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Saekano S1 (Anime Review)

Name: Saekano

No. of episodes: 12

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Harem


Review: While I had downloaded this anime way back in early 2016, I finally decided to check it out now, since its second season just ended. Well, at least for now, I would say that I don’t particularly regret that decision, but I’m not proud of it either. ‘Saekano’ is based on the usual high school genre with the generic otaku protagonist, the generic twin tailed tsundere childhood friend, the extremely sexy upperclassman and the sudden main heroine. However, the thing that makes it a little different is the fact that the main heroine, doesn’t have that much of a presence (Heck, she doesn’t even shows much emotions too). So, Tomoya (Ze protagonist) has a fateful encounter with Katou (Ze heroine) in a spring day, which gave him the sudden urge to create a game ‘That will touch the heartstring of every guy out there’; and for that he consults Eriri (Ze childhood friend) and Utaha (Ze Sempai~) to help him achieve his dream. While he didn’t have any idea who that girl was, he wanted to make sure that he finds her out and approaches her to be the main heroine of his game; later, he found out that she was his classmate and she has been approaching him for various works for the past one year, but thanks to her lack of presence, she has been savagely ignored by everyone. Tomoya takes it upon himself to convert her into the perfect ‘Dating sim heroine stuff’ while completing his game with the other girls who are bound to lose in the harem competition.


Weakness: For an anime with a huge amount of clichés, there were bound to be some pretty obvious mistake:
1) The story drags a little too long in showing the part where Tomoya tries his best in convincing Eriri and Utaha to join his project (It almost takes up 3-4 episodes).
2) There were some moments when the atmosphere was supposed to be tense, but sadly, they weren’t able to interpret that darkness quite well to make us anxious about the next episode.
3) Tomoya’s cousin, Michiru, is introduced in the story in the later half, but there wasn’t anything that significant for her character except for stretching the length of the story, to end the season at a cliffhanger.

Best scene: I ship Utaha and Tomoya, so obviously, the best scene would go to the time when the Utaha route was at focus. I loved the scene where Tomoya and Utaha were in a hotel and were working on the story that he wanted to get featured for the first ending of his game. While it was fun, what made the fun really awesome was the, HOT FANSERVICE OF UTAHA IN A BATH ROBE *-*)/ (Nope, just kidding), chemistry that they shared while working together all night in something serious, still finding time to joke around a bit (The ship almost felt real at that time).


Favourite character: After what I said in the Best scene thread, need I say more about this question? Of course it will be my new bae, Kasumigaoka Utaha. What really is amazing about her isn’t the fact that she has a great figure and dressing sense (Well I do admit they are part of her waifu points tho), it’s her sadistic yet cute attitude and chemistry shared with Tomoya that makes her so freaking awesome. Wew! I don’t think I could stop talking about her, she’s just so amazing!!


Art style: No doubt about this attribute of the anime, the art style and animation are fucking awesome!! The female characters are just way too cute and the details spent on each of them is plausible (Especially the red and black gradient eyebrows of the characters). Apart from character design, the background was really well done too and it really made me salute A-1 pictures for providing us anime series with such beautiful art.


OP/ED/BGM: Well I’m a fan of rock and other loud songs, so this anime’s OP or ED wasn’t that good for me. Yes, it was good but it was way too slow for me to like it. I do have to admit that certain BGMs at the serious part of the story really hyped me up and it made me realise how important BGM is for certain series (I really swear I heard  the BGM used for Sasuke in 6th season of Shippuden, in here too).

Ratings: This anime was filled with clichés, generic characters, awkward statements and situations; but still what made it kinda good was the fact that it constantly broke the fourth wall and joked around about its own series and story building a couple of times, showing it’s sport spirit. Still, I would rate it 7 out of 10 because it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. However, I expect great things from its second season.

And with that my review about the 1st season of Saekano. What do you think about this anime, would you like to watch it or not? What were your thoughts on it (If you have already watched)? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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Some Underrated Anime You Should Check Out!

After I ended the torture series (Kuzu no Honkai), I found some series which I have not heard about from many people; in fact, they were either personal recommendation or just a lucky encounter in Google. When I completed them, I realized that these works are quite exquisite but failed to make the cut only because of lack of recognition or promotion. That’s why, today I would be writing about some underrated anime which deserves to be checked out. So without any delay, let’s get right into it.

