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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 5 Review)

After the 4th episode, I took a break from the series for some days. Honestly, it seemed to get wilder and wilder and I had to be somewhat sane to write an acceptable review. But yeah, the 5th episode wasn’t that wild. NOTE: I’m saying this in a comparative sense.


The episode starts with a back story of the relationship between Hanabi and Kanai. Back in her childhood, Hanabi once fled from her home and luckily Kanai found her in the park. From their conversation, we get to know that Hanabi lived only with her dad and on the other hand, Kanai lived only with his dad. Of course, it was hard for both of them; at one hand, Kanai has passed that phase while Hanabi was passing that stage. Kanai says that we know each other’s pain and that’s why we will never leave each other; Hanabi cries while hugging him. As this story was progressing, I have to admit that this scene was a really cute one. But then, we are thrown back to present and I am once again reminded what Hanabi did. It’s morning and Hanabi, sleeping next to Ecchan, looks at her, only to visualise Akane in her position. Obviously, that split second visual proves that she already thinks she did something awful, just like Akane.

The story then focuses on Mugi and we get to know that he actually knows everything about Akane and her true nature. Back when he had the sexual relationship with his senpai, he was led onto the bitter truth by her, who showed him Akane going to a love hotel with an old guy (“Hmm…  Must be a college professor” – Mugi’s senpai, 2017. Well said!). After that, Mugi claims to have seen through her each and every move, but the problem was that, he still wasn’t able to help himself from falling for her deeper and deeper.

Now back to present, he keeps thinking about Akane and her senpai and then suddenly, BAM! He calls his senpai (Any guesses why?). Mugi’s senpai doesn’t wastes any time and does it with him as soon as possible and leaves. Mugi had now successfully cheated on his pretend gf J. The next day, Mugi and Hanabi meet at school and hang out at their usual place, the terrace. Hanabi was thinking that if she has someone to take care of her carnal desires, then there’s actually no reason for her to be with Mugi and thus, she takes control of this like a mature girl; she kisses him (WHAT DA FUUUUUUUUUU). Mugi and Hanabi keep kissing each other and slowly, they find out that both of them cheated on each other but somehow that pain they are feeling, feels good (Masochists); so they decide to continue this feeling and today finally have sex with each other (Maturity level: Over 9000).

As the second part comes under focus, we also follow up the story of Akane and Kanai. Akane says she doesn’t know much about Kanai so before she gives her answer, she wants to hang out more; thus, she calls him out for a drink that night (We all know that it’s not drinks she is interested in). Akane was actually pissed off by the fact that everything is the same as usual and drinks a lot, so much in fact that she was barely able to walk. Akane comes out of the bar and tries to walk but trips and was about to fall when Kanai catches her and says, “Are you ok………….. Hana?” (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sheeeeeeeeeeeeyt). Just like me, Akane also found this little mistake interesting and thought that if she manages to remove even this little memory of her from his mind, she will be able to hurt Hanabi more. So, she makes a move on Kanai and within some scenes she was in a motel with him. Of course, Kanai still wasn’t sure about all this (Coz he’s innocent af) but gradually they do it.

On the other hand, Mugi takes Hanabi to his house. They make out and almost reach to the point where they will ‘Become one’ but Hanabi wasn’t able to deal with the pain of losing her virginity and gives up. She then asks him, why they can’t complete this and Mugi gives the obvious answer, “Because we don’t love each other”. Hanabi tries to push himself a little more but unfortunately she doesn’t gets a much positive answer; hurt with that fact, she leaves. Mugi asks her two questions before she leaves, first, if she wants to date for real (Dude, why didn’t you say that before) and is she a virgin (READ THE SITUATION), both the questions got ignored and she leaves the room. In the end of the episode, we see Akane and Hanabi passing each other in the corridor where Akane whispers, “Last night, I did it with Kanai” (Damn, that must hurt like hell).


