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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 6 Review)

Before I say anything about the 6th episode I would like to advice you guys one thing, if you are in a new relationship right now then do not watch this series. Yes, I’m serious because the way the characters here are cheating on each other and act as if it’s nothing special might actually make you wonder whether your lover is really loyal or not. I have experienced it and I know it.

So the 6th episode with a little bit transition to the last episode. We’re shown a few scenes of Kanai and Akane doing it (Trust me, it’s not hot at all) and then we are again thrown back to the time when Akane tells Hanabi that she had sex with Kanai. What is left for the prologue is just the smug on Akane’s face and the dismayed emotions of Hanabi where she could only think of one question: How does it feel to play with peoples’ emotions?


The next couple of minutes are the real focus of the first part while all the other things are just to extend the length of episode. Hanabi is in a self-conflicting situation, she comes to the conclusion that if Akane stole her loved one from her then she will take away everyone who are obsessed with her. She visualizes her child self, which I believe represents her sane mind (If there is any), and she tries to give excuses to her current emotions only to realise that what she is doing really is wrong.

We then see Hanabi accepting Mugi’s proposal of starting to date for real now and the happy Mugi kisses her as his girlfriend for the first time. Hanabi, however, then goes to Ecchan and tells her the news as she believes that she has used her so much, so she should know about this (I wonder who is using whom). But Ecchan doesn’t shows any changes and says that she should just keep using her like before, because she has started something that cannot be undone.Hanabi runs away from there that evening, but that doesn’t helps because the next day, when she went to the library, Echhan joined her along with one of Hanabi’s classmates, only to molest her sexually (Deym Ecchan, What in the actual f**k?). Hanabi actually has a fever and she soon passes out. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself in the nurse’s office with Eccha sitting beside her (She still kisses Hanabi, even though she’s delirious). Hanabi tries to talk to her about her pain passively but Ecchan advices her that it’s better to hide your pain from others while letting them feel that you are opening up to them (WTF kind of advice is that??). Now cut to next day where we see Hanabi going to shopping and bumping to the guy who was with Akane in the restaurant (Yes that guy). Hanabi, on seeing that Akane’s student is kinda interested in her (body), decides to respond to his flirty attitude. Why you ask? Because she is one of Akane’s pawn (WHAT DA FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUQ).

In the second part, we see Hanabi going on a date with that guy (I wonder what his name is……… Let’s call him A for now). Hanabi spends the whole day with him while in the Karaoke, A started to make on move on her. Hanabi tries to avoid the first few blows while still trying to act. She asks him about Akane and his relationship and finds out that both of them play with peoples’ emotions. While Akane uses A for her pleasure (A knows about it), A uses other girls for his pleasure. Hanabi figures all that out but the side of her which wanted to compete with Akane suddenly became so desperate that she kisses A (WHY??? WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKING DESPERATE??). A, of course, tries to take her to a love hotel but she refuses; A then tries to walk away because let’s face it, he only has lust, but somehow she makes him think of her as a future option.

When she comes back, she discovers the fact that actually she’s still not like Akane. On the other hand, Ecchan tells Mugi to be careful because Hanabi is popular and some guy might just take her away from him. Of course, Mugi thinks about that a lot but still tries to instruct his heart to not to worry. I kinda feel sad for him………… Until the next scene where Mugi, fed up with Mouca (If you don’t remember, his childhood friend who has a crush on him), says that he will date her for one day. Mouca accepts that and gets ready for her most special day.


The only thing I can say right now is, this series is disgusting. Yeah, call me judgemental or anything but the way that the main characters are shown cheating on each other is just cringeworthy. It really made me think that maybe my gf is also doing the same (That’s because of my insecurity so don’t mind it). Also, I wonder why Hanabi is so messed up right now. I mean, at first she did it with Ecchan and now she’s still letting her do stuff to her, why? What I really hated about this episode was the fact that Hanabi was flirting with a guy (Even though it was a vengeful act), after she decided to date Mugi for real (Why would you do that and then flirt??). I was really sympathetic for Mugi but his attitude in the end proved that he’s also like that and both of them really don’t deserve love (I’m suddenly raging right now). Well, let’s see how worse this series gets in the next episode.