  • Spice and Wolf:

    Image result for spice and wolf

    If you have been following my blog for quite some time then you are sure to have come across this name before. This anime is basically about a merchant who decides to drop a Wolf deity (In female form, of course) back to her home in the North while fighting off various business related problems with their combined wisdom; a romantic plot is also followed which basically gets spotlight in the second season. The beauty of this anime is that it manages to keep us at the edge of our once you start watching it for real (Even though it may seem monotonous at first). Not to mention that Holo (Wolf deity) is seductive, even though she isn’t that lucky in some proportion :3
    So yeah, do give this anime a try if you like the slice of life genre with occasional stressful moments.

  • Welcome to the NHK:

    Image result for welcome to the nhk

    It’s the oldest anime in this list and maybe that’s why it’s not that much known among the current generation; but that doesn’t means you should ignore this series. The story is about a college dropout, Satou, who has now become a Hikikomori or a shut in. One day, he is approached by a high school girl, who keeps persuading him to let her help him as she has full confidence that she could turn him into a normal guy once again. Even though he came up with various excuses at first, he eventually agreed and thus, started their counselling to turn the perverted shut in into a confident normal adult. Welcome to NHK is sure a pain to deal with in the first 3 episodes, thanks to Satou’s cringe worthy decisions and delusions. But once things get settled up a little, then we start to enjoy the situations Satou goes through as well as the romance that stirs up between him and Misaki, the female high schooler. The idea adopted was quite new to me, but then again, it was a really good anime that could use some recognition too.

  • Uchouten Kazoku:

    Related image

    A few months back, Karandi recommended me to watch this series. Even though I downloaded it some days after that, I decided to watch it a lot later; and I do not regret that decision. Set in Kyoto, The Eccentric Family is about a Tanuki (The animals who stroll the land while having the power to shape shift), Yasaburou, and his daily adventures as he deals with his master, the Tengu (The creatures who fly in the sky and regard themselves better than humans and Tanukis) who can’t fly anymore, his 3 brothers and mom while handling the constant trouble caused by the branch family, the Ebisugawa’s, and continue interaction with the humans (Those who are practically stronger than the Tengus and Tanukis and are also known to devour Tanuki). The interesting thing about this series is that it manages to get us habituated to their absurd world as if it’s not a big deal and lets us understand the problems that the family runs into from time to time. The art style of this anime is pretty unique and has a refreshing feel to it. I recommend this anime to anyone who would like to loosen up a bit with a normal family drama mixed with a little bit of fantasy.

  • The Tatami Galaxy:

    Image result for tatami galaxy

    I found this anime in a post of Goboiano which gave us a list of anime with an out of the box animation style. While most of the titles in that anime looked pretty much normal to me, the art style of The Tatami Galaxy stood out way too much. I downloaded it thinking it to be a short series or that maybe the story will be complete shit; I was wrong. The story is about a college freshman who desires for a rose colored college life and on his attempt to find that, he chooses different clubs only to get wasted every time at the end of two years. However, every time he reaches that time and asks for another chance, he travels back to the very first day of colleges and chooses a different path (Of course, he has no idea of that fact; even though he gets a feeling as if it has happened before from time to time). To be honest, the concept really blew my mind; who would have thought that an anime with that kinda art style has a foundation like this (Now that I think about it, the art style is not bad…. it’s different). The interesting part is that even though the basic story is repeated is repeated every episode, with some changes in the follow up, we don’t get bored of it and actually ask for more (Provided that you have the talent of not bailing out in the very second episode and can read subtitles really fast because damn the dialogues are fast). I would recommend all of you to watch this anime more than any other in this list and would advise you all to watch it to the end as it would all be worth it then. If you haven’t watched this then you’re missing out on an amazing experience in the anime world.

And that sums up my list for some underrated that you should check out. What do you think about this list? Are you familiar with any of these series? Are there any more series that should make the cut? Let me know in the comment section below! Thanks for reading!

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My Top 5 Anime Mother

“Look at the date, it’s Mother’s Day!!”- Is something that my mom might say any moment now but I guess she’s just taking her time figuring out if I remember it or not (Rest assured mom, I do have a present for you…….. I’m just waiting for the right time).

Hello everybody, it’s Ryuji Tatsuya and today I will be writing a ‘Mother’s Day Special’ post as a tribute to all the lovely angels in the world who sacrifice most of their needs just to keep their children happy. Anime has portrayed moms in almost every way possible; Gentle and kind, Self-sacrificing, Free loading and careless, Drama queen and in some cases, Cruel af too. Of all these unique characters, today I will be pointing out 5 of them who were able to make me realise how important a mother is in our life. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!