As I said before, this episode was wild but wasn’t as wild as the other episodes have been. It really irritates me how both of the main character just go and have sex as if it’s nothing, it sometimes seems as if the creator thinks it’s really normal where in fact, it’s not. When Hanabi and Mugi both knew that the other cheated, it kinda made me feel good, however, that good feeling was only for some moments as after a while they decide to do it, which makes no sense at all. The Akane X Kanai story seems to have gotten a little interesting now and even if it’s as clear as day as to what’s gonna happen with them, it kinda makes me anxious to watch. I’m waiting to see the next episode only to see how Hanabi reacts to what Akane said and what will be her reaction to Mugi’s suggestion.

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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 4 Review)

Before I say anything about this, let me tell you guys one thing…… MIXED EMOTIONS!!!! Did you get what I mean? Of course you didn’t, let me explain. If the first half of the story made me go, “Wow!” then the second half made me go, “Wow, what the f***??”.



The true face of Akane is revealed, and as usual, I didn’t see that coming (God, I hate it when I can’t expect what’s gonna happen). We’re given a detailed description of her real self throughout the first half, starting with the first encounter in her student days, where she knew how she actually is. Akane is actually a big narcissist and that side of her is accompanied by sadistic thoughts, giving rise to a person who uses men’s feelings and bodies to her will only to please herself. I’m sure I wasn’t able to define her to you guys that well, let me try again. Akane would honey trap almost every guy out and do it with even the one who she has no feelings for (She actually has no feelings for anyone), only to see the devastated expression of the girl who has feelings for the guy he used and threw away.

The guy she was seen with at the restaurant was just one of those many men and yes, Kanai is no exception. Akane actually realised that Hanabi loves Kanai and that’s the reason she acted as if she has feelings for Kanai. Now cut to present, Kanai asked Akane out for a coffee because he wanted to talk to her about something (He’s gonna confess, come on dude, that’s obvious), Akane was able to see through him and she decided to listen to what he has to say (Which she already knows) in the music room. When Hanabi came there afterwards, she says she would talk more about it in the music room (Do you get where this is going? She called Hanabi there ONLY so that she could see his love confessing to Akane). That’s sadistic af! Before we see her plan bearing fruits, a small description of how Kanai fell for Akane is given, but to be honest that’s just to buy some time. The main event was the success of Akane’s plan as she got to see Hanabi’s face when Kanai confessed to Akane.

In the second half, we see dejected and gloomy Hanabi. She wanted to tell Mugi about it but she thought that it will be like using him for her own comfort (That’s exactly what you guys are doing for so long!!). She meets Ecchan on the way. Hanabi was feeling guilty for ignoring her and her friendship, she asked for forgiveness as she can’t bear to lose her best friend. Ecchan in reply said that she can never get mad at her and then, out of nowhere, she kissed her (I wrote she kissed him at first lol). Well, I actually thought that she would just stop at romantic words and kisses but no, the creator doesn’t wants anything normal. Any ideas what might have happened? No? Let me tell you. Hanabi had sex with Ecchan (I don’t know how) because she was feeling sad and guilty (WTF???????????????????). After that, we see Hanabi going back home while it was raining heavily. She visualises her younger self, who clearly states the fact that Hanabi is actually a scum who used Ecchan. Guess what Hanabi said on hearing that? “I know that I can’t beat her as she is now….. But I will change myself” (Wait, are you trying to say that you will start doing what Akane has been doing for so long?? WHY??). Cut to the next day, we see Akane and Hanabi in the music room. Akane clearly states that she knows her feelings towards Kanai and that’s exactly why she made him fall for her. Hanabi counters that how does playing with someone’s feeling feel good. Akane replies, “The feeling of being wanted by a man is the best feeling in the whole world”.


I hope you guys now know what I meant by the word ‘Mixed emotions’. I loved how Akane’s character turned out to be a total sadistic freak and how twisted her personality really is, under that fake mask. I would have actually said pretty good things if they didn’t do anything else with the story for this episode.

