A Small Contribution to Encourage the Newbies

Heyyo minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!
Today, I saw this one post that made me reminisce those days when I was a newbie in the blogging community. Back then, I was really excited to post my works and at the same time, I was highly confused as I had almost no idea as to how to do certain stuffs (Like the significance of tag, How to manage the homepage, How to link to other posts and stuff like that). While thanks to those trial and errors I was able to mature into what I am today, and will keep on maturing into (Hopefully) a better blogger; I lowkey wanted someone to help me fit into this sphere in a better way.

Image result for embarrassed anime guy gif
I wish I reached out to more people at that time and stop getting cooped up in a corner

I know that I can’t get my past back to redo all the mistakes I have done so far, but I surely can contribute into making things better for the newer bloggers; this is where Irina’s idea comes into focus. A month ago, Irina had an amazing idea titled ‘Blogwarming Party’ to help all those bloggers who are new to this community, get along with all the other amazing personalities; Hats off to you for thinking of something so brilliant!

Now, I’m sure you guys must be wondering what is this Blogwarming Party; it’s a very simple strategy, Every month, she would feature a new blogger and help get their content out there for more people to enjoy! I remember the day when Karandi linked to one of my posts and said that this article was worth the time and energy spent on (I’m grateful to you for that); that feeling of getting recognition and encouraged to write more was probably one of the best feelings I ever had in my blogging career. So don’t think and contact her here, because if your work gets recognition, I assure you, that feeling will never leave your heart. Also, apart from getting your work shared to the mass, you get a chance to find about new blogger buddies who are in the same boat as you! What are you doing, mate? Come and join this party as soon as you can! Seal this killer deal! (Hey, that rhymed!)

Anyways, now it’s time to share a couple of posts which I got to read thanks to this ingenious idea of hers. It’s not common to read a post which makes you happy and feel lucky to have found such a great article. Blessed am I to get to read a unique review with a friendly touch to it, and also an utterly hilarious post with a subtle hint to a daily problem, on the same day! I tell you guys, these two newbies will become great writers one day.

My reaction after reading such beautiful posts

My first read was Brittney’s review of Orange. Anime review is something that almost every aniblogger attempts, but only a small fraction of them are able to write perfectly by making their comment on the series clear, but without slipping in any spoilers. What I found unique in Brittney’s review was the fact that she decided to share her personal experience as she talked about the theme Regret. As I read each line, I kept nodding in agreement with her views on that topic and at the same time, I could also relate to some of her childhood experiences and decisions that she regrets right now. But it’s admirable that she decided not to give up on make an attempt to make all those regrets vanish. Her review was good too; as I said, detailed and full of personal comments on the series without any spoilers. Guys, please check out this post and her other posts as well, she deserves much more than a like!

Now let’s focus on the last post that I read today, which is also my personal favourite of the week! For someone like me, who has to keep running between school and cram school, and also find time for extra studies, it’s an everyday scenario for me to pass out during my leisure time (Which, by the way, is after 11 o’clock at night). But before I pass out, there are tons of thing that I hallucinate due to exhaustion. All this time, I thought that it was only me who suffers from these problems; but thanks to this post, I can now say that I’m not alone! Fueled By Smiling writes a brief post, sharing his experience of watching ‘Kino no Tabi’ while fighting off the delusions played on him by his mischievous mind. This post is utterly hilarious; not only because of the #Relatable elements, but also for his great choices of words that bring out the comedic jabs in an even better way! I don’t have enough words to match the amount of fun I had while reading that post, and that’s why I urge you to check out his post ASAP because I won’t be over exaggerating it when I say that if you don’t read this post, you’re missing out on something that you may never find again in this planet! (Ok, maybe I exaggerated it a bit…….. YOU GET THE POINT!)

Well, with that I conclude my rambli-…… Err, I mean, my post. I hope all the newbies reading this would contact with Irina and contribute into making this party, a special one! As for the posts, I’m sure you guys will check them out…….. After all, you were patient enough to stay with me till the end XD
Until next time, I hope you guys have a nice time, and as always, thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “A Small Contribution to Encourage the Newbies”

  1. It’s also nice to know that I’m not alone with my random day dreams due to exhaustion. We really should just go to sleep the moment our mind leaves us, but I wonder why we try to fight it when it’s always going to be a losing battle.

    Thanks for posting this and for your kind words. I honestly don’t feel like I deserve all that praise, but it does make me happy knowing that you liked my post and found it relateable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess that’s because we don’t want to surrender our hard earned leisure period to sleep, maybe…

      Have some confidence in you, I loved each and every word of it and you deserve every single praise. Keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you again so much for taking the time to review my blog and still write a post on it! I am so happy you enjoyed reading and hope I can bring this personal and wonderful feeling for you and others to enjoy in the future, even if the feelings aren’t always happy but instead bitter-sweet and relatable. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! I wrote this post because I thought that these two posts that I read deserves much more recognition than it has. I would love to read more of your posts; even if they’re bittersweet, I’m sure I’ll cherish the personal touch.

      Liked by 1 person

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