PS: I’m not able to post for a few days and I’m really sorry for that but it’s because I have to take admission in new school and things are pretty rough. I’ll still try my best to finish this series.

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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 5 Review)

After the 4th episode, I took a break from the series for some days. Honestly, it seemed to get wilder and wilder and I had to be somewhat sane to write an acceptable review. But yeah, the 5th episode wasn’t that wild. NOTE: I’m saying this in a comparative sense.


The episode starts with a back story of the relationship between Hanabi and Kanai. Back in her childhood, Hanabi once fled from her home and luckily Kanai found her in the park. From their conversation, we get to know that Hanabi lived only with her dad and on the other hand, Kanai lived only with his dad. Of course, it was hard for both of them; at one hand, Kanai has passed that phase while Hanabi was passing that stage. Kanai says that we know each other’s pain and that’s why we will never leave each other; Hanabi cries while hugging him. As this story was progressing, I have to admit that this scene was a really cute one. But then, we are thrown back to present and I am once again reminded what Hanabi did. It’s morning and Hanabi, sleeping next to Ecchan, looks at her, only to visualise Akane in her position. Obviously, that split second visual proves that she already thinks she did something awful, just like Akane.

The story then focuses on Mugi and we get to know that he actually knows everything about Akane and her true nature. Back when he had the sexual relationship with his senpai, he was led onto the bitter truth by her, who showed him Akane going to a love hotel with an old guy (“Hmm…  Must be a college professor” – Mugi’s senpai, 2017. Well said!). After that, Mugi claims to have seen through her each and every move, but the problem was that, he still wasn’t able to help himself from falling for her deeper and deeper.

Now back to present, he keeps thinking about Akane and her senpai and then suddenly, BAM! He calls his senpai (Any guesses why?). Mugi’s senpai doesn’t wastes any time and does it with him as soon as possible and leaves. Mugi had now successfully cheated on his pretend gf J. The next day, Mugi and Hanabi meet at school and hang out at their usual place, the terrace. Hanabi was thinking that if she has someone to take care of her carnal desires, then there’s actually no reason for her to be with Mugi and thus, she takes control of this like a mature girl; she kisses him (WHAT DA FUUUUUUUUUU). Mugi and Hanabi keep kissing each other and slowly, they find out that both of them cheated on each other but somehow that pain they are feeling, feels good (Masochists); so they decide to continue this feeling and today finally have sex with each other (Maturity level: Over 9000).

As the second part comes under focus, we also follow up the story of Akane and Kanai. Akane says she doesn’t know much about Kanai so before she gives her answer, she wants to hang out more; thus, she calls him out for a drink that night (We all know that it’s not drinks she is interested in). Akane was actually pissed off by the fact that everything is the same as usual and drinks a lot, so much in fact that she was barely able to walk. Akane comes out of the bar and tries to walk but trips and was about to fall when Kanai catches her and says, “Are you ok………….. Hana?” (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sheeeeeeeeeeeeyt). Just like me, Akane also found this little mistake interesting and thought that if she manages to remove even this little memory of her from his mind, she will be able to hurt Hanabi more. So, she makes a move on Kanai and within some scenes she was in a motel with him. Of course, Kanai still wasn’t sure about all this (Coz he’s innocent af) but gradually they do it.

On the other hand, Mugi takes Hanabi to his house. They make out and almost reach to the point where they will ‘Become one’ but Hanabi wasn’t able to deal with the pain of losing her virginity and gives up. She then asks him, why they can’t complete this and Mugi gives the obvious answer, “Because we don’t love each other”. Hanabi tries to push himself a little more but unfortunately she doesn’t gets a much positive answer; hurt with that fact, she leaves. Mugi asks her two questions before she leaves, first, if she wants to date for real (Dude, why didn’t you say that before) and is she a virgin (READ THE SITUATION), both the questions got ignored and she leaves the room. In the end of the episode, we see Akane and Hanabi passing each other in the corridor where Akane whispers, “Last night, I did it with Kanai” (Damn, that must hurt like hell).