However, the creator is messed up; WHY THE F**K DID HANABI DO IT WITH ECCHAN?? She has Mugi, she has other guys, but no; she has to do it with Ecchan. Well great, I have nothing to say about that, it’s just gonna make me rage anyway.

I wonder what she meant by the line, “To beat her, I will have to change”. Oh God please, I hope things don’t get all adult and only sex thing from now on. I don’t want this story to get any worse.

PS: For all the Yuri lover… Feast your eyes on this non required yuri scenes..

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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 3 Review)

I will be honest with you guys, after seeing the ending of episode 2, I was anxious about how they will continue the story. Yeah, I admit that it was something that I didn’t want in the story; but yeah, it made the story a little interesting.


The episode starts with a flashback of how Ecchan and Hanabi met. Ecchan was travelling to the venue of the admission test for High school by the local subway, but unfortunately, she became a victim to molestation. At that time, Hanabi came in to rescue and scared off the molester by taking his picture. Ecchan was scared but was acting tough; Hanabi realised it and gave her moral support, she didn’t let go of her hand until they reached the exam venue (That’s the sweetest thing I experienced in this series so far). As their friendship grew, she gradually realised that she loves Hanabi but just as a friend. Now, cut to present where they were spending the night together and somehow, Ecchan gave in to her emotions and went on to kiss her ‘Crush’. She also played a gamble to see whether Hanabi really loves Mugi or not and found out what really was going on between them. She asks her if it’s all a game of pretend then why can’t she accept her, sadly she didn’t get a positive answer (Well obviously, she’s straight, that’s why). They didn’t talk much for the rest of the sleepover and Ecchan left early next morning, leaving behind a dejected Hanabi,

Now the second half focuses on a little secret of Mugi. When he was in the first year of Middle school, he lost his adolescence to his senior. Well technically, it just showed how they did it and how he reacted. Mugi actually thought that maybe they will be able to be a couple, but unfortunately his status remained to being Friends with benefits. Cut to present, where he wakes up with a boner (Yes, a boner) and to his surprise finds Hanabi inside his room (WTF??- Well, his reaction was that too). Hanabi joined him in bed only to find out about his boner, which Mugi was trying hard to not make her notice. However, to his surprise, Hanabi was totally interested in that and to our surprise; Mugi let her give him a handjob (WTF???- Unfortunately, this was only my reaction this time). Maybe, he splurted his ‘love juice’ all over Hanabi’s dress (I don’t know) because the next scene we see her wearing Mugi’s t-shirt and saying how she liked her dress.

Next, we find out that Mugi moaned Akane’s name during their lustful act and that made Hanabi upset to such an extent that she even cried all of a sudden. To cheer her up, he takes her to a restaurant and there they get a small surprise. Akane walks in with another guy, who Mugi says was a former student like him (Who also looks a lot like him =_=). However, their action kind of proves the fact that they weren’t just normal teacher and student, something else was going on; and of course, that hurt Hanabi. The next day, she decides to confront Akane on her own and just goes up to her asking if that guy was her boyfriend. Akane rejects it but she also invites Hanabi to the music room ‘To talk more about this matter’.

This Line Is The Main Reason Behind The Handjob Scene


New Character: Mugi’s Middle School Senpai……..
……..With a Different Past


I’m surprised how nicely they were able to fit Ecchan into the story as if it’s nothing, even though it’s a big issue. But what remained in the focus in this episode wasn’t Ecchan’s background story, but the handjob scene between Mugi and Hanabi and the sudden twist in Akane’s story and character. What actually amazed me was the fact that the creator actually went through the trouble of creating a steamy handjob scene and many heart pounding moments ONLY to prove the point that, Hanabi is actually getting hurt when Mugi imagines her for Akane (Wasn’t that the pact, huh?). Well that should have been expected because it IS an adult romance story; there’s bound to be many sexual as well as dark moments. Anyway, I’m now really excited about how Akane’s character will develop because no matter how we look at it, she really was close with that guy. Is she cheating on Kanai? Does she really love anyone? Or was she blackmailed? We’ll know it in the next episode.

