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Some Underrated Anime You Should Check Out!

After I ended the torture series (Kuzu no Honkai), I found some series which I have not heard about from many people; in fact, they were either personal recommendation or just a lucky encounter in Google. When I completed them, I realized that these works are quite exquisite but failed to make the cut only because of lack of recognition or promotion. That’s why, today I would be writing about some underrated anime which deserves to be checked out. So without any delay, let’s get right into it.

  • Spice and Wolf:

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    If you have been following my blog for quite some time then you are sure to have come across this name before. This anime is basically about a merchant who decides to drop a Wolf deity (In female form, of course) back to her home in the North while fighting off various business related problems with their combined wisdom; a romantic plot is also followed which basically gets spotlight in the second season. The beauty of this anime is that it manages to keep us at the edge of our once you start watching it for real (Even though it may seem monotonous at first). Not to mention that Holo (Wolf deity) is seductive, even though she isn’t that lucky in some proportion :3
    So yeah, do give this anime a try if you like the slice of life genre with occasional stressful moments.

  • Welcome to the NHK:

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    It’s the oldest anime in this list and maybe that’s why it’s not that much known among the current generation; but that doesn’t means you should ignore this series. The story is about a college dropout, Satou, who has now become a Hikikomori or a shut in. One day, he is approached by a high school girl, who keeps persuading him to let her help him as she has full confidence that she could turn him into a normal guy once again. Even though he came up with various excuses at first, he eventually agreed and thus, started their counselling to turn the perverted shut in into a confident normal adult. Welcome to NHK is sure a pain to deal with in the first 3 episodes, thanks to Satou’s cringe worthy decisions and delusions. But once things get settled up a little, then we start to enjoy the situations Satou goes through as well as the romance that stirs up between him and Misaki, the female high schooler. The idea adopted was quite new to me, but then again, it was a really good anime that could use some recognition too.

  • Uchouten Kazoku:

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    A few months back, Karandi recommended me to watch this series. Even though I downloaded it some days after that, I decided to watch it a lot later; and I do not regret that decision. Set in Kyoto, The Eccentric Family is about a Tanuki (The animals who stroll the land while having the power to shape shift), Yasaburou, and his daily adventures as he deals with his master, the Tengu (The creatures who fly in the sky and regard themselves better than humans and Tanukis) who can’t fly anymore, his 3 brothers and mom while handling the constant trouble caused by the branch family, the Ebisugawa’s, and continue interaction with the humans (Those who are practically stronger than the Tengus and Tanukis and are also known to devour Tanuki). The interesting thing about this series is that it manages to get us habituated to their absurd world as if it’s not a big deal and lets us understand the problems that the family runs into from time to time. The art style of this anime is pretty unique and has a refreshing feel to it. I recommend this anime to anyone who would like to loosen up a bit with a normal family drama mixed with a little bit of fantasy.

  • The Tatami Galaxy:

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    I found this anime in a post of Goboiano which gave us a list of anime with an out of the box animation style. While most of the titles in that anime looked pretty much normal to me, the art style of The Tatami Galaxy stood out way too much. I downloaded it thinking it to be a short series or that maybe the story will be complete shit; I was wrong. The story is about a college freshman who desires for a rose colored college life and on his attempt to find that, he chooses different clubs only to get wasted every time at the end of two years. However, every time he reaches that time and asks for another chance, he travels back to the very first day of colleges and chooses a different path (Of course, he has no idea of that fact; even though he gets a feeling as if it has happened before from time to time). To be honest, the concept really blew my mind; who would have thought that an anime with that kinda art style has a foundation like this (Now that I think about it, the art style is not bad…. it’s different). The interesting part is that even though the basic story is repeated is repeated every episode, with some changes in the follow up, we don’t get bored of it and actually ask for more (Provided that you have the talent of not bailing out in the very second episode and can read subtitles really fast because damn the dialogues are fast). I would recommend all of you to watch this anime more than any other in this list and would advise you all to watch it to the end as it would all be worth it then. If you haven’t watched this then you’re missing out on an amazing experience in the anime world.

And that sums up my list for some underrated that you should check out. What do you think about this list? Are you familiar with any of these series? Are there any more series that should make the cut? Let me know in the comment section below! Thanks for reading!


