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Saekano S1 (Anime Review)

Name: Saekano

No. of episodes: 12

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Harem


Review: While I had downloaded this anime way back in early 2016, I finally decided to check it out now, since its second season just ended. Well, at least for now, I would say that I don’t particularly regret that decision, but I’m not proud of it either. ‘Saekano’ is based on the usual high school genre with the generic otaku protagonist, the generic twin tailed tsundere childhood friend, the extremely sexy upperclassman and the sudden main heroine. However, the thing that makes it a little different is the fact that the main heroine, doesn’t have that much of a presence (Heck, she doesn’t even shows much emotions too). So, Tomoya (Ze protagonist) has a fateful encounter with Katou (Ze heroine) in a spring day, which gave him the sudden urge to create a game ‘That will touch the heartstring of every guy out there’; and for that he consults Eriri (Ze childhood friend) and Utaha (Ze Sempai~) to help him achieve his dream. While he didn’t have any idea who that girl was, he wanted to make sure that he finds her out and approaches her to be the main heroine of his game; later, he found out that she was his classmate and she has been approaching him for various works for the past one year, but thanks to her lack of presence, she has been savagely ignored by everyone. Tomoya takes it upon himself to convert her into the perfect ‘Dating sim heroine stuff’ while completing his game with the other girls who are bound to lose in the harem competition.


Weakness: For an anime with a huge amount of clichés, there were bound to be some pretty obvious mistake:
1) The story drags a little too long in showing the part where Tomoya tries his best in convincing Eriri and Utaha to join his project (It almost takes up 3-4 episodes).
2) There were some moments when the atmosphere was supposed to be tense, but sadly, they weren’t able to interpret that darkness quite well to make us anxious about the next episode.
3) Tomoya’s cousin, Michiru, is introduced in the story in the later half, but there wasn’t anything that significant for her character except for stretching the length of the story, to end the season at a cliffhanger.

Best scene: I ship Utaha and Tomoya, so obviously, the best scene would go to the time when the Utaha route was at focus. I loved the scene where Tomoya and Utaha were in a hotel and were working on the story that he wanted to get featured for the first ending of his game. While it was fun, what made the fun really awesome was the, HOT FANSERVICE OF UTAHA IN A BATH ROBE *-*)/ (Nope, just kidding), chemistry that they shared while working together all night in something serious, still finding time to joke around a bit (The ship almost felt real at that time).


Favourite character: After what I said in the Best scene thread, need I say more about this question? Of course it will be my new bae, Kasumigaoka Utaha. What really is amazing about her isn’t the fact that she has a great figure and dressing sense (Well I do admit they are part of her waifu points tho), it’s her sadistic yet cute attitude and chemistry shared with Tomoya that makes her so freaking awesome. Wew! I don’t think I could stop talking about her, she’s just so amazing!!


Art style: No doubt about this attribute of the anime, the art style and animation are fucking awesome!! The female characters are just way too cute and the details spent on each of them is plausible (Especially the red and black gradient eyebrows of the characters). Apart from character design, the background was really well done too and it really made me salute A-1 pictures for providing us anime series with such beautiful art.


OP/ED/BGM: Well I’m a fan of rock and other loud songs, so this anime’s OP or ED wasn’t that good for me. Yes, it was good but it was way too slow for me to like it. I do have to admit that certain BGMs at the serious part of the story really hyped me up and it made me realise how important BGM is for certain series (I really swear I heard  the BGM used for Sasuke in 6th season of Shippuden, in here too).

Ratings: This anime was filled with clichés, generic characters, awkward statements and situations; but still what made it kinda good was the fact that it constantly broke the fourth wall and joked around about its own series and story building a couple of times, showing it’s sport spirit. Still, I would rate it 7 out of 10 because it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. However, I expect great things from its second season.

