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Kuzu no Honkai (Episode 12 Review)

Have you ever managed to pass a subject by only one mark or margins low like that? Well, if you have been through that kind of a situation then let me tell you this, ‘Kuzu no Honkai’ is feeling the same way.


The finale of this series starts by letting us know that it’s November and autumn has just started. After 2 episodes, Hanabi finally gets a natural screen time. She’s shown buying a drink when two of her classmates ask her to be a stage hand for the preparation of the Cultural Festival. Her attitude kinda shows that she’s not that much interested, but a sudden flashback of Mugi advising her to try to blend in more makes her agree to their request. A little later, she sees Mugi walking down towards his class. She tries to call out to him, but for some reasons, she doesn’t do it.

The main story starts with Kanai declaring his wedding date to Hanabi’s household. Kanai and Hanabi decided to take a walk while talking about the wedding and many other stuff, that includes him switching over to contacts. While things were sweet and it seemed as if nothing is wrong between them, it would be incorrect to say that the tension was actually pretty high. Kanai breaks the fake happy situation by asking if she would come to his wedding but thankfully, things went to his favour as Hanabi acted mature and promised him that she would go.

The next day was the cultural festival and things became quite busy for Hanabi as well as the other peoples in the preparation committee. In her break time, we see Hanabi somehow watching the fashion show organized by one of the classes and THERE we see the reason why Moca was created. Actually, that character was created ONLY to teach us the lesson that if you love someone from the bottom of the heart and don’t expect anything in return, even if that love doesn’t succeeds, you would still feel refreshed from your side (I do have to admit Moca looked incredibly beautiful in that fashion show). Later in the show we see Hanabi trying to take a breather from the strenuous working schedule by sitting inside the gym. While she was thinking about the past and searching for the reason she met Mugi and made that pact (The Friends with Benefits pact), she somehow falls asleep; and wakes up to find that Mugi was also there at the other side of the gym.

Now cut to some months after the cultural festival (Anxious about what happened in the gym? You won’t get to know that yet. SUFFER!!). The class is holding a ‘Congratulations for getting married’ kinda event for Kanai and Akane. We get to see another guy who, in the cover of helping Hanabi, tried his luck to confess to her……. Only to be interrupted by none other than, Ecchan (Yes, the girl who needed to be away from her for some time). He never got to confess, but his feelings were carried and politely TURNED DOWN by Hanabi. Now, the main focus for now is Ecchan who claims to have recovered from the heartbreak and is now ready to continue her friendship with Hanabi. Ecchan has cut her hair now because it has many memories associated with her unrequited love. Hanabi is really happy to have her best friend back; Ecchan on the other hand, feels refreshed.

Back to the event hold for Akane and Kanai, we get to see everyone really happy for them (But they’re NPCs, to hell with what they feel). Hanabi still stays a little away from the croud. Kanai tries to approach her but Akane stops him and goes to her, only to poke her with a rose (Her childish side is so cute);  on her way back, she advices Hanabi to make sure he doesn’t gets stolen from her in next life.

As we reach the climax scenes, we see Hanabi and Mugi at the school entrance. They make a small eye contact, and as she walks towards the door, we wonder if she would talk to him or not. Then again, cut to the cultural festival evening where they meet each other in the gym.While Hanabi wonders if there is a chance for them to come back to each other, now that both of their love has ended, her thoughts get interrupted by a sincere apology from Mugi; an apology for leaving her all alone when it mattered the most. Hanabi accepts the apology with a mocking smile. They both talk to each other a lot, maybe to make up the time they lost, but when it was the time to go separate ways, they share this one last hug and then they decide to end things for real.

Now, I guess you have the clue to how Hanabi and Mugi reacted in front of the school gate. Yes, they acted like perfect strangers and carried out their business. While they knew it would hurt a lot and they would be glad to start again together, they also knew that what they’re searching for is true love, and for that, they will have to let go of these old feelings.


I kinda guessed this episode would just show how everyone fared after Mugi got rejected and stuff. The story didn’t have a very romantic and ‘All is well’ kinda ending, but that ending surely proved that this anime was not targeted towards kids. While the sudden and almost useless fan service from the beginning to the middle episodes were a huge pain, they somehow made it natural and easy to digest in the last episodes. Honestly speaking, the amount of excellence the story offers in the end makes all the torture we have been through, somewhat acceptable (Even though I would still say the story is a torture). I’m actually glad that they didn’t gave in to the pressure of high ratings and showed Mugi and Hanabi get back together, because let’s face it, their love wasn’t true. The art style and other aspects remain top notch; in fact, they went up another level when they got paired up with a good story in the end. Voice acting for the female characters was good, but the male voice cast didn’t feel that fitting (Did I mention that I have fallen in love with Hanabi’s voice?); the opening and ending remains enchanting and fitting for the series. While we were in the middle of the series, I had my mind made up to rate it 3/10. But their excellent recovery in the last 3 episodes, especially the 11th episode made sure that they get a tiny bit of appreciation for doing well in the end and secure 5/10 from me (Don’t ask for more, this series still is pretty fucked up). I would recommend you guys to see this series, but a big warning to those who are pure sadists, have just started out dating, like happy endings or hate seeing things fall apart.

FINALLY IT’S OVER!! Thanks a lot to all those who stuck with me through this torture series, it really means a lot to me. Be sure to tell me what you thought of this series as a whole and do you mind if I keep calling it the torture series or not XD.

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