As I said before, this episode was wild but wasn’t as wild as the other episodes have been. It really irritates me how both of the main character just go and have sex as if it’s nothing, it sometimes seems as if the creator thinks it’s really normal where in fact, it’s not. When Hanabi and Mugi both knew that the other cheated, it kinda made me feel good, however, that good feeling was only for some moments as after a while they decide to do it, which makes no sense at all. The Akane X Kanai story seems to have gotten a little interesting now and even if it’s as clear as day as to what’s gonna happen with them, it kinda makes me anxious to watch. I’m waiting to see the next episode only to see how Hanabi reacts to what Akane said and what will be her reaction to Mugi’s suggestion.

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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 4 Review)

Before I say anything about this, let me tell you guys one thing…… MIXED EMOTIONS!!!! Did you get what I mean? Of course you didn’t, let me explain. If the first half of the story made me go, “Wow!” then the second half made me go, “Wow, what the f***??”.



The true face of Akane is revealed, and as usual, I didn’t see that coming (God, I hate it when I can’t expect what’s gonna happen). We’re given a detailed description of her real self throughout the first half, starting with the first encounter in her student days, where she knew how she actually is. Akane is actually a big narcissist and that side of her is accompanied by sadistic thoughts, giving rise to a person who uses men’s feelings and bodies to her will only to please herself. I’m sure I wasn’t able to define her to you guys that well, let me try again. Akane would honey trap almost every guy out and do it with even the one who she has no feelings for (She actually has no feelings for anyone), only to see the devastated expression of the girl who has feelings for the guy he used and threw away.

The guy she was seen with at the restaurant was just one of those many men and yes, Kanai is no exception. Akane actually realised that Hanabi loves Kanai and that’s the reason she acted as if she has feelings for Kanai. Now cut to present, Kanai asked Akane out for a coffee because he wanted to talk to her about something (He’s gonna confess, come on dude, that’s obvious), Akane was able to see through him and she decided to listen to what he has to say (Which she already knows) in the music room. When Hanabi came there afterwards, she says she would talk more about it in the music room (Do you get where this is going? She called Hanabi there ONLY so that she could see his love confessing to Akane). That’s sadistic af! Before we see her plan bearing fruits, a small description of how Kanai fell for Akane is given, but to be honest that’s just to buy some time. The main event was the success of Akane’s plan as she got to see Hanabi’s face when Kanai confessed to Akane.

In the second half, we see dejected and gloomy Hanabi. She wanted to tell Mugi about it but she thought that it will be like using him for her own comfort (That’s exactly what you guys are doing for so long!!). She meets Ecchan on the way. Hanabi was feeling guilty for ignoring her and her friendship, she asked for forgiveness as she can’t bear to lose her best friend. Ecchan in reply said that she can never get mad at her and then, out of nowhere, she kissed her (I wrote she kissed him at first lol). Well, I actually thought that she would just stop at romantic words and kisses but no, the creator doesn’t wants anything normal. Any ideas what might have happened? No? Let me tell you. Hanabi had sex with Ecchan (I don’t know how) because she was feeling sad and guilty (WTF???????????????????). After that, we see Hanabi going back home while it was raining heavily. She visualises her younger self, who clearly states the fact that Hanabi is actually a scum who used Ecchan. Guess what Hanabi said on hearing that? “I know that I can’t beat her as she is now….. But I will change myself” (Wait, are you trying to say that you will start doing what Akane has been doing for so long?? WHY??). Cut to the next day, we see Akane and Hanabi in the music room. Akane clearly states that she knows her feelings towards Kanai and that’s exactly why she made him fall for her. Hanabi counters that how does playing with someone’s feeling feel good. Akane replies, “The feeling of being wanted by a man is the best feeling in the whole world”.


I hope you guys now know what I meant by the word ‘Mixed emotions’. I loved how Akane’s character turned out to be a total sadistic freak and how twisted her personality really is, under that fake mask. I would have actually said pretty good things if they didn’t do anything else with the story for this episode.

However, the creator is messed up; WHY THE F**K DID HANABI DO IT WITH ECCHAN?? She has Mugi, she has other guys, but no; she has to do it with Ecchan. Well great, I have nothing to say about that, it’s just gonna make me rage anyway.