And with that my review about the 1st season of Saekano. What do you think about this anime, would you like to watch it or not? What were your thoughts on it (If you have already watched)? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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Rainbow Days (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Rainbow days

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Romance

No of episodes: 24


Review: For some reasons, most of the anime that I decide to watch are shorts. My last few series were Plastic nee-san (5 mins), Okusama ga seito kaichou (8 mins) and then Rainbow days (12 mins). All these series were better than I expected, but on the same time, they failed to hold onto the reputation they earned by the very end. For now, let’s talk about ‘Rainbow Days’. The story revolves around four high school boys (Because any other setting will not be anime like) who enjoy their daily life which is filled with funny events and much romance. The series starts with Hashiba talking to his friends about the cute girl dressed at Santa whom he fell for because gave him tissue at Christmas Eve, when he got dumped. Just like his friends, I was like, “That’s it?” but on the other hand that silly love plot bloomed into a good romantic story. The series became more and more interesting when everyone found their pair; the blonde guy with his Santa girl, the intelligent quiet guy with his over enthusiastic girlfriend, the player with the male hating female lead’s best friend and the sadist with the masochist (If that made you guys cringe then sorry). No matter how strange it sounds, the anime managed to use the characters really well, the kissing scenes were awesome and heart stopping at times and the story actually made me pray for more. However, I won’t say I’m satisfied with the anime, or should I say, WTF GUYS?? About which I’m gonna say more in the weakness segment.

Weakness: Ever heard of partial self-destruct? Well, Rainbow days demonstrated how to ruin a really good story with their Partial Self-Destruct moves:
1) This series had 4 or 5 filler episodes. I mean yeah, if you have more than 500 episodes about a ninja, then 70% filler episodes won’t hurt, but dude! This is a short series, with a 12 mins runtime, why do you want filler episodes here? Just finish the story.
2) Rainbow days used a device called “We won’t tell you” which is really cringe worthy. They made a setting of telling the backstory of a character and then all of a sudden… BAM! We won’t tell you that in this season, bruh! (I wonder if they will even get a second season)
3) Slow and bad ending. I have not watched many series which have that slow ending thing, because somehow I get to know it all beforehand, but now I think I know how it feels to have a slow ending. Till 16th episode, the series was about to be on my Top 10 list, but then as the ending approached, the story became slow AF and then gave, what I think, the worst possible ending for the first season.

Best scene: The romance of Rainbow days was top notch, until a certain number of episodes, and the couple whom I was rooting for all the time was Mattsun and Mari. One of my best scenes was between these two people where Mattsun gave the best threatening, “I will kiss you again!”

Favorite character: One of the best things about this anime was the characters, who were full of life. My favorite from them all would be Keiichi (And trust me the decision was not easy) as his sadistic side mixed with innocent smiles were hilarious. Sometimes he felt a little bit relatable, I mean girls really do run away when we try to tie them up. (Nobody else had that problem?)

Art style: Comedy series are generally known for their laziness in the artistic side of anime (With some exceptions) but this anime, in comparison to other mainstream comedy series, had a pretty good art style. (Even though it was not as good as Sket Dance, but yeah it was good). The background showed traces of their laziness in that field, but the character design was really good, especially that of the female characters.


Rating: Rainbow days is that anime which you can watch to relax and release your tension, but may also get hooked up to the story but still, due to the series of wrecks in the end episodes, it becomes quite cringe worthy and that’s why I rate it 6.5 out of 10.

That sums up my review for ‘Rainbow Days’. Have you watched it? What are your thoughts on this series? Be sure to tell them to me in the comments below!