Some Anime without Conclusions

Usually, an anime series have 12 or 24 episodes for a season, which are enough most of the time to deliver a sweet and memorable story. However, not all anime out there have managed to give to their fans a story with a good ending. What’s more, these anime maybe will never be able to tell us the ending because of lack of sales and all. In the end, these anime either end up being removed from most of the favourite list or they just remain in the heart of fans of that anime, who always wish for a second season, which may never come out.

Keeping this in my mind, I have decided to write about some of those anime which I guess, will never have another season to give a proper ending. So without further delay, let’s get right into it!

HONOURABLE MENTION:  I finished the anime ‘Sket Dance’ a year before, and I fell in love with the absolutely amazing comedic sense of the series. Hoping for more, when I researched about it having a second season, I found that it’s highly unlikely for it to get one. ‘Sket Dance’ is one of my favourite comedy anime and there won’t be anyone happier than me, if I found that there’s gonna be a second season.

  • Tokyo Raven:


    I don’t usually watch magic based anime, but when I do, it’s Tokyo Raven. I saw the trailer of this anime on Animax and holy shit! That looked so awesome. So, I downloaded the series and watched it. It had all the elements of a great anime, action, dark past, badass villain, even more badass teacher and a cute romance story. However, this anime lost most his greatness by the last few episodes because of the WHAT THE SHIT WAS THAT? ending. Even though there has been slight rumours of some possible S2, we will see if that’s true in the near future.

  • Magical warfare:

    Another magic genre anime that was abandoned by its creator in the middle of nowhere. Released in 2014, Animax made a huge fuss out of it in its website and that piqued my interest in it. However, when I actually watched it, I realised what false advertising is. ‘Magical Warfare’ was just another anime with an average plot which I fairly enjoyed, but even that enjoyment is crushed in the last episode where in their effort of fitting in most of the things of the light novel, it ended up giving a bizarre conclusion, which got even worse when we realised that it won’t get a second season.

  • Mysterious Girlfriend X

    When I reviewed this anime, I mentioned that I was not sure why I liked this series as it didn’t had that great of a story and the drool licking thing is not exactly my fetish. However, it managed to get a lot of fans and admirers thanks to the mysterious character of Urabe and the great chemistry between her and the protagonist, Tsubaki. The series ended with both of them visiting Tsubaki’s mother’s grave and Tsubaki monologues to do his best to keep his relationship with Urabe alive. This ending was not appreciated that much (Not by me at least) as it spewed up hope for a second season, which, thanks to the low sale of DVDs and Blue-rays, has low chances of releasing.

  • Hyouka:

    Hyouka is one of those mystery anime with a lazy protagonist and an energetic female lead who have a hint of romance between them. I love and hate this series for 2 reasons. I love this series for some good mysteries and great romcom situation between the two main lead, however I hate this anime for its bad ending. ‘Hyouka’ might have ended the series peacefully by giving them (Oreki and Chitanda) a romantic conclusion, but NO, it went on to keep it as a suspense for the next season; which, once again, is highly unlikely to release. WHY DID YOU DO THIS CREATORS? WHY??

  • Spice and Wolf:

    At last, we have ‘Spice and Wolf’, an anime which I fell in love in the recent years and was heartbroken by the bitter truth that I came across a week before. ‘Spice and wolf’ is a fantasy anime about a spirit wolf Goddess called Holo who joins forces with a wandering merchant, Lawrence, to reach her home in the north, only for both of them to fall in love with each other. I loved this anime 50% because of Holo (That girl is really seductive) and the other 50% for to the story. It manages to accumulate both serious business thrill and heart-warming romance to create a magical ride for the viewers. But recently, I found that this anime too will not get a second season because of the low profit made by the creators for it. I was incredibly disappointed, I thought that they will finally focus on their relation ship (QAQ)………. I HAD SOME GREAT EXPECTATIONS!! *Cries in a corner*

That sums up *Sniff* my post for some anime without any conclusions. *Sniff* If you want to add some more anime *Sniff* into this sorry list then leave them in the comment section below. Now if you would excuse me…. I have some crying to do! *Cries in a corner*