I wonder what she meant by the line, “To beat her, I will have to change”. Oh God please, I hope things don’t get all adult and only sex thing from now on. I don’t want this story to get any worse.

PS: For all the Yuri lover… Feast your eyes on this non required yuri scenes..

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 20)

Hi, it’s Ryuji Tatsuya with the second post of the day of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’ (Of the…. Of the everywhere) I just realized that it was the 20th post of this challenge and my first comment was, “Seriously??” Well at least it’s not a dream and now, only 5 more double posts will do the trick. I have 6 day time, let’s see what happens.

An Anime Character That Gets On Your Nervers:

So the question asked now is something that will surely raise my blood pressure as I answer it; a character that gets on your nerves. There are tons of characters out there which make you lose your mind and starts irritating you for some time. While some make you angry for a short period, some literally makes you Kamehameha your pc (Or whatever you are watching that anime in) Today I’m gonna talk about two characters, both females, which seriously made me rage harder than all caps.


First one on the list is ‘Yabasawa-san’ from ‘Sket Dance’. Now before you all go thinking that I hate her for her ugly af character design, then let me tell you, that’s not it. Yes, she is ugly but the main reason for me hating her is the fact that she thinks of her as someone who can get any guy she likes in the flick of a hat. Sure, it’s to serve as a comedic relief but god damn it woman, at least don’t think you can get your hands on the Student council president just like that.


Next up, we have a character which is dear to a lot of my blogger friends. Now please don’t rage, it’s completely my opinion, but I just can’t stand ‘Sawako‘ from ‘Kimi ni todoke’. I get the fact that she was bullied and has grown up to be socially awkward and all, but come on, someone said you look like that girl from ring and you are happy because they talked to you?? Either she is stupid af or optimistic af. No matter what she is, it still irritates me. What makes me even madder is her behavior in chibi mode (When she is shown to be flustered in chibi vision coz hey….. Everything in chibi is kawaii af)

And that’s gonna do it for today’s double post of the Anime challenge. Be sure to tell me about the character which pisses you off. Thanks for reading!

PS: I’m off to a little trip with my family. While I hope that I will be able to post things there too, there’s a big chance that I can’t. So let’s hope that the latter doesn’t comes true.

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 18)

Hola Amigos; It’s Ryuji with the second post of the day of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Following the previous post of the Best Male Supporting character, we now have the post for Best Female Supporting character. Let’s check out who she is!

Best Female Supporting Character:

I actually had a clear cut idea of who I should write about for the Male Supporting character, but I was completely lost with this one; there were so many potential characters. After much thinking, I came up with two characters for this segment. Hope you enjoy it!


First, we have Yurippe from ‘Angel Beats’. I don’t think if it’s even a question why she is here. I mean, if only Otonashi didn’t choose Kanade, she would have been the main character. Yurippe is one of those characters whom I really admire. She is strong, not just mentally but physically too, she has good leadership ability and most of all she is a key character for the story. She is there to push on the story and give us background details whenever Otonashi or Kanade isn’t there. She is a fantastic character for me anyways. (PS: She is hotter than Kanade XD)


Then, we have Kawashima Ami from Toradora. I know, I know, I already slipped characters from this series for the third or fourth time now, but I can’t help it, she literally is a great supporting character. Sure, she also joins the harem of girls who suddenly fell for Takasu for no apparent reason, but at least she never admits it (Except for giving a couple of hints). Sometimes I felt as if she was the author herself. She knows everything, feels everything and finds the perfect time to pass a comment on the situation which we later in the story react with a big, ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ (At least I did). Apart from that, she was maybe the most seductive character of the series (Of course, cause there wasn’t anyone else in that field anyway) and we have to admit, she is hot (More than Yurippe).

And with that, I’m gonna put an end to today’s post for the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Be sure to tell me who you would have chosen for this question in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 17)

Hi there, everyone; It’s Ryuji Tatsuya with the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Before we start, I would say that the two posts for today will be quite ‘supporting’ to this challenge. (That was an extremely bad pun which you guys will get in a minute)

Best Male Supporting Character:

So, as I said before, supporting….. Get it? (I need to stop humiliating myself in front of others) Ahem! Supporting actors are actually pretty important element of a story. While sometimes they help in continuation of a main love plot or as helper in an action film, sometimes they are also there to apply a big plot twist to the story. Today, let’s talk about my favourite male supporting character.