This Smirk Leaves A Big Question


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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 2 Review)

After experiencing the eccentricity of the first episode, I actually was hoping for things to get better in the second episode. But no, the creator seriously wants to torture me with this………… thing.



In this episode, we are introduced with two new characters to make the already complex situation even more complicated. Moca is the childhood friend of Mugi. When both of them were kid, they were called as ‘Prince and Princess’ by someone. Hearing that, she shut herself away from other boys, bought all girly stuffs and grew out her hair just to become the ‘Princess fitting for the Prince’. However, her plan fails horribly when she sees that Hanabi and Mugi are dating. Hurt with that fact, she keeps disturbing them most of the time, only to get extremely reproached by Hanabi (Who I guess is enjoying her superiority in this case). That’s all Moca has to do with the story today.

That would have been my reaction too, if I were her

The second character introduced is Ecchan, who is the only female friend Hanabi has. She is shown to hint a little disappointment when Hanabi walks with Mugi and spends time with him, but luckily she doesn’t tick me off by butting into their business like Moca. As the story progresses further we find that some girls invite Hanabi for some love advice, for which Mugi tells her to go as she doesn’t have many female friends. She agrees to the invitation of the girls but gets shocked when she finds out that the girl who needs ‘Relationship advice’ doesn’t really likes anyone that much and is confused if she should choose the one who has good future or good specs (Honestly, I would have also been mad if someone asked my advice for that).


Later we are shown Hanabi talking to Ecchan about that meeting and asked her if that is right. Ecchan’s answer that she likes her crush because of her attitude, but that’s not the whole reason (Great answer). Of course, happy with that answer Hanabi realizes why she only has one friend. She invites her for a sleepover. Well to be honest, her emotions at that time hinted to something that I was hoping wasn’t true. But no, the creator doesn’t want anything normal here. It’s revealed in the end that Ecchan…………. Is actually a lesbian who has a crush on Hanabi (Yes, Ecchan kissed Hana during their sleepover).


The OP is awesome

I don’t know what to say, actually. I honestly thought that things will get better from this episode and it really seemed to. Sadly, it was only for ¾ of the episode, as after that when Ecchan’s sexual orientation was revealed, the story’s awkwardness reached new heights (No hate LGBT community, I’m just talking about this series). I have no idea whether I will be able to see a decent episode for once or not. Well on the bright side, the animation and the OP/ED of this series is wonderful. ‘Kuzu no Honkai’ is like a rotten apple inside a beautiful crystal box; the story seems to be awful but the other aspects of anime are so good that it makes us watch it no matter what.

The art and character design keeps impressing me
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Kuzu No Honkai (Episode 1 Review)

The first episode of ‘Kuzu no Honkai’ or Scum’s wish, started off just like any other pure romance genre anime out there; introducing us the four main characters who create the base of the story line. However, what makes this anime different from other series is the sudden turn that the story took, making it clear to me that this isn’t another pure love story but a pure adult romance plot. I seriously wasn’t ready for this.


Akane (Left), Kanai (Right)
Hanabi (Left), Mugi (Right)

Hanabi is a high school girl who has feelings for his teacher who, co-incidentally, has known her since her childhood days. The feeling of affection developed into a one sided crush which was made somewhat bitter by the introduction of Akane, a music teacher, who is Kanai’s (Hanabi’s crush) crush (Complicated already, right? It gets worse). Now Hanabi is dating Mugi who, in fact, is in love with Akane and imagines her in place of Hanabi whenever they get intimate. Isn’t this technically cheating? Well, according to them it’s not, because they are dating BECAUSE of that fact. Hanabi and Mugi are dating because they know how it feels to be in love with someone who will never notice you.

