A Look Back On 2016

Tonight marks the end of the year 2016. Another year with happiness, sorrow and surprises comes to an end leaving us with one question, “What did we do this year?” This year some of us lost the battle of life, while some started their journey and some spent their time normally and uneventfully. What about me? 2016 was the year where I took a big decision of creating the alias ‘Ryuji Tatsuya’ and start this blog in WordPress. So as a tribute, I will be writing about those animes which I waited for, watched or dropped in the year of 2016. So, let’s wave this long year goodbye by this post ‘My Anime List of 2016’


Unlike other years, this year I had quite a number of animes which I was itching to watch, and there are still some which I haven’t watched till now. You all know that due to banning of Animax, I can’t watch airing animes and have to wait for them to finish before I can download them all, that’s why the animes I was excited for have earned a treasured position in my list, so let’s start the list!

  • Assassination Classroom S2:
    Did I surprise anyone? After watching the first season of this anime, I was waiting for the second season to air, but the most hurting part was when I realised that even though they have started to air in spring 2016, I still can’t catch a hold to it until it’s finished. What’s more is that those who have been watching the series can’t stop running their mouths in social media. However, I finally got to see this in June, and yup it was a great anime to wait for
  • ReLIFE: It was a small accident for me to stumble across this anime. When I was searching for some good anime titles, ‘ReLIFE’ got my attention in a second and I was itching to try it out. My wait for the anime became crueler when I saw its trailer, fuelled by the fact that this site Crunchyroll released the web series at once, ONLY FOR PLATINUM MEMBERS THOUGH! Well, this wait was also quenched as soon as the series ended, and by that I mean the very next day it ended. God, now I’m waiting for the second season.
  • Orange: All that glitters is not gold! My teacher screamed his ass off to make me learn this proverb, but I actually remembered it by watching Orange. After seeing how everyone was talking about this little series, I got a little too anxious about it, but what I found at the end of the series was complete disappointment. How can you all cry like that? Not that I’m against or anything, but come on! Don’t cry over stuffs we don’t even care about. If only I was not anxious about ‘Orange’ it would have gone straight to the dropped list.vlcsnap-2016-10-20-16h11m36s29
  • Your Name: Shinkai Makoto never stops impressing me and that streak was duly maintained in this movie too. I follow a youtube personality called The Anime Man and really enjoy his videos. I found out that his taste in anime is quite reliable and thus, I check out some of the animes recommended by him and that’s when I found out about ‘Your Name’. But surprisingly, it wasn’t there in any downloading site; at last, after 3 months of hard search, I found a low quality video of this movie. But gotta hand it to Makoto, it was a great watch!


Now, let’s go onto those animes which deserve some appreciation because of their outstanding plot through the end. Most of the animes in this category are not 2016 released, but still they are quite good.

  • Itazura na kiss: It’s not often when I get to see a story completely opposite to my expectations, and maybe Itazura na kiss is the only one this year (Well, I mean in a positive sense). This year, I started off with this anime and to be honest, I expected it to be complete trash, but then as the story developed, I started loving it and finally it gained the third position of my favourite romance anime series.
  • Noragami: I started this series without any hope, just to pass the time; after all, what could be special about an anime about gods. I can’t believe how wrong I was! A great anime, with a twisted attitude about god was there in front of me making me lose my mind. Noragami is an awesome supernatural anime and maybe the best of its genre till dated for me.
  • Spice and Wolf: This anime took a month to download, yes A MONTH! I don’t know if the speed of my net was slow or not, but that’s too long! However, when it finally finished, I was greeted by a great and exciting storyline of Spice and Wolf. This anime is great, 40% because of its story and 60% because of Holo, the female lead. My god, that girl is so good looking that I was only watching her the whole time. Though the anime ended on a standstill, I am really eager to go on a joyride like that once again.
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo: This series was my first brush with an underrated quality anime. Thanks to my resources I got to hear about this comedy series and god that was a good anime. After watching pure hearted comedy like ‘Daily lives of high school boys’ and ‘Nichijou’, Seitokai Yakuindomo set the stage on fire with its ecchi and adult jokes while maintaining the pure line. The anime has made open sexual jokes in every 30 seconds, but still has not shown a single unnecessary ecchi scene. I urge all of you to check out this amazing anime series if you are a fan of comedy.
  • Haikyuu: The craze for this anime has been on its pique for many months, but I went along with that craze early this year. There has been many sports anime, but not every anime can attain the beauty of Haikyuu. The time problem is there, the cheesy dialogues are also there, but the story, the story alone was able to carry all the faults and make the anime the best sports anime for me. Can’t wait to watch season 3.
  • Ace of Diamond: Currently watching this show, and as far as the story goes, it’s fabulous! The series is pretty long and taking its time, but it was worth spending 9.2 GB. I will call my verdict on this anime as soon as I finish it, but it’s really getting quite interesting and is able to cover the faults of sports anime just like Haikyuu.
  • Nichijou: I started this series in January and it proved to be one of the most hilarious comedy anime I have ever watched. It has 24 episodes and the first one of its kind to have actually make any sense; by that I mean, this anime in the end had at least some storyline which is absent in most of the comedy based anime. I loved this series mostly because of their reaction scenes and all, you all should give it a try!
  • Hotarubi no mori e: The most recent anime movie that I have watched and needless to say it has been a great anime to wrap up all the movies that I watched this year. A sweet little sad story that will take us to a state of emotional conflict with our own mind. I’m glad that I was recommended this anime by Arria Cross at the right moment, thanks for that!
  • Naruto: Last but not the least, we have the Naruto series. Unlike most of the other anime blogger, I haven’t completed any mainstream anime like One piece, Naruto and DBZ. But I guess that record is going to be broken soon as right now I’m in the 8th season of Naruto Shippuden and most likely I will be able to complete all the seasons by next year. I think I will make it my New Year resolution. :p