The character I’m about to talk about today was maybe the best character of the series. Yes, my favourite male supporting character is Hiroto Suwa from ‘Orange’. To be honest, I didn’t find the lead characters in the same league as him. I personally believe that he should have been a main character. Yes, he cried too (Like everyone else in that anime *Sigh*) but at least, he didn’t cry for no reason. When Suwa sheds tear, it means shit just got serious. Apart from that, he was practical, he sacrificed his love for the sake of his friend, he had a leadership charm and the best thing about him; he was a bundle of positive energy. At times, I wonder why he wasn’t the protagonist.


And with that, I would like to end this segment for today’s challenge. Be sure to tell me who would you have chosen for today’s question. Thanks for reading!!



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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 16)

Bonojour! It’s Ryuji Tatsuya. (I didn’t use the French word for everyone because I don’t know it K) Today’s second post is about something that is maybe the main reason that most of us are following anime right now. What is it? Let’s check out!

Anime With The Best Animation:

The anime with the best animation; whenever we write a review, there’s a small space where we rate the animation or art style of an anime, because it’s a really important aspect of anime. Today I’ll be talking of about two anime movie, both from the same creator, which was able to enthral me with its excellent animation. (I kind of have this feeling that you can already guess who it is)

I’ll be betting that at least 60% of the readers will be able to say the name of the creator on my mind; yes, it’s no one other than the great Makoto Shinkai. His works ‘The Garden of words’ and ‘5 cm per second’ was just so beautiful that I can’t mention any other anime for this segment. (Don’t get me wrong there might be some anime series with really good animation too, but knowing Shinakai Makoto, even his poop would look good).


Kotonoha no niwa’ was such an amazing piece of art. For someone who is a rain lover, like me, this movie is an absolute treat to the eyes. The sound of the falling raindrops and the flowing water, the graphical representation of the rain and of course, the characters were so amazing that at one point you feel like this is something created in heaven. I didn’t actually like the story that much compared to the next work I’m gonna mention, but animation and art style? 1000/100.


Coming up next, we have an epic movie ‘5 cm per seconds’. Where should I even begin with to tell you how amazing this movie is! Shinakai Makoto aced the story, aced the portrayal of characters, aced the implementation of the song ‘One more time, one more chance’ and of course he excelled in the art style. If there was just mediocre animation for this movie, then maybe it would have been one of those works whose hype just remained for a couple of months. But no, what he did made this movie, one of the best movies of Shinkai Makoto and as well as the rest of the anime industry. (Sometimes I think that even ‘Boku no pico’ would have become a legend if Makoto Shinkai made it)

And with that note, I’m gonna end this segment for anime with the best animation. Be sure to tell me which anime, according to you, has the best animation. Thanks a lot for reading!


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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 8)

Yo Yo minna! (That was a really bad greeting) Welcome to my 8th post of the ‘30 Days of Anime challenge’, we are almost going to touch the 10th post mark and I’m really excited for that. What I’m even more excited about is today’s topic. Why is that? Let’s find out!

Your Favourite Anime Couple:

As you guys know, I’m as hungry as a wolf when it comes to watching an anime with the genre Romance or Comedy in it, and today’s question deals with the most important aspect of a Romance anime, Couple. For the answer of this question, I will give you guys a small hint, the female character in this couple is known for her small height and violent nature while the guy is known for his cooking skills and holding the title of ‘The only guy in history of anime who was not beat to death when he called the Tsundere girl flat chested’. (That’s a hard title to achieve if you ask me)


And so, the answer of this obvious af question is Takasu Ryuji X Aisaka Taiga. What makes Ryuji and Taiga, Ryuji and Taiga, is something beyond perfect. They are so meant for each other that though at first we root for them to succeed in their respective romantic venture (Taiga X Kitamura and Ryuji X Kushieda), when we reach the middle episodes of the series, we suddenly realise that they are actually perfect for each other. What’s better is the fact that they are not always lovey-dovey, even after confessing their love. It’s not like that they don’t love each other, they are just mature enough to show their love and support without clinging on to each other and continuously rant darling and bae, know what I wanna say? I love these two even more because they chose to wait for the right time and maybe get the permission and blessings of their parents instead of running away and living a life of struggle and possible hardships.