They started hanging out normally for some months but then one day, in the heat of the moment, they almost had sex (I assure you that scene was really well made). They realised that both of them weren’t actually thinking about each other in that moment, instead they were imagining their respective crush; so they decided to make a pact where they will act like couple and do everything that a couple does……….. Except loving each other, until their unrequited love is successful, so that they don’t face in external trouble but remain frank mutually (Just, wow!). And no, they don’t like the term ‘Friends with Benefits’ because they didn’t do it (Jesus Christ, it doesn’t matter! You two are technically the slightly pure version of friends with benefits).


The art style is really good compared to the story


Well frankly speaking, I wasn’t ready for this. Yes, I knew that the story is a little messed up but I never expected this. I was literally yelling ‘WTF!’ throughout the episode. To be honest, I don’t clearly understand what is wrong with this series, but I do realize that it’s not normal. Apart from the story, I liked the animation; it’s marvellous and almost masks the surprises that this series offers. The complete romance story with an adult touch to it is my second time after ‘Say I love you’ (Which, by the way, also caught me off guard) but it’s nowhere near this story; Scum’s wish is on a whole other level. But yeah, Kuzu no Honkai has this unique charm which makes me wanna watch it more and I will end it no matter what surprises it offers to me.


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Parasyte- Part 1 (Movie Review)


Name of Movie: Parasyte: Part 1

Year: 2014

Runtime: 1hr 50 mins

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Gore

Review: I have watched only a couple of live action films so far, but I have to say that this movie was comparatively better than the others (Especially Attack on Titan live action, that was the worst) There were some changes made in the story which kind of bothered me, as I loved the anime storyline, but somehow, the first part turned out to be good. The story of the live action is basically about Shinichi who gets his right hand captured by a parasytic being, named Migi and how both of them gets engaged with many other parasytic activity while trying to hide the existence of Migi. While the story is pretty much the same, there are some slight changes in some point, for example, Shinichi lives only with his mother (Wonder if she’s a widow or a single mother) and A-kun is shown as the one who kills his mother. I will have to marvel at the acting of Shota Sometani playing the role of Izumi Shinichi; just like the anime, he portrays the scared and confused Shinichi nicely but his character starts leaving its impression from the time A-kun, in the body of his mother, tries to kill him (I will have to admit his acting at that point made me a little teary eyed). What came as a surprise to me was the character of Murano who was much….. much better than the anime version. I was waiting for the performance of Tamiya Ryouko, but I was not impressed of the acting of Eri Fukatsu in portraying her character. The live action has now piqued my interest for the second part and I will be writing its review as soon as I watch it.


Weakness: The weaknesses that I spot in the movie were mostly performance related:
1) The acting of Shota in portraying Shinichi was good, but only after he survives the attack. Before that, I was actually annoyed by his acting in playing the confused soul.
2) The one acting Tamiya Ryouko deeply disappointed me. The parasyte Tamiya from the anime series was the coolest character for me; emotionless at first but a feels trip in the end. However, in the live action, she was grinning, smiling and showing most of the emotions thus, losing the charm of the character.
3) The live action tried to accumulate most of the events from the anime into it by the second half, as a result, the slow but detailed storyline suddenly got all fast paced and somehow it made me a little confused of what was going on.

Best scene: I think all of you can guess it by now, it’s the heartbreaking scene where Shinichi gets attacked in the heart by none but his own mother. The things that he said of how he was sorry and how he tried his best to illusion himself that she is not a parasyte was incredibly sad.

Favourite character: Honestly, in the first part no one’s acting was that good except Shinichi. The other important character failed to achieve their heights. Even though Murano was portrayed better than the anime, Tamiya wasn’t that good. So obviously, my favourite character from the first part was Shinichi.

Rating: The subtitles that I got for the movie were bad af. It was the first time I came across such a bad subtitle, but even after that obstruction I found it good. That’s why I rate this movie 7 out of 10.