  • Yasuko Takasu (Toradora):
    Image result for Ryuuji Takasu's Mother
    The list starts with Ryuuji’s mother Yasuko from Toradora. Although she isn’t that popular for portraying a responsible mother, she sure is known for her loving nature. No matter how childish she gets we can never get angry on her, she’s just that special. She’s not the only single mother in Anime history but what makes her special is the fact that she isn’t perfect and that’s how our moms really are; their imperfection makes them the perfect mother for us.
    Image result for Ryuuji Takasu's Mother
  • Sanae Furukawa (Clannad):
    Image result for sanae furukawa gif

    Moving on, we have Nagisa’s mother Sanae Furukawa from Clannad. Sanae is maybe the meekest mother I have ever seen, in real life or anime. No matter how much we love our mom, let’s be honest, she gets pretty scary at times (Even more if someone else tries to interfere), however this mother……. What should we do to get her angry? (Not at her husband, but at her child). I really liked the part where she would get really dramatic and run out of the shop every time Akio said something about her cooking; it kinda also showed her sensitivity and childish behavior. But the reason I included her in this list is because she accepted to take care of Ushio after the tragedy in Tomoya’s life; being a mother once again to the child which was partly the cause of her daughter’s death needs a really big heart and an even bigger courage.
    Image result for sanae furukawa

  • Naruto:
    Image result for kushina and naruto gif
    Maybe the most loved mother of all time, Kushina deserves all the praise and affection she gets. Growing up as a Jinchuriki and then sacrificing her own life just for the better future of her child needs an incredible amount of love and guts. Maybe she wouldn’t have been the most ideal mother if things were different (As shown in the film ‘Road to Ninja’) but no matter what we say, she is the best mother that could handle a problem child like Naruto. She wasn’t given as much screentime as Minato, but even within that little time her character and story made me feel lucky to have a mother and give my mom a big hug.
    Image result for kushina and naruto
  • Nobuko Izumi (Parasyte):
    Image result for nobuko izumi gif
    Then we have Shinichi’s mother from Parasyte. We all know the fact that there wasn’t any strong female character in the series who could deliver a good impact on the viewers, except Tamiya Reiko. But the reason I’m putting Shinichi’s mother in this list is because she is really crucial for the plot development of the story. I admit that her character wasn’t that developed but that doesn’t stop us from feeling Shinichi’s pain in the scene when the parasyte, who took over her brain, attacks him. The attack was ironical but the speech he delivered before experiencing the fatal blow, while ignoring Migi, was a really impactful scene.
    Image result for izumi shinichi mother
  • Clara Jeager (Attack on Titans):
    Image result for eren and his mom gif
    At last, we have Eren’s mother from Attack on Titan is another example of self-sacrifice. Unlike other series, she wasn’t even given one complete episode to develop her character and relationship between her and Eren. But still, when she sacrifices herself to the titan just so Eren and Mikasa can get to safety shows her extreme mother nature and has a great impact on us, mentally. What actually made me like her more than Kushina is the fact that Kushina was shown dying with a smile on her face, she was satisfied by the fact that Naruto will live. However, if you remember the scene when the titan was about to eat Eren’s mom, it didn’t show satisfaction, it showed fear; She wanted to live too and that, in fact, is the reality. No matter how many time we say that a mother would readily sacrifice herself for her child (Which is true), we have to remember that she is a human too; she wants to live too. The slap of reality in that small scene made me like her more.

With that I will be ending this ‘Mother’s Day Special’ post. Be sure to let me know which anime mother you like the most. Thank you all for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 30)

Konbanwa minna and welcome to the Last post of this 30 Days of Anime Challenge. Yes, the last one! *Throws petals everywhere* Thank you all for keeping up with my posts, I wouldn’t have made it this far if only it wasn’t for you guys. So, let’s not waste any more of our time and enthusiasm and end the challenge.

An Anime That You Wished Would Never End:

What a perfect topic for today’s post! It’s said that all beautiful things come to an end, just like my awesome Anime Challenge posts (#SWAG……… Jk tho). But honestly, there are some anime series out there which we always wished for it to never end. Well, I won’t be writing about how I wished for Naruto or DBZ to never end, no sire; but instead I will be writing about some small series which didn’t get much season but would have been awesome if it just continued.