Well, that ends my answer to the question I was really looking forward to. Thank you all for reading and please let me know about your answer to this question.

PS: I also wrote a post based on this topic before, so if you want to check that out, Click here.

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 7)

Sup everyone! Tatsuya Ryuji here with the seventh post of the ’30 Days of Anime Challenge’. These days, I have been extremely busy with some stuff and it’s getting more and harder to cope with the challenge. Still, let’s stay hopeful and continue with one post at a time!

Your Anime Crush:

If I remember correctly, many months ago I wrote a post on my top 10 anime crush (If you want to check it out, click here: My Anime Crushes). So I went back to see my list and compare it to my current favourites, however, as expected the changes were minimal and the one who was leading the list still stands proud in its position.


Now, to answer the question, My Anime crush would doubtlessly be Yuuko Kanoe from ‘Dusk Maiden of Amnesia’. Not only do I love the character I also love the unique plot of the anime too. I’m having a hard time in deciding where I should start with the qualities that she used to steal my heart. First of all, she is incredibly beautiful, that hair, those eyes and that incredibly devilish yet innocent face, it’s just…. it’s just *Nosebleed* *Wipes my nose* Sorry for that. Moving on, we have the great voice of Yumi Hara who aced the Japanese voice and Emily Nerves who was even better in the English voice, hats off to the VA selectors for choosing these two who were perfect in doing their roles and bringing out the best of Yuuko, which is just…. just *Nosebleed* *Wipes my nose* Sorry again. Then, we have the behaviour of Kanoe which is mostly responsible for her becoming my crush. Knowing the fact that she is a ghost was a letdown at first, however, the behaviour of slightly outdated at some point  but mostly seductively innocent teenage girl was just, just……… *Unconscious because of excessive nosebleed*

A-A-And that was the end of today’s question of this challenge. Be sure to tell me about your anime crush and how did you think about mine. Now if you would excuse, I would be on my way to the hospital, I lost too much blood K. Thanks for reading!

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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 4)

What’s up everybody and welcome to the 4th post of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. I wasn’t able to post the 3rd answer on the 3rd day, thanks to the unbelievably slow net, but since it looks fine today, I have decided to post these two on one day (I hope it’s not against any rules @-@) So, let’s not waste any time (As my net can go off any minute) and get right into it!

Today’s question is a pretty simple yet hard question to answer. It’s something that almost everyone who watches anime must have asked to a fellow anime lover at least once in his/her life and that question is ‘What’s your favourite anime?’ I said this is simple because it is simple (Best answer ever) and I said it’s hard because no matter how much you love a single anime, it always kinda makes you feel as if you betrayed the other anime you watched (Please don’t tell me that’s only me ;-;) Well, it’s been a while since I have been watching anime, but I think the answer to this little question has always been the same for me; I have always loved ‘Toradora!’


Toradora is such a heartwarming anime. I have always loved the simple yet complex storyline of this cute and touching story. It may seem a little bit clichéd with the entire love triangle and falling for the setter thing, but you have got to admit, the chemistry between the main couple is amazing. Taiga and Ryuji’s relation grows from stranger to accomplices to friends and then finally to lovers, and that development is filled with some hilarious and serious moments. And I hope we are definitely not gonna forget about the kiss, God that was a good kiss! Not to mention the contribution of Kawashima Ami, Kushieda Minorin and Kitamura Yusuke who make this slice of life genre romance comedy even more fun. To be honest, I always get the feeling of watching this anime whenever I see the opening song ‘Pre Parade’; the moment in the opening where all of them are just walking while the title flashes at behind makes me all emotional and forces me to watch the series again. (Yeah, I am messed up) If you didn’t like it, then its ok I won’t judge you and if you haven’t watched it then please do, as soon as possible.


And thus, I’m gonna conclude my post for the 4th Day of this challenge. Don’t forget to leave which is your favorite anime in the comment section below. Thank you all for reading!