That’s all for this review. Have you watched this movie? What were your thoughts on it? Would you like to point out any more faults or plus? Let me know in the comments below!

PS: I have decided to watch some live action movies for a change of pace. If you have some that I could check out, be sure to tell me.

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Rainbow Days (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Rainbow days

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Romance

No of episodes: 24


Review: For some reasons, most of the anime that I decide to watch are shorts. My last few series were Plastic nee-san (5 mins), Okusama ga seito kaichou (8 mins) and then Rainbow days (12 mins). All these series were better than I expected, but on the same time, they failed to hold onto the reputation they earned by the very end. For now, let’s talk about ‘Rainbow Days’. The story revolves around four high school boys (Because any other setting will not be anime like) who enjoy their daily life which is filled with funny events and much romance. The series starts with Hashiba talking to his friends about the cute girl dressed at Santa whom he fell for because gave him tissue at Christmas Eve, when he got dumped. Just like his friends, I was like, “That’s it?” but on the other hand that silly love plot bloomed into a good romantic story. The series became more and more interesting when everyone found their pair; the blonde guy with his Santa girl, the intelligent quiet guy with his over enthusiastic girlfriend, the player with the male hating female lead’s best friend and the sadist with the masochist (If that made you guys cringe then sorry). No matter how strange it sounds, the anime managed to use the characters really well, the kissing scenes were awesome and heart stopping at times and the story actually made me pray for more. However, I won’t say I’m satisfied with the anime, or should I say, WTF GUYS?? About which I’m gonna say more in the weakness segment.

Weakness: Ever heard of partial self-destruct? Well, Rainbow days demonstrated how to ruin a really good story with their Partial Self-Destruct moves:
1) This series had 4 or 5 filler episodes. I mean yeah, if you have more than 500 episodes about a ninja, then 70% filler episodes won’t hurt, but dude! This is a short series, with a 12 mins runtime, why do you want filler episodes here? Just finish the story.
2) Rainbow days used a device called “We won’t tell you” which is really cringe worthy. They made a setting of telling the backstory of a character and then all of a sudden… BAM! We won’t tell you that in this season, bruh! (I wonder if they will even get a second season)
3) Slow and bad ending. I have not watched many series which have that slow ending thing, because somehow I get to know it all beforehand, but now I think I know how it feels to have a slow ending. Till 16th episode, the series was about to be on my Top 10 list, but then as the ending approached, the story became slow AF and then gave, what I think, the worst possible ending for the first season.

Best scene: The romance of Rainbow days was top notch, until a certain number of episodes, and the couple whom I was rooting for all the time was Mattsun and Mari. One of my best scenes was between these two people where Mattsun gave the best threatening, “I will kiss you again!”

Favorite character: One of the best things about this anime was the characters, who were full of life. My favorite from them all would be Keiichi (And trust me the decision was not easy) as his sadistic side mixed with innocent smiles were hilarious. Sometimes he felt a little bit relatable, I mean girls really do run away when we try to tie them up. (Nobody else had that problem?)

Art style: Comedy series are generally known for their laziness in the artistic side of anime (With some exceptions) but this anime, in comparison to other mainstream comedy series, had a pretty good art style. (Even though it was not as good as Sket Dance, but yeah it was good). The background showed traces of their laziness in that field, but the character design was really good, especially that of the female characters.


Rating: Rainbow days is that anime which you can watch to relax and release your tension, but may also get hooked up to the story but still, due to the series of wrecks in the end episodes, it becomes quite cringe worthy and that’s why I rate it 6.5 out of 10.

That sums up my review for ‘Rainbow Days’. Have you watched it? What are your thoughts on this series? Be sure to tell them to me in the comments below!