Now let’s focus on the bitter end. Not all anime that I watch is perfect and that’s why there are some animes every year that makes me wonder why I even bothered downloading them. The count of the dropped animes is pretty low, but still I guess they were pretty shit! Also, before going further I would like to say that this is my own opinion so if by chance one of your favourite animes comes down in this list, then please don’t take it to your heart.

  • Kuroko no Basuke: Quite a mainstream anime isn’t it? Seeing the number of fans of this anime, I’m pretty sure some of you guys might get angry over my decision, but I can’t help it! This anime was totally getting on my nerves. I don’t know what it is with the masochistic attitude of Kuroko to be a shadow and the rowdy and stupid attitude of Kagami to scream at every opponent, I can’t enjoy it any further and had to drop this train wreck at the end of second season.
  • Inu X Boku SS: You could say I’m pretty heartless when it comes to anime. If any anime seems to attract me in the first half of the first episode, only then would I watch it to the end, but if it doesn’t then, welcome to the Drop list. Same was the case of Inu X Boku, I don’t know what ticked me off more, the dog attitude of the guy or the pain in the ass attitude of the girl! Whatever the reason, I dropped the anime in the 2nd episode in August, and haven’t even considered seeing it till now.
  • Terror in Resonance: I’m that fan of psychological anime who has only checked out 3 or 4 thrillers. I’m always up for a good thriller series but I’m too lazy to watch it to the end if it’s not that appealing. Same thing happened with this series; I found the poster interesting so I downloaded it, but then it wasn’t able to take that flight even in the 5th episode, as a result, DROPPED! Wow, I’m too heartless.
  • Mayoiga: Another of those horror anime which turned out to be complete shit, Mayoiga is the only anime which made me cringe so hard in my anime watching history. Mayoiga is that anime which was supposed to be a psychological thriller but then the producer decided to introduce some overgrown monsters and thus it became a really really bad horror thriller. God this anime even insults the post it is in.



Now, it’s time to crown the best and worst anime from my watch list of 2016. So without further delay, let’s get right into it!


Award Goes to: Itazura na Kiss (Mischievous Kiss)
Element Rating: 92%


Award Goes to: White Album 2
Element Rating: 98%


Award Goes to: Nichijou
Element Rating: 97%


Award Goes to: Haikyuu
Element Rating: 94%


Award Goes to: Hyouka
Element Rating: 85%


Award Goes to: Oregairu (My Teenage Love Comedy SNAFU)
Element Rating: 90%


Award Goes to: Assassination Classroom Second Season
Element Rating: 100%


Well this year sure was eventful in my anime hobby as well as in my real life. But now that it’s almost 2017, there are certain things that I’m expecting. First of all, I want my Board exams to be good and that I pass with flying colours, next, I want my blogging career to bloom; even though I haven’t set any target, it really is fun to see my blog attaining new heights. At last, I want to watch those animes which I haven’t been able to check out yet like Days, Kiss him not me, Haikyuu S3, Bungou Stray Dogs, RWBY (I know it’s not exactly anime but still) and many more awesome names like that! So, I guess my wish list wasn’t that long, was it? XD

Anyway, in the end I would like to wish all of you a prosperous, eventful and a very Happy New Year. My followers, thanks for being there with me and encouraging me; those who are being followed by me, thanks for being my inspiration; my parents, thanks for supporting my hobby in anime and encouraging my decision to create my own blog. Thank you all for making these 366 days an eventful one, I’ll meet you all next year!


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