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Haikyuu S3 (Anime Review)


Name of Anime: Haikyuu Season 3

Genre: Sports, Comedy

No of episodes: 10

Review: 2017 has kicked off perfectly for me and it’s mostly because of this huge gift I presented myself with, The Third Season of Haikyuu! I can’t believe my must watch list is starting to get shorter so early, and what a great way to begin this than by watching my favourite sports anime. The ‘Haikyuu’ franchise has always amazed me by its great animation and good, tough storyline, which was even more escalated this season. After going through all that training and drills, Karasuno finally found their momentum and now they are one step away from the nationals. But what stands in their way is no one but the team who have gone almost every time to the finals, the powerhouse Shiratorizawa. The match between these two was 10 episodes long, but I never felt that it was being too stretched or anything, that’s the beauty of Haikyuu, and that’s why once I got the series, I just had to binge  watch it all in one go. I love it!

Weakness: ‘Haikyuu’ doesn’t really have many faults like the other sports anime, but still there are some gaps:
1) The tension in the match is not as much as it had with the one against Aoba Johsai, somehow we don’t feel like they are playing the best school in the prefecture.
2) Kageyama and Hinata are the main characters, but they were not given the time to shine in this season. (But Tsukki owned the stage, Woo hoo!)

Best scene: The match between Haikyuu and Shiratorizawa was a tense one, but that doesn’t means that the humour will disappear, at least not when Tsukki is here! Best scene of this anime, every time Tsukki lets out his sarcastic side.


Favourite character: I think all of you can guess it at this point, my favourite character is Tsukishima. Even though he wasn’t given enough screen time in the previous season, he sure shone bright like a diamond in the third season. Go on Tsukki, I support you!!


Art style: Now that I have seen Durarara, I realised that the art style in both the anime is almost same, I wonder if it is from the same creator or not. But so far the art style goes; I have no complaints except the fact that the female characters are not as appealing as they are in other art style. Also, is it just me or Tendo looks really similar to Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Rating: I was waiting for this season for really long time, and now that I have caught hold of it, I will not let it go without a huge rating. So, sorry if you think I’m over exaggerating it, I rate it 9 out of 10.


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To The Forest of Firefly Lights (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Hotarubi no Mori e


Review: Anime never stops fascinating me. No matter if it’s a series, movie or short OVA, they somehow manage to give us a unique piece of art, and that uniqueness is what makes anime, ‘Anime’. Somehow, this month of December, has made me think about anime more differently than before; maybe because I gave more time to anime films than series. It makes me wonder how the 45 minutes long film, ‘To the forest of firefly lights’ made me relive those emotions which I encountered when I watched the 24 episode long ‘Your lie in April’. This anime is one of those films which won’t be there in the top 10 or 20 anime movie list, but is surely one which will leave a deep impact in your heart for the rest of your life. The story is of narrative style and is told by a High school girl named, Hotaru. When she was 6 years old, she visited her uncle’s house in the summer and wandered off into the forest while playing. There, she met Gin; a spirit which looks like a young boy of 16. Both of them started to hang out, and promised to meet each other every summer. As Hotaru starts growing up, she starts having feelings for Gin, but she shudders to succumb to those feelings, she can’t touch Gin because if she does, Gin will get obliterated. This short but romantic movie is to die for and as long as you are in love with anime, this movie is one which you definitely can’t forget to check out.

Best scene: The anime shared one joke when Hotaru was little. While Gin was taking helping her out of the forest, she said, “It’s just like a date” to which however, she got a reply that it’s not so romantic. Ten years later, when both of them are in a summer festival (Organised by the spirits, of course) she once again said, “It’s just like a date” but this time the reply was, “This IS a date”. That scene was the best romantic scene of the movie.


Favourite character: The female character in this anime had a powerful and leading role which was carried out nicely, but somehow it failed to be as impactful as Gin. Though he always wears a mask (Makes me think that he was an ANBU member from Naruto) his face, when revealed, was perfect for the character. His voice acting was great to bring out his loneliness and craving to touch a human.

Art style: A good art style, perfect for a romantic-sad anime movie. I loved the fact that they used their time to focus on vivid colours of forest flowers and fireflies to increase the impact of the movie. What I loved in this movie was Gin’s character, it was so well made that I can’t even consider anyone else for the favourite character nomination. Overall, the art style was something that suited the anime plot nicely.