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Haikyuu S3 (Anime Review)


Name of Anime: Haikyuu Season 3

Genre: Sports, Comedy

No of episodes: 10

Review: 2017 has kicked off perfectly for me and it’s mostly because of this huge gift I presented myself with, The Third Season of Haikyuu! I can’t believe my must watch list is starting to get shorter so early, and what a great way to begin this than by watching my favourite sports anime. The ‘Haikyuu’ franchise has always amazed me by its great animation and good, tough storyline, which was even more escalated this season. After going through all that training and drills, Karasuno finally found their momentum and now they are one step away from the nationals. But what stands in their way is no one but the team who have gone almost every time to the finals, the powerhouse Shiratorizawa. The match between these two was 10 episodes long, but I never felt that it was being too stretched or anything, that’s the beauty of Haikyuu, and that’s why once I got the series, I just had to binge  watch it all in one go. I love it!

Weakness: ‘Haikyuu’ doesn’t really have many faults like the other sports anime, but still there are some gaps:
1) The tension in the match is not as much as it had with the one against Aoba Johsai, somehow we don’t feel like they are playing the best school in the prefecture.
2) Kageyama and Hinata are the main characters, but they were not given the time to shine in this season. (But Tsukki owned the stage, Woo hoo!)

Best scene: The match between Haikyuu and Shiratorizawa was a tense one, but that doesn’t means that the humour will disappear, at least not when Tsukki is here! Best scene of this anime, every time Tsukki lets out his sarcastic side.


Favourite character: I think all of you can guess it at this point, my favourite character is Tsukishima. Even though he wasn’t given enough screen time in the previous season, he sure shone bright like a diamond in the third season. Go on Tsukki, I support you!!


Art style: Now that I have seen Durarara, I realised that the art style in both the anime is almost same, I wonder if it is from the same creator or not. But so far the art style goes; I have no complaints except the fact that the female characters are not as appealing as they are in other art style. Also, is it just me or Tendo looks really similar to Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Rating: I was waiting for this season for really long time, and now that I have caught hold of it, I will not let it go without a huge rating. So, sorry if you think I’m over exaggerating it, I rate it 9 out of 10.


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To The Forest of Firefly Lights (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Hotarubi no Mori e


Review: Anime never stops fascinating me. No matter if it’s a series, movie or short OVA, they somehow manage to give us a unique piece of art, and that uniqueness is what makes anime, ‘Anime’. Somehow, this month of December, has made me think about anime more differently than before; maybe because I gave more time to anime films than series. It makes me wonder how the 45 minutes long film, ‘To the forest of firefly lights’ made me relive those emotions which I encountered when I watched the 24 episode long ‘Your lie in April’. This anime is one of those films which won’t be there in the top 10 or 20 anime movie list, but is surely one which will leave a deep impact in your heart for the rest of your life. The story is of narrative style and is told by a High school girl named, Hotaru. When she was 6 years old, she visited her uncle’s house in the summer and wandered off into the forest while playing. There, she met Gin; a spirit which looks like a young boy of 16. Both of them started to hang out, and promised to meet each other every summer. As Hotaru starts growing up, she starts having feelings for Gin, but she shudders to succumb to those feelings, she can’t touch Gin because if she does, Gin will get obliterated. This short but romantic movie is to die for and as long as you are in love with anime, this movie is one which you definitely can’t forget to check out.

Best scene: The anime shared one joke when Hotaru was little. While Gin was taking helping her out of the forest, she said, “It’s just like a date” to which however, she got a reply that it’s not so romantic. Ten years later, when both of them are in a summer festival (Organised by the spirits, of course) she once again said, “It’s just like a date” but this time the reply was, “This IS a date”. That scene was the best romantic scene of the movie.


Favourite character: The female character in this anime had a powerful and leading role which was carried out nicely, but somehow it failed to be as impactful as Gin. Though he always wears a mask (Makes me think that he was an ANBU member from Naruto) his face, when revealed, was perfect for the character. His voice acting was great to bring out his loneliness and craving to touch a human.

Art style: A good art style, perfect for a romantic-sad anime movie. I loved the fact that they used their time to focus on vivid colours of forest flowers and fireflies to increase the impact of the movie. What I loved in this movie was Gin’s character, it was so well made that I can’t even consider anyone else for the favourite character nomination. Overall, the art style was something that suited the anime plot nicely.


