First Impression: Orange

I started this new blog entry called the ‘First Impression’. Unlike others, I can’t write review on every episode, I’m too lazy to do that, that’s why this category is created which will focus on what I feel about an anime which I’ve started watching after seeing 3 or 4 episodes of it. The ‘First impression’ might not change by the time I finish the series or it may get highly fluctuated depending upon the ending of the series.

Anime: Orange



The anime starts with a thought that is on our mind almost every time, regret. If we were able to change something that we regret on doing, it surely might be great. In Orange, a girl named Noha, was given that chance by her 10 years older self by a letter which will instruct her to avoid all her previous mistakes to lessen the burden of her guilt in the near future. Even though she doesn’t believe it, certain events totally make her trust those letters. She does her best to do all she can to avoid the mistakes that her future self has done. Every day a new event is triggered and the shaky but peaceful youth days of Naho, Kakeru and the gang continues.



The series has a pretty interesting art style and has also taken up a trendy theme which is, obviously, related to time travel. But what is the real challenge is how well that series is delivered in the end. At first, I thought that she might not trust the letters and repeat some mistakes and then brood over it, and she almost did, but fortunately, the creator made sure that she is courageous and delivers all the instructions of the letter successfully. One thing that is bothering me is that it is revealed that Kakeru will be dying on his 17th birthday. This exposure might be crucial for the plot but still it seems to me that the curtains were drawn up a little too soon. The real question is whether the future that Naho wants will become true or will the future be never changed? However, we may see that by the end of the series.



From what I saw so far, I expect much from Orange and I hope that this little theme will get elaborated and will be worth the wait I put up for this anime.


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