Image result for sket dance wallpaper

First on the list is ‘Sket Dance’. Well for someone who desperately tries to be a good comedian and binge watches comedy series like there’s no tomorrow, this series just had to make the cut. Sket Dance is one of those series which was funny as hell, really long and showed some chance of continuation. But, since there are many reasons for it to not get any continuation series, I couldn’t help but wish for it to get more and more seasons for the rest of my life. I would do anything if I could keep watching that awesome comedy series. Is there anyone who could support me on that?

Image result for hyouka wallpaper

Then, we have ‘Hyouka’ in this short list. Well, there are many detective and thriller series out there which surely have had cases even more trickier and fun than this series, but the reason I chose it over the others was because of the fact that, it cannot get boring. In most of the thriller anime, there is one absolute villain set to cause destruction and stuff to the world. But in this series, it was just a bunch of high schoolers (Well, 4 actually) trying to solve some small cases which are tricky yet fun. Actually, it would be fun to see them complete cases and continue their passive romance story as long as I am alive.

And with that, I, Ryuji Tatsuya, finally end this 30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Thank you all so much for accompanying me in this journey, especially Acacia and Karandi. It was fun and I’m sure the fun will escalate even more as I continue blogging and do even more challenges. Be sure to tell me your answer for this topic as usual, in the comments below. Thanks for reading guys! See you soon!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 21)

Hi minna; it’s Ryuji Tatsuya with another post of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge.’ After much strain, I finally got time to post this and since I have nothing else to say right now, LET’S GET RIGHT INTO IT!!

Favourite Goofy Anime Character:

So today’s post is about the best goofy anime character. In almost all anime series out there, there has to be at least one goofy character to apply comical relief. Now from all those characters, it’s actually a little hard to pick one (And it gets even harder when you don’t like them K) But still I finally was able to select two. Who that might be? Let’s see.

Image result for matsuda death note funny

The first one in the list is Matsuda from ‘Death Note’. The reason I chose him, even though his role wasn’t that big, is because of his certain scenes. He was successful in portraying a novice idiot of the task force who is really eager to prove his worth but all he is asked to do is either make tea or coffee or become Misa’s manager. His role was even more clarified in a special episode ‘Matsuda’ where he was shown screwing up but his common sense and some wit was also displayed. A true goofy character is someone who slacks off or releases the tension of the series but has a main role as a key element of the story; Matsuda seems to do the trick in the ending (Which I won’t be talking about because spoilers)

Image result for kise ryouta

Secondly, we have Kise Ryouta from ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ (I just don’t understand why most of the goofy characters are blonde). The thing with Kise is that he completes the criteria of a good goofy character which I mentioned before; Relaxing role most of the time……… Serious af when needed. He is usually shown as someone who is friendly, a little proud about his looks and skills and with a happen of adding –cchi with names. But to be honest, he was able to blow off my mind in his first game and made us think that if he is the weakest of them all, then how strong the others are. In the third season, he was able to give a tough fight to Serin and that match was my second favourite KnB match of the series (God that was a good match).

And with that I will be ending my first post for tonight. Be sure to tell me who is a good goofy character according to you, in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 20)

Hi, it’s Ryuji Tatsuya with the second post of the day of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’ (Of the…. Of the everywhere) I just realized that it was the 20th post of this challenge and my first comment was, “Seriously??” Well at least it’s not a dream and now, only 5 more double posts will do the trick. I have 6 day time, let’s see what happens.

An Anime Character That Gets On Your Nervers:

So the question asked now is something that will surely raise my blood pressure as I answer it; a character that gets on your nerves. There are tons of characters out there which make you lose your mind and starts irritating you for some time. While some make you angry for a short period, some literally makes you Kamehameha your pc (Or whatever you are watching that anime in) Today I’m gonna talk about two characters, both females, which seriously made me rage harder than all caps.


First one on the list is ‘Yabasawa-san’ from ‘Sket Dance’. Now before you all go thinking that I hate her for her ugly af character design, then let me tell you, that’s not it. Yes, she is ugly but the main reason for me hating her is the fact that she thinks of her as someone who can get any guy she likes in the flick of a hat. Sure, it’s to serve as a comedic relief but god damn it woman, at least don’t think you can get your hands on the Student council president just like that.


