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Battery (Anime Review)

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya! I hope it’s not alien to you that I enjoy sports anime a lot! One of the main reasons why is because, regardless of the huge amount of repetition of the basic plot in different series, they are always energetic and helps in uplifting my mood when I’m gloomy (Not… Continue reading Battery (Anime Review)

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Anime Showdown: Haikyuu vs Kuroko no Basuke (Performance in Sports Genre)

Heyyo mina, it's Ryuuji Tatsuya and welcome to the first Anime Showdown post of the year!!! So I actually wanted to post one showdown post which focused on two sports anime, but it was hard coming up with a good theme to clash them head on. I wanted to start the year with something I… Continue reading Anime Showdown: Haikyuu vs Kuroko no Basuke (Performance in Sports Genre)


Some Anime Cliches (Sports Genre)

Some days back, when I was watching my favourite sports genre anime ‘Haikyuu’, I realised that it had some clichés which has been there in lots of other sports anime; even though the anime was still able to create the same anxious emotions as it did when I watched its previous season. So today I… Continue reading Some Anime Cliches (Sports Genre)