Gaps: Every time Hotaru came to his uncle’s house, she would go to the forest and hang out with Gin. Though it seems easy, it’s still hard to digest the fact that she would remain outside all day, every summer, for 10 years but yet no one ever judged or asked her about it. Except that fact, I have no more point which made me twitch in the middle of the movie.

Rating: ‘Hotarubi no mori e’ is a romantic movie with that late sad element which makes us cry and wish for a happy and satisfactory ending. Though the ending actually pretty good, knowing the fact that, that kind of ending was inevitable, a little prologue of hope never hurts anyone, so I rate it 8 out of 10.


A big thanks to Arria Cross for recommending me this anime, knowing your taste I knew it would be a great watch and hopefully it did. Thanks again and wishing you all a belated Merry Christmas.

Comedy, Drama, Emotional, Review, Slice-of-life

When Marnie Was There (Anime Review)

Name of movie: When Marnie was there

Genre: Slice-of-life, Drama, Emotional

Review: Anime films are dominated by two main power creators, Shinkai Makoto directed films and Studio Ghibli. If Shinkai Makoto was able to create anime films with a bittersweet feeling like Kotonoha no niwa and 5 centimeters per second, then Studio Ghibli has created works with a strong female protagonist and a strong sense of hope like Spirited away and Only Yesterday. Though Studio Ghibli was more dominant in the 80’s and 90’s when the main director was Hayao Miyazaki, it still has not failed to give us quality works. Released in 2014, the graphics and colour of the anime has sure taken a bright and new turn but that ‘Studio Ghibli’ art style is still dominant and is quite nostalgic. Coming to the main part, the story revolves around Anna, a twelve year old girl who is neglected by most of the girls in the school and has therefore turned into a loner. Anna suffers from Asthma and because of her illness taking a bad turn, she is sent to the countryside to his uncle and aunt, by his ‘aunty’.  Though Anna behaves very politely around almost everyone, inside her mind, she can’t tolerate anyone. The anime doesn’t convey any hint of her twisted personality and struggle until it reaches half of its screen time, as a result, we are confused and almost fail to think about how she might be feeling. Anna spends most of her time sketching and somehow manages to come across a house which was once occupied by foreigners but is now empty. Since, no one was stopping her to do anything, she took many trips there and some chain of events lead her to a blonde, blue eyed girl named Marnie; a girl who she saw in her dreams since she was there in the countryside. Both of them became really good friends, but something is not right about Marnie. What is that? Watch the movie to find out!
NOTE: In these two scenes of the film, I almost thought that it’s going to be one Yuri romance anime, but sadly, it didn’t.

Best scene: The film is good overall and doesn’t really have a particular scene which is completely extraordinary, and if I mention some, then the whole movie will be spoiled. So, I will be posting my second best scene which was the dance by Anna and Marnie when the latter invited Anna in a party her father hosted. That scene was very heart warming.


Gaps: This film has a mixture of both great elements and foolish mistakes, the great elements can be the fact how Anna is independent and courageous unlike some anime girls who just know to scream and cry for help in ninja battles (If you know what I mean), but the foolish mistakes will be more in count. First of all, Anna is sent out on her own by Mr and Mrs. Oikawa every day, even if she is found lying on the ground or in the storm the day before. Second, Anna is found in many places by the local settlers where, she should be injured but on the contrary she seems to be fine and doesn’t has a single attack of Asthma in the whole film, except the first 10 minutes.vlcsnap-error851

Rating: ‘When Marnie was there’ is an extraordinary journey of feels and emotions which Anna goes through to find the solution to all her problems, with a little twist in the tale. It will be sure to teach us that not all problems can be solved by raging or keeping a cool face, sometimes patience and an apologetic sense is enough. I rate it 7.5 out of 10.