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Toradora! (Anime Review)


Name of anime: Toradora!

Genre: Romance, High School comedy

No. of episodes: 25

Review: A good romantic plot must have three features; Good plot continuation, Chemistry between couples and a heart touching ending. Maybe Toradora is that anime, which has the perfect use of each character and their emotions. Even at the end, you don’t feel that one of the characters was unnecessary; which we usually feel. The story focuses on two pair of friends, Takasu and Kitamura, Kushieda and Taiga. Due to some unexpected chain of funny and clumsy events, we get to know that Taiga is in love with Kitamura, whereas, Takasu is in love with Kushieda. So, out of same position in their love life, both of them decided to help each other. Things also take a mature turn, when another character; Ami, is introduced in the anime. Taiga and Takasu keep on helping each other, regardless of their mistakes and eventually develop a special feeling between them, unknowingly. In my opinion, no matter how many times we check out their Tsundere style chemistry, we never get tired of it, and that’s the speciality of this anime.

Weakness: Being my favorite anime, I didn’t realize any of its mistakes, but if watched carefully, there are some of them.
1) In the middle, episode 15 to 17, the plot becomes a little boring, even though it was essential part of the story.
2) At the end of the 17th episode, Kushieda starts avoiding Takasu for a reason that was too small to be noticed when you are watching it for the first time. This makes those episodes difficult to understand.

Best scene: The base of any romantic anime is the kissing scenes, for me this time too, the best scene was in the last episode, when Taiga and Ryuji kissed; which maybe is the best kiss of the anime history.

Rating: I love this anime; it is that kind of anime, after finishing which, you will feel as if you lost something special. It’s due to that impact of the anime that I’m rating it 9 out of 10



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