Gaps: Every time Hotaru came to his uncle’s house, she would go to the forest and hang out with Gin. Though it seems easy, it’s still hard to digest the fact that she would remain outside all day, every summer, for 10 years but yet no one ever judged or asked her about it. Except that fact, I have no more point which made me twitch in the middle of the movie.

Rating: ‘Hotarubi no mori e’ is a romantic movie with that late sad element which makes us cry and wish for a happy and satisfactory ending. Though the ending actually pretty good, knowing the fact that, that kind of ending was inevitable, a little prologue of hope never hurts anyone, so I rate it 8 out of 10.


A big thanks to Arria Cross for recommending me this anime, knowing your taste I knew it would be a great watch and hopefully it did. Thanks again and wishing you all a belated Merry Christmas.

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When Marnie Was There (Anime Review)

Name of movie: When Marnie was there

Genre: Slice-of-life, Drama, Emotional

Review: Anime films are dominated by two main power creators, Shinkai Makoto directed films and Studio Ghibli. If Shinkai Makoto was able to create anime films with a bittersweet feeling like Kotonoha no niwa and 5 centimeters per second, then Studio Ghibli has created works with a strong female protagonist and a strong sense of hope like Spirited away and Only Yesterday. Though Studio Ghibli was more dominant in the 80’s and 90’s when the main director was Hayao Miyazaki, it still has not failed to give us quality works. Released in 2014, the graphics and colour of the anime has sure taken a bright and new turn but that ‘Studio Ghibli’ art style is still dominant and is quite nostalgic. Coming to the main part, the story revolves around Anna, a twelve year old girl who is neglected by most of the girls in the school and has therefore turned into a loner. Anna suffers from Asthma and because of her illness taking a bad turn, she is sent to the countryside to his uncle and aunt, by his ‘aunty’.  Though Anna behaves very politely around almost everyone, inside her mind, she can’t tolerate anyone. The anime doesn’t convey any hint of her twisted personality and struggle until it reaches half of its screen time, as a result, we are confused and almost fail to think about how she might be feeling. Anna spends most of her time sketching and somehow manages to come across a house which was once occupied by foreigners but is now empty. Since, no one was stopping her to do anything, she took many trips there and some chain of events lead her to a blonde, blue eyed girl named Marnie; a girl who she saw in her dreams since she was there in the countryside. Both of them became really good friends, but something is not right about Marnie. What is that? Watch the movie to find out!
NOTE: In these two scenes of the film, I almost thought that it’s going to be one Yuri romance anime, but sadly, it didn’t.

Best scene: The film is good overall and doesn’t really have a particular scene which is completely extraordinary, and if I mention some, then the whole movie will be spoiled. So, I will be posting my second best scene which was the dance by Anna and Marnie when the latter invited Anna in a party her father hosted. That scene was very heart warming.


Gaps: This film has a mixture of both great elements and foolish mistakes, the great elements can be the fact how Anna is independent and courageous unlike some anime girls who just know to scream and cry for help in ninja battles (If you know what I mean), but the foolish mistakes will be more in count. First of all, Anna is sent out on her own by Mr and Mrs. Oikawa every day, even if she is found lying on the ground or in the storm the day before. Second, Anna is found in many places by the local settlers where, she should be injured but on the contrary she seems to be fine and doesn’t has a single attack of Asthma in the whole film, except the first 10 minutes.vlcsnap-error851

Rating: ‘When Marnie was there’ is an extraordinary journey of feels and emotions which Anna goes through to find the solution to all her problems, with a little twist in the tale. It will be sure to teach us that not all problems can be solved by raging or keeping a cool face, sometimes patience and an apologetic sense is enough. I rate it 7.5 out of 10.


