My Little Monster (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: My little monster

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice-of-life

Number of episode: 13

Review: When I heard the title of this anime all that came into my mind was that it might be an action or fantasy based anime. But when I actually saw it, I realised that it was the total opposite of what I just said. ‘My little monster’ is high school romantic story with a twist in the tale. The anime revolves around a girl named Shizuku who has a certain goal to achieve and that’s why all she keeps on doing is study. On her next seat sits Haru, or should I say Haru should be sitting beside her, as he hasn’t came to school after an incident on the very first day. Some quick circumstances made Shizuku meet him and the only impression that she got from him was that he was clingy, disturbing and irritating. Some other turn of events made her in charge of persuading Haru to come to school, which she successfully delivers, but the result of that becomes that Haru now keeps on following her all the time and moreover confesses to her, inviting Shizuku into a world of different from her mundane lifestyle. ‘My little monster’ doesn’t have a clear ending and from what I have learnt, it might not have a second season but still I will always hope for it to have one and put an end to this beautiful story nicely.

Weakness: Due to its certain weaknesses, this anime was not able to get the fame that it deserved.
1) The first episode of this anime was really quick. The plot goes from 0 to 100 in almost no time at all.
2) The rest of the episodes, on the other hand, were too slow and it almost felt as if the story is not progressing at all.
3) The last episode of the anime, which decides the rating for the whole story was not delivered well and didn’t give a clear ending. But I suppose the way they ended can be mended if there’s a second season.
4) The mood swings of Haru were too much. I get it that he is in his puberty but still, control!

Best scene: This anime is at least a treasure of funny romantic scenes. I love it how the creator diminishes the gap between heart touching romantic scenes and light hearted jokes. My best scene will probably be from the first episode, where Haru kisses Shizuku out of nowhere and then says that his heart is not pounding. At that moment, Shizuku’s expression was priceless.

Rating: This anime, even though is fast at first and slow at the rest, deserves some appreciation for the chemistry between couples and its funny moments. Also its art style and background has some really striking impact, especially the last scene, that’s why I rate it 7 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “My Little Monster (Anime Review)”

  1. I really enjoyed this but felt we needed more episodes so that the background characters got a bit more development. I also would have liked to have seen where the main couple took their relationship next. Thanks for sharing.


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