Next up, we have a character which is dear to a lot of my blogger friends. Now please don’t rage, it’s completely my opinion, but I just can’t stand ‘Sawako‘ from ‘Kimi ni todoke’. I get the fact that she was bullied and has grown up to be socially awkward and all, but come on, someone said you look like that girl from ring and you are happy because they talked to you?? Either she is stupid af or optimistic af. No matter what she is, it still irritates me. What makes me even madder is her behavior in chibi mode (When she is shown to be flustered in chibi vision coz hey….. Everything in chibi is kawaii af)

And that’s gonna do it for today’s double post of the Anime challenge. Be sure to tell me about the character which pisses you off. Thanks for reading!

PS: I’m off to a little trip with my family. While I hope that I will be able to post things there too, there’s a big chance that I can’t. So let’s hope that the latter doesn’t comes true.

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 18)

Hola Amigos; It’s Ryuji with the second post of the day of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Following the previous post of the Best Male Supporting character, we now have the post for Best Female Supporting character. Let’s check out who she is!

Best Female Supporting Character:

I actually had a clear cut idea of who I should write about for the Male Supporting character, but I was completely lost with this one; there were so many potential characters. After much thinking, I came up with two characters for this segment. Hope you enjoy it!


First, we have Yurippe from ‘Angel Beats’. I don’t think if it’s even a question why she is here. I mean, if only Otonashi didn’t choose Kanade, she would have been the main character. Yurippe is one of those characters whom I really admire. She is strong, not just mentally but physically too, she has good leadership ability and most of all she is a key character for the story. She is there to push on the story and give us background details whenever Otonashi or Kanade isn’t there. She is a fantastic character for me anyways. (PS: She is hotter than Kanade XD)


Then, we have Kawashima Ami from Toradora. I know, I know, I already slipped characters from this series for the third or fourth time now, but I can’t help it, she literally is a great supporting character. Sure, she also joins the harem of girls who suddenly fell for Takasu for no apparent reason, but at least she never admits it (Except for giving a couple of hints). Sometimes I felt as if she was the author herself. She knows everything, feels everything and finds the perfect time to pass a comment on the situation which we later in the story react with a big, ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ (At least I did). Apart from that, she was maybe the most seductive character of the series (Of course, cause there wasn’t anyone else in that field anyway) and we have to admit, she is hot (More than Yurippe).

And with that, I’m gonna put an end to today’s post for the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Be sure to tell me who you would have chosen for this question in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 14)

Konnichiwa minna; It’s Ryuuuuuuuuuuji! (82% Cringey intro) Welcome to today’s second post of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. I just checked and it showed that I started this challenge 21 days before. So, if I’m able to post double like this for the next 9 days, I will be able to complete the challenge…… maybe. Well, let’s try to complete this target one at a time!

An Anime You Never Get Tired Of Watching:

Finally, I have a good topic. It feels like forever since I wrote about stuff that I have a good knowledge about. Anyway, the anime about which I will be writing about today is something that, obviously, I don’t get tired of watching, BUT, I have watched the whole series only once. Didn’t get it? Let me explain.


Today, we will be talking about fairly long comedy series called ‘Sket Dance’. Unlike my favourite anime, Toradora and other series like Tokyo Ravens, Itazura na kiss and Parasyte; I haven’t watched this series more than once as a whole. However, I randomly pick up any episode of the series to watch whenever I’m sad or a little gloomy. Comedy and thriller are two genres where watching it twice or thrice just keeps getting more and more boring. However, in this case, the amount of laughter that I release is directly proportional to the amount of time I watch it. (Welcome to Physics language) But seriously, this anime is a legend. I never get tired of its jabs, off beat antics and back stories. If you are a true fan of comedy series, you can NOT ignore this anime.


And that ends my answer for the current segment of this challenge. Tell me what anime you don’t get tired of watching in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 13)

Sup everyone; it’s your boi Ryuji! (Probably not the best intro) Welcome to another post of the 30 Days of Anime Challenge. I had to do a lot of research for today’s post and I had to have a chat with myself, to figure out what I was. And that’s why I’m pretty excited about showing you this post, so without any further delay; let’s get into the post already!

An Anime Character You Can Relate To The Most:

I believe I have said this before that I have never ever been able to relate to a character in all these years. Yes, there are one or two qualities which kind of make me think that he/she is like me in some sense, but totally relatable character? No, sir. That’s why I had to go through all of the series in my laptop to find someone who has at least more than one quality like me. In the end, I was able to find two characters, which, if combined together might be able to create ‘Half-Ryuji’. Who are these characters? Let’s see.