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Parasyte: The Maxim (Anime Review)


Name of the anime: Parasyte: The maxim

Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Horror, Romance

No. of episodes: 24

Review: Most animes start with a definite theme and plot, but by the time it ends, the conclusions somehow become totally different from what was expected. But Parasyte, isn’t one of them. It started with a clear question and quest for the protagonist and ended with the same message and conclusion. This anime focuses on Shinichi, his parents, Kanna, and to some part Shinichi’s girl friend Murano. The basic plot is that a parasitic creature (Maybe alien) falls from space one night. Their mission was to burrow inside a human, capture its brain and control the body. However, one of them tried to burrow inside Shinichi but wasn’t successful and could only get into control of his right hand. Shinichi names him Migi. Migi is probably the most practical and logical character I have ever seen in my life. He has the perfect excuse to tear all of our ‘Normal’ and ‘Ethical’ things into pieces. But, in time, after living with Shinichi for a long time, they finally formed a partnership and decided to eliminate all the trouble causing ‘Parasites’. This anime has somehow balanced action, romance and science in the perfect proportion, and that’s what makes this one of my favorites.

Weakness: This anime doesn’t have so many mistakes.
1) Its ending was a little bit forced and the last episode’s purpose was not clear.
2) Shinichi’s girlfriend, Murano, really bores and makes me angry by a certain question. Even though at first it was okay, but with time, the question became too frequent, “You are Shinichi Izumi, right?”
3) Except Reiko, there wasn’t any strong female characters to leave their mark.

Best scene: This anime has a load full of great scene in action and all, but the best scene for me would be when Shinichi attacked the parasyte as Migi said for the first time. I was really pumped up when he actually hit A and it was well delivered when he was just abandoned by Reiko. HUMAN-1, PARASYTE-0.vlcsnap-2016-12-06-22h37m51s795vlcsnap-2016-12-06-22h38m16s434

Favourite character: It goes without saying, my favourite character if Tamura Reiko. According to me, there was not any other character in the sidelines who could leave as big of an impact as she did. Also, and it might seem weird to you guys, I think she is hot XD

Art style: I actually liked the art style of the anime pretty much. It was detailed, clear and beautifully scary. An action-gore based anime couldn’t get a better art style. Even tough it would have been better if Murano was created more pretty, but it will do for now.vlcsnap-2016-12-06-22h37m07s652

Rating: It’s a great action anime and maybe the only anime which I liked even though there were many gore scenes. I would recommend it to everyone. My rating to Parasyte is 8 out of 10.

PS: Also, check out the opening song of the anime. I loved it. Check it out on This Link!

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Your Name (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Your Name


Review: How good it feels when you are rewarded for a long wait by something which completely exceeds your expectations! That’s what that happened with me. I waited almost 6 months for this anime to be available for download, and when I was finally able to watch it, what I found was maybe Makoto Shinkai’s best work. I don’t always watch anime films, but when I do, it’s mostly Makoto Shinkai’s work. It’s not unknown to the anime community how great his works are, sometimes it’s so real that I couldn’t believe my eyes. This time, I didn’t get a great print, but still ‘Your name’ was fabulous in both the script and art. The story is about two persons, Mitsuha and Taki. Even though they live pretty far away, their souls suddenly starts to switch. At first, they take it as a dream, but gradually they realise that it is true and do their best to support each other. Gradually, they become suited to the other’s body and grow feelings for each other, but something happens which marks a big change in both of their life. I loved how the anime turned from a light hearted comedy to a serious love plot, which at times was able to make me sob. But still, I was completely satisfied by the plot, which made my decision to wait patiently for the anime, a right one.

Comedic scene: When Mitsuha switched into Taki’s body for the first time, a scene made me laugh real hard. If you are familiar with the feminine and masculine tone of the word ‘I’, then I’m sure you have laughed at the joke too.vlcsnap-2016-12-02-20h08m35s009

Favourite character: The focus was at the two characters all the way, even though Taki was more on spot, I really fell in love with Mitsuha. She looked sooooooooooooooooo good, I can’t explain in words. One may say that, Okudera (Taki’s crush) was better, but once you see Mitsuha in the Shrine maiden outfit, you will have to fall for her. At least I did.


