans a story with a good ending. What’s more, these anime maybe will never be able to tell us the ending because of lack of sales and all. In the end, these anime either end up being removed from most of the favourite list or they just remain in the heart of fans of that anime, who always wish for a second season, which may never come out.

Keeping this in my mind, I have decided to write about some of those anime which I guess, will never have another season to give a proper ending. So without further delay, let’s get right into it!

HONOURABLE MENTION:  I finished the anime ‘Sket Dance’ a year before, and I fell in love with the absolutely amazing comedic sense of the series. Hoping for more, when I researched about it having a second season, I found that it’s highly unlikely for it to get one. ‘Sket Dance’ is one of my favourite comedy anime and there won’t be anyone happier than me, if I found that there’s gonna be a second season.

  • Tokyo Raven:


    I don’t usually watch magic based anime, but when I do, it’s Tokyo Raven. I saw the trailer of this anime on Animax and holy shit! That looked so awesome. So, I downloaded the series and watched it. It had all the elements of a great anime, action, dark past, badass villain, even more badass teacher and a cute romance story. However, this anime lost most his greatness by the last few episodes because of the WHAT THE SHIT WAS THAT? ending. Even though there has been slight rumours of some possible S2, we will see if that’s true in the near future.

  • Magical warfare:

    Another magic genre anime that was abandoned by its creator in the middle of nowhere. Released in 2014, Animax made a huge fuss out of it in its website and that piqued my interest in it. However, when I actually watched it, I realised what false advertising is. ‘Magical Warfare’ was just another anime with an average plot which I fairly enjoyed, but even that enjoyment is crushed in the last episode where in their effort of fitting in most of the things of the light novel, it ended up giving a bizarre conclusion, which got even worse when we realised that it won’t get a second season.

  • Mysterious Girlfriend X

    When I reviewed this anime, I mentioned that I was not sure why I liked this series as it didn’t had that great of a story and the drool licking thing is not exactly my fetish. However, it managed to get a lot of fans and admirers thanks to the mysterious character of Urabe and the great chemistry between her and the protagonist, Tsubaki. The series ended with both of them visiting Tsubaki’s mother’s grave and Tsubaki monologues to do his best to keep his relationship with Urabe alive. This ending was not appreciated that much (Not by me at least) as it spewed up hope for a second season, which, thanks to the low sale of DVDs and Blue-rays, has low chances of releasing.

  • Hyouka:

    Hyouka is one of those mystery anime with a lazy protagonist and an energetic female lead who have a hint of romance between them. I love and hate this series for 2 reasons. I love this series for some good mysteries and great romcom situation between the two main lead, however I hate this anime for its bad ending. ‘Hyouka’ might have ended the series peacefully by giving them (Oreki and Chitanda) a romantic conclusion, but NO, it went on to keep it as a suspense for the next season; which, once again, is highly unlikely to release. WHY DID YOU DO THIS CREATORS? WHY??

  • Spice and Wolf:

    At last, we have ‘Spice and Wolf’, an anime which I fell in love in the recent years and was heartbroken by the bitter truth that I came across a week before. ‘Spice and wolf’ is a fantasy anime about a spirit wolf Goddess called Holo who joins forces with a wandering merchant, Lawrence, to reach her home in the north, only for both of them to fall in love with each other. I loved this anime 50% because of Holo (That girl is really seductive) and the other 50% for to the story. It manages to accumulate both serious business thrill and heart-warming romance to create a magical ride for the viewers. But recently, I found that this anime too will not get a second season because of the low profit made by the creators for it. I was incredibly disappointed, I thought that they will finally focus on their relation ship (QAQ)………. I HAD SOME GREAT EXPECTATIONS!! *Cries in a corner*

That sums up *Sniff* my post for some anime without any conclusions. *Sniff* If you want to add some more anime *Sniff* into this sorry list then leave them in the comment section below. Now if you would excuse me…. I have some crying to do! *Cries in a corner*


My Top 10 Anime Couples (Valentine’s Day Special)

For the last seven days, the whole atmosphere of the world has been all lovey-dovey, because of course the Valentine’s Day is here. And you know the best thing about it, for the first time in my life I will actually be able to enjoy it with my girlfriend, Amanda. (Yesssssssssssss) That being said, Valentine’s Day is not all about gf-bf love, couples and things like that, it can be love for your sister, love towards your parents and love for the whole world, so go ahead and show all the love you can to the world.

On to the main topic, we all know that our blogs should synch with the trend every time (Or else how will we get the views…… we want the views) and that’s why I decided to write a Valentine’s Day special post and that is, Some of my favourite Anime couples. So sit back, relax and enjoy this list of Anime couples.

