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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 6 Review)

Before I say anything about the 6th episode I would like to advice you guys one thing, if you are in a new relationship right now then do not watch this series. Yes, I’m serious because the way the characters here are cheating on each other and act as if it’s nothing special might actually make you wonder whether your lover is really loyal or not. I have experienced it and I know it.

So the 6th episode with a little bit transition to the last episode. We’re shown a few scenes of Kanai and Akane doing it (Trust me, it’s not hot at all) and then we are again thrown back to the time when Akane tells Hanabi that she had sex with Kanai. What is left for the prologue is just the smug on Akane’s face and the dismayed emotions of Hanabi where she could only think of one question: How does it feel to play with peoples’ emotions?


The next couple of minutes are the real focus of the first part while all the other things are just to extend the length of episode. Hanabi is in a self-conflicting situation, she comes to the conclusion that if Akane stole her loved one from her then she will take away everyone who are obsessed with her. She visualizes her child self, which I believe represents her sane mind (If there is any), and she tries to give excuses to her current emotions only to realise that what she is doing really is wrong.

We then see Hanabi accepting Mugi’s proposal of starting to date for real now and the happy Mugi kisses her as his girlfriend for the first time. Hanabi, however, then goes to Ecchan and tells her the news as she believes that she has used her so much, so she should know about this (I wonder who is using whom). But Ecchan doesn’t shows any changes and says that she should just keep using her like before, because she has started something that cannot be undone.Hanabi runs away from there that evening, but that doesn’t helps because the next day, when she went to the library, Echhan joined her along with one of Hanabi’s classmates, only to molest her sexually (Deym Ecchan, What in the actual f**k?). Hanabi actually has a fever and she soon passes out. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself in the nurse’s office with Eccha sitting beside her (She still kisses Hanabi, even though she’s delirious). Hanabi tries to talk to her about her pain passively but Ecchan advices her that it’s better to hide your pain from others while letting them feel that you are opening up to them (WTF kind of advice is that??). Now cut to next day where we see Hanabi going to shopping and bumping to the guy who was with Akane in the restaurant (Yes that guy). Hanabi, on seeing that Akane’s student is kinda interested in her (body), decides to respond to his flirty attitude. Why you ask? Because she is one of Akane’s pawn (WHAT DA FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUQ).

In the second part, we see Hanabi going on a date with that guy (I wonder what his name is……… Let’s call him A for now). Hanabi spends the whole day with him while in the Karaoke, A started to make on move on her. Hanabi tries to avoid the first few blows while still trying to act. She asks him about Akane and his relationship and finds out that both of them play with peoples’ emotions. While Akane uses A for her pleasure (A knows about it), A uses other girls for his pleasure. Hanabi figures all that out but the side of her which wanted to compete with Akane suddenly became so desperate that she kisses A (WHY??? WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKING DESPERATE??). A, of course, tries to take her to a love hotel but she refuses; A then tries to walk away because let’s face it, he only has lust, but somehow she makes him think of her as a future option.

When she comes back, she discovers the fact that actually she’s still not like Akane. On the other hand, Ecchan tells Mugi to be careful because Hanabi is popular and some guy might just take her away from him. Of course, Mugi thinks about that a lot but still tries to instruct his heart to not to worry. I kinda feel sad for him………… Until the next scene where Mugi, fed up with Mouca (If you don’t remember, his childhood friend who has a crush on him), says that he will date her for one day. Mouca accepts that and gets ready for her most special day.


The only thing I can say right now is, this series is disgusting. Yeah, call me judgemental or anything but the way that the main characters are shown cheating on each other is just cringeworthy. It really made me think that maybe my gf is also doing the same (That’s because of my insecurity so don’t mind it). Also, I wonder why Hanabi is so messed up right now. I mean, at first she did it with Ecchan and now she’s still letting her do stuff to her, why? What I really hated about this episode was the fact that Hanabi was flirting with a guy (Even though it was a vengeful act), after she decided to date Mugi for real (Why would you do that and then flirt??). I was really sympathetic for Mugi but his attitude in the end proved that he’s also like that and both of them really don’t deserve love (I’m suddenly raging right now). Well, let’s see how worse this series gets in the next episode.

PS: I’m not able to post for a few days and I’m really sorry for that but it’s because I have to take admission in new school and things are pretty rough. I’ll still try my best to finish this series.

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