Firstly, we have Yuuji from ‘Baka and Test summon the best’. Well, the series was just average in my view and I didn’t really enjoyed the comedy jabs; but I have to admit that I found Yuuji somewhat relatable. He was portrayed to be an idiot but in the end, he was revealed to be smart, he delivered some pretty awesome pervy comedic jabs with Akihisa and the best thing about him, he doesn’t gives a f**k about what’s going on in most cases. There’s not anything exceptionally relatable with Yuuji, but I guess the last attribute is a major part that defines me.


Moving on, we have an interesting character from ‘Kuroko no Basuke’. He’s the captain of Toho Academy, Shouichi Imayoshi. What I can relate to with him is his habit of keeping a smiling face in all situations, but deep down, inside, he’s a menacing sadist ready to take revenge. If I can define myself in 4 points, it would be Sadist, Ignorant in some cases, Vengeful and Straightforward. It really made me happy when I was able to find my sadistic and vengeful side in Shouichi topped with my habit of smiling every time. (I kind of enjoyed finding myself in Anime)

And that sums up my post for this segment of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Be sure to tell me which anime character defines you, and did you have to think a while for it or not? Thanks for reading!

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Rainbow Days (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Rainbow days

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Romance

No of episodes: 24


Review: For some reasons, most of the anime that I decide to watch are shorts. My last few series were Plastic nee-san (5 mins), Okusama ga seito kaichou (8 mins) and then Rainbow days (12 mins). All these series were better than I expected, but on the same time, they failed to hold onto the reputation they earned by the very end. For now, let’s talk about ‘Rainbow Days’. The story revolves around four high school boys (Because any other setting will not be anime like) who enjoy their daily life which is filled with funny events and much romance. The series starts with Hashiba talking to his friends about the cute girl dressed at Santa whom he fell for because gave him tissue at Christmas Eve, when he got dumped. Just like his friends, I was like, “That’s it?” but on the other hand that silly love plot bloomed into a good romantic story. The series became more and more interesting when everyone found their pair; the blonde guy with his Santa girl, the intelligent quiet guy with his over enthusiastic girlfriend, the player with the male hating female lead’s best friend and the sadist with the masochist (If that made you guys cringe then sorry). No matter how strange it sounds, the anime managed to use the characters really well, the kissing scenes were awesome and heart stopping at times and the story actually made me pray for more. However, I won’t say I’m satisfied with the anime, or should I say, WTF GUYS?? About which I’m gonna say more in the weakness segment.

Weakness: Ever heard of partial self-destruct? Well, Rainbow days demonstrated how to ruin a really good story with their Partial Self-Destruct moves:
1) This series had 4 or 5 filler episodes. I mean yeah, if you have more than 500 episodes about a ninja, then 70% filler episodes won’t hurt, but dude! This is a short series, with a 12 mins runtime, why do you want filler episodes here? Just finish the story.
2) Rainbow days used a device called “We won’t tell you” which is really cringe worthy. They made a setting of telling the backstory of a character and then all of a sudden… BAM! We won’t tell you that in this season, bruh! (I wonder if they will even get a second season)
3) Slow and bad ending. I have not watched many series which have that slow ending thing, because somehow I get to know it all beforehand, but now I think I know how it feels to have a slow ending. Till 16th episode, the series was about to be on my Top 10 list, but then as the ending approached, the story became slow AF and then gave, what I think, the worst possible ending for the first season.

Best scene: The romance of Rainbow days was top notch, until a certain number of episodes, and the couple whom I was rooting for all the time was Mattsun and Mari. One of my best scenes was between these two people where Mattsun gave the best threatening, “I will kiss you again!”

Favorite character: One of the best things about this anime was the characters, who were full of life. My favorite from them all would be Keiichi (And trust me the decision was not easy) as his sadistic side mixed with innocent smiles were hilarious. Sometimes he felt a little bit relatable, I mean girls really do run away when we try to tie them up. (Nobody else had that problem?)

Art style: Comedy series are generally known for their laziness in the artistic side of anime (With some exceptions) but this anime, in comparison to other mainstream comedy series, had a pretty good art style. (Even though it was not as good as Sket Dance, but yeah it was good). The background showed traces of their laziness in that field, but the character design was really good, especially that of the female characters.


Rating: Rainbow days is that anime which you can watch to relax and release your tension, but may also get hooked up to the story but still, due to the series of wrecks in the end episodes, it becomes quite cringe worthy and that’s why I rate it 6.5 out of 10.

That sums up my review for ‘Rainbow Days’. Have you watched it? What are your thoughts on this series? Be sure to tell them to me in the comments below!