  • Kirito X Asuna


    SAO has never been something that I look forward to due to its romance element; however I will have to admit that the main couple of the anime had some good romance between them. SAO has some real bad clichés and all (SAO fans, sorry about that) but still Kirito and Asuna manages to spark in some life into the already dead story by their hot romance and mutual respect for each other; that’s the best thing about the anime.

  • Izumi X Ui


    I just started this anime and I will have to admit, it’s hard to find loyalty in an ecchi anime. There’s no loyalty shown by the protagonist in this anime (He goes all out and rubs the breasts of another girl) but the thing that made me find love in this couple is the fact that no matter how unfaithful and ‘Men’ he might be, there are some things which Izumi does only with his wife. I like how both of them supplied a solid connection that was built up to a silly concept of getting married together out of spite from both of their parents.

  • Raku X Chitoge


    Raise your hand, if you think this couple of the list is the impact of ‘Nisekoi’ being a mainstream anime! Well I don’t actually follow manga, but I guess these two are the real deal now (Are they?) if it’s false then, meh, but if it’s actually true, I’m extremely happy. Raku and Chitoge were actually a really cute couple and I supported them with all my heart (I also shipped Raku and Ruri, but who cares) These two are really cute together, and why wouldn’t they be cute, after all there’s a Tsundere…….. Always love the Tsundere.

  • Tsubaki X Urabe


    If I remember correctly, I reviewed this anime where I said, “I have no idea why I love this anime so much” but now I think that I know the answer to the mystery. The answer is the steamy hot but cute relationship between the plain boyfriend and the mysterious girlfriend. I mean, holy shit, these two are so meant for each other. Tsubaki and Urabe were not shown kissing in the anime, but still they manage to bring out so much passion in their love that at some point, it’s remarkable.

  • Kaito X Ichika


    If the previous couple is there for its steamy hot relationship, even though they never kissed, then this couple has this spot in the list because of the pure hearted love they share, even after they kissed so many times. This anime showed Kaito and Ichika maintain a safe distance where they never kissed with a romantic sense through the main part of the series, however the last 3 or 4 episodes was full of kisses and romance. I loved how they were so hot for each other, so much that at some point it makes you cheer for them when they have an intimate scene (At least I did)

  • Otani X Koizumi

    Maybe the only old anime of the list, the couple is not here for nothing. Given the fact that this anime is pretty old and at that time, showing kisses was not really accepted by the audience, these two came all out in showing their love. At first Otani and Koizumi were like, I don’t love him and she doesn’t loves me, but when the misunderstanding was finally cleared, what emerged was a couple so friendly with each other that there was no need to show any real romance between them. The kisses shared by them were amazing too, and the chemistry was awesome!

  • Kousei X Kaori


    Now coming to the top 4, we have Kousei and Kaori, a couple which showed loved beyond the boundary of life and death. All of us, when watching this series, felt or knew that the story will not be a happy one, but we didn’t dropped watching this masterpiece. Not because we were hungry for the sad ending, but because we were enchanted by the cute relationship between Kousei and Kaori. Where on one side, Kaori was trying her best to be at the best mood for her love, Kousei was also giving his best to make sure he could share stage with her again and again. The love between these two is undying and heart touching!

  • Kawasumi X Suiren

    Surprise, surprise! I bet you guys didn’t expect that. Kawasumi and Suiren are characters of a Manga that I recently started called ‘Hibi Chouchou’. I’m not a big follower of manga and to be honest this is only my second one, but I couldn’t help but put the names of these two characters cause somehow, this guy is almost like me and the girl is also like my girlfriend (Coincidence? I don’t think so.) I don’t know what exactly the deal is with these two being the replica of our life, but I won’t mind if we went on to have a relationship like them.

  • Touma X Kitahara


    Not all romance end with a happy note, while most of the other anime were showing us the joyous side of love, ‘White Album 2’ was showing us the pain of being in love and getting a sad end. Touma and Kitahara were always meant to be in love with each other, and they even did, but in our world, lovers don’t decide their future, destiny does. Destiny made sure that these two don’t meet, but still they also made sure that their love never dies.

  • Ryuuji X Taiga


    Raise your hand, if you were not surprised by the end result of this list. For a person who loves romance and whose first proper romance anime was ‘Toradora’, these two had to be in the top spot of the best couples. What makes Taiga and Ryuuji, Taiga and Ryuuji is something beyond words. These two actually ‘Click’ with each other. It is said that we try to find someone who completes us, and these two are the one who really complete each other. What’s more, they are not always lovey-dovey, the female lead almost kills Ryuuji, but when his soul is about to leave, she makes sure that she puts it back to his body (Too much metaphor, right?) So, in the end, the best anime/manga couple goes to Ryuuji X Taiga for a relationship which cannot be defined.

And that was my list of Anime couples which made my heart go all *Doki Doki*. What about you? Who are your favourite anime couples? Do you agree with anyone on my list? Then be sure to leave them in the comment section below! Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!