Art style: Do I need to say anything in this matter? I watched the film in a really low quality mode, but still I was able to live at that moment, due to its realistic nature. If Makoto Shinkai is the creator, I could rate the art style 10 out of 10 in no time.

Gaps: ‘Your name’ was really a good anime, and the only time I felt that there is some gap, was the plot twist, which failed to deliver a good explanation about the uncertain events that occurred. In any case, the matter about time was too hard to understand, or maybe, it was made hard to understand to cut out on the explanation part.

Rating: The best anime film I have ever watched till now. I know some say that it is being over exaggerated by the reviewers, but still my own rating is 9.5 out of 10.


So, what do you think about ‘Your name’, was it good or average or bad? Be sure to tell me your views. Thanks for reading this blog! J

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High School of the Dead (Anime Review)


Name of Anime: High school of the dead

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Comedy, Harem

No. of episodes: 12

Review: After hearing the suggestion I decided to put up the review of a little bit or a bit… well you got it, ecchi anime. ‘High school of the dead’ is an anime which has a good mix of action, ecchi, comedy and to some extend romance. The story focuses on Takashi, Saeko, Rei, Hirano, Shizuka and Takagi who are left in a world which is suddenly infested by zombies. The main character, who appeared to be a passive character at the beginning ‘suddenly’ became supreme and the leader of their small team. We have the clichéd nerdy big *** girl, stupid big *** girl, yandere big *** girl, the normal big *** girl, the ugly looking psycho killer and the supreme boss who doesn’t knows a shit! If you have watched this anime, then maybe you know that this story doesn’t has a good plot continuity; their goal is to go beyond the river to meet up with their parents and in the end, they were only able to meet with parents and after a while, left on their own. Now my question is… WHAT THE HELL? I mean, that’s it? Then what was the point of going through all that trouble. I hope that there is a second season of it, or else this shit will have no sense at all.


The Best Team with the worst leader

Weakness: Where should I begin with the weaknesses? They are just… gah.. nevermind:
1) There is no clear reason, that why did everyone started becoming zombies. Was there an epidemic, a mythical creature invasion, prank or some other creepy shits?
2) Why did everyone made Takashi their leader? What is his ability? He can neither use sword as well as Saeko, nor can he use gun as well as Hirano. It’s only because he looks a little better than, so he will have to become the typical harem guy.
3) The ending. What was the point of the entire chase, if you all were going to do what you like on your own? Maybe the second season can answer that, but until then, no point.

Best scene: To be honest, I don’t find any scene much great, but if I were to choose one then it will be the last seconds of the anime, because the anime was now ending. :p

Favourite character: Everyone might think that I would say that there is no one among them whom I like, and to some extent you are right. But the thing is, I like Saeko due to her personality and beauty. But still, I really detest the little psycho side of her as she was not made to grow and get into her character much.


Art style: What do you call the anime which has the art style of 2008 but eyes of 2009, why High School of the Dead! The most horrible part of the anime was its art style which just focused all its detail in the mouth of the zombie and all.


Rating: I don’t really watch much pure ecchi anime cause most of the time, it doesn’t makes sense. Here also I rate it 4.5 out of 10, thanks to its “WASTE YOUR TIME” policy.

Well… thanks for reading this review. Please let me know what you think about this anime!


