Unreal Things in Anime

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!
So a few days ago, I was watching this series I recently downloaded (Well it’s not exactly that new, but still), Blend S. In one of the scenes, I remember laughing out loud; not because of the joke, but because that kinda thing just doesn’t happen in real life.
It’s obvious that anime is a fictional outlet which, some way or the other, helps us to imagine ourselves in the protagonist’s shoes… depending on the series tho (No one would like to be like that guy from School Days). But still, there are some things which just doesn’t happens to us in real life; especially those which are displayed in the Slice of Life genre.

That’s why I decided to write this post where I compare those few scenes with my life, so that you guys can know that it’s completely my opinion and it may/may not match with yours (Be grateful that you guys can take a sneak peek to my dull monochromatic life). So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!


  • Life changing high school

    Image result for anime high school group pic

    So it’s been almost a year since I started high school. I remember being really excited about everything on the first day, since I saw all these amazing stuff that happens in anime, my innocent heart held high hopes. HOWEVER, now that I’ve almost completed a year, it won’t be wrong to say that all those super cool stuff that happens in high school is a Myth!! Forget girlfriends or clubs or any mysterious intergalactic war with me being the hero (Ok that went a bit too far); all I got was assignments, homework, cram schools and EXAMS!! My precious and innocent heart got completely smashed…


  • Overpowered student council

    Image result for anime student council president  cool

    In almost 90% of anime series out there, we see this group of students who call themselves the student council. Even though in some moe or comedy anime, they are shown goofy, most of the time they’re portrayed as this super powerful group only made for the elites. The President can be easy going sometimes, but he will have this incredibly intelligent aura surrounding him, the vice president will be the glasses guy with a habit of seeing through things, and the others are also just as special and gifted. But the student council in my school at least, is a place full of spoiled idiots. What’s more is that they don’t look cool at all; their only work is to form clubs and supervise cultural fest. *Sigh* if only student council were a bit more like the anime.I


  • Romance

    Related image

    This… I guess it’s gonna hit us all hard. Almost 90% of the total anime, the high school life comes with complementary girlfriend, and if possible, a harem too. I’m thankful that I wasn’t that ambitious about having a romantic connection in high school, but I at least thought life would get a bit different regarding that; it didn’t. Of course, this has been true for maaaaaaany of my friends, tell me in the comments if you and I are in the same boat or not.


  • Summer

    Image result for anime summer

    Beach. Festivals. Fun with friends. Group studies. A possible romantic endeavor!! Yeah, these are all just a facade. I will have to agree that summer really did gave me an outlet to laze around or go on some trip. But I definitely did NOT get to do anything except that. I remember all I did last summer was binge watch anime, write stuff for blog and sleep (I even made a record of sleeping for 21 hours); but neither did I hung out with any friends nor went to the beach and romance? Let’s not talk about it. By the way, I actually enjoyed that more than the anime way XD



  • Cheer 

    1111To explain this one, I’ll share a short story with you. This one time I was talking with my friends in school. Now, I don’t exactly remember why, but for some reason I was really hyped and I really wanted to try out one of those cheers as shown in anime. So I suddenly said, “Ok guys, we’re gonna do this!!” *Le punches fist in the air and yells “Yeaaaaaa”*.
    Sadly, instead of a follow up, all I got was, “Dude calm down, you need a psychiatrist”. See, that’s what I mean. Maybe you might get a cheer in a sports huddle or a virtual messaging group chat, but in normal occasions like that you’re gonna be left hanging.


Ok now the next point is probably the most important point in this segment. This thing is 100% imaginary and will never come true, and that is:

You Waifu

                 Image result for anime your waifu isn't real

And with that, another one of my anime related post reaches its conclusion. Would you like to add anything on this list? Be sure to do so in the comments below! Until next time, I hope you guys have a great time, and as usual, thanks for Reading!


18 thoughts on “Unreal Things in Anime”

  1. XD
    So true Ryu-kun SO TRUE!
    My biggest disappointments were the Student Council and sports clubs. Ugh, sports in manga just…. let’s not…

    Also that cheer?

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  2. Your waifu is not real? Great post, a little bit of introspection of how disappointing life can be after watching anime.

    There is one interesting thing though I have experienced. After watching certain series, “fancy lala” comes to mind, I sometimes feel like the world is just a bit brighter. Even if certain things can’t be real, I sometimes feel like life is little more magical.

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  3. haha high school oh god i think dinosaurs still roamed the lands when i was there 😛 as for my HS experience, only 1 out of the 4 years was legit awesome, but nowhere near anime awesome, and that was my 3rd year. I was involved in a lot of fun clubs and stayed at school until dark hanging out with my weiboo friends. and i totally agree with the student council. at our school the only reason i knew about them was bc my bf at the time was in it and i went to one of the meetings and i was just sitting there like uhhh what/ also where are all the hot meganes?!
    anywho really fun post!


    1. Oh please, I’m sure it’s not thaaat old xD. Oh wow, I’m happy that you at least got to enjoy a year. Ah, how I wish our school had those sharp looking guys and girls of the student council. But meh, there’s nothing that we can do about it.

      I’m glad that you liked the post and really sorry for the late reply, I just came back from my sudden hiatus.

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  4. Somehow… My highschool life was life changing, thanks to the romance aspect (or the lack of and there of). Also we do cheers during welcome ceremonies for the first years, and during festival seasons. Plus I had a beach episode during the summer season (please note that its summer all year round at where I am XD).

    Wanna sign up for my high school? :3
    (and our students+teachers are chums) :33

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    1. Jealousy!!!!
      But at the same time, I’m really happy to know that at least one of our comrades didn’t experience a bland highschool life. I still have 6 more months left, maybe something magical will happen?

      No thanks, I’m looking forward to College life :’3333

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  5. I wished to go to school like in anime which i thought that they existed in real life japan… Argh in india, i was part of student council but all i got to do was to make chart and look after juniors (TnT) also i love your reviews! (n.n)

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