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Beyond the Boundary (Anime Review)


Name of Anime: Beyond the boundary

Genre: Romance, Action, Comedy, Supernatural

No of episodes: 12

Review: There are some animes which have really a bunch of weakness and mistakes, but still manage to mess with some weak strings of our hearts; ‘Beyond the boundary’ is one of those few animes. Even though the number of mistakes in its plot is really high, it is still a precious anime for me in the romance genre. The anime is set on a semi-supernatural world where some possesses this capability of seeing monsters. These monsters can be harmful at times, and thus these people are duty bound to kill them, in exchange for which they get money. Mirai Kuriyama is one of those “Struggling assassins” who, due to her clumsy nature, messes up with killing her target even though she possesses a cursed power of solidifying her blood into weapon of her desire. She meets with this boy Akihito, who is a half yokai and half human. Gradually, these two fall in love with each other while some dark secrets of Akihito unravel. While the romance between Mirai and Akihito were quite intimidating and cute, the impact of the support characters doesn’t goes unnoticed and have proper role.


Weakness: This anime has really quite big weaknesses which needed to be worked on (Expect spoilers):
1) At first, Mirai is shown to be really clumsy who messes up her work. But by the end, she becomes all experienced and strong. HOW???
2) The anime wasted one whole episode in just making us believe that everything is alright nothing actually happened at the very crucial moments. Those who are really absorbed in the story get really confused at that time at least.
3) Mirai died at the last episode, but then she miraculously got resurrected and was standing at the top of the school building. HOW???

Best scene: ‘Beyond the boundary’ maintained a cute relation between bloody action scenes and cute heart warming sentimental scenes. That’s why my favourite scene is when Mirai starts to disappear in the very end episode with tears in her eyes, after winning a crucial fight. I loved that scene and got a little bit emotional on seeing it.

Favourite character: My favourite character was Mitsuki. I mean like how anyone can deny the fact that she looks absolutely the best female character in the whole anime. I sympathise with his brother for having an unrequited love for her.

Art style: The art style of this anime was top notch; I liked their detail in both the action scenes and the tragic scenes. The art style got even better in the last 2 episodes, where sentiments of the plot were at it best.

Rating: This anime has a really treasured position in my anime list, because of the cute and pure relationship between the main couple. Furthermore, it had really good opening and ending songs, I loved them both. That’s why I rate this anime 7 out of 10.





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Assassination Classroom S2 (Anime Review)



Name of Anime: Assassination Classroom S2

Genre: Action, Comedy, Emotional, Tragedy

No of episodes: 24

Review: Remember the faults I mentioned about its previous season, now what you have to do is burn all those weaknesses into ashes, because this anime has covered all the weakness it had and was able to deliver the theme of the anime in almost the most perfect way possible; and by perfect I mean REALLY PERFECT. The story at first starts off with the same motive and nothing seems to change at first. But gradually, we understand that this anime is now serious about reaching its ending and to be honest was really good in wrapping things up in time. ‘Assassination classroom S2’ also carried out certain scenes which, even though there was no bloodshed, managed to make me thrilled and all hyped up. If I start mentioning its points, then I’m pretty sure that I can go on and on about how good it is.

Weakness: NONE! This is the very first time where I am not able to point out even a single weakness. I mean, there might be some faults which are visible to others, but if you ask me. It has no faults at all!

Best scene: You all know how I love romance, and to please me, this season threw a really deep kiss of Nagisa with Kayano. I have seen many deep kisses, but man this one was intense. Still, I couldn’t it’s the best cause there was no feeling from the other side. That surely disappointed me.


Favourite character: I would have stayed with Karasuma in this review too, but in this season there was not much of an impacting role for him. That’s why, this time, my favourite character is The principal, Asano. At first he was like a villain with a really bold and twisted personality. But in this season, when his past was uncovered, I found that he is a really good character who deserves this position.


Art style: The art style of this anime, as I said before, is pretty much different with a little bit of moe touch to it. However, the thing I said before, that it doesn’t sooth the action theme, is proved wrong in this season.

Rating: I really enjoyed this season of Assassination Classroom. But I can’t say that it was excellent because it was not able to give me the feels trip that I was hoping for. Maybe because the end was predicted by almost everyone. So, I rate it 9 out of 10 and a reservation in the second position of my favourite anime list.