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A Fortnight of Shoujo Challenge: Day 5

Heyya minna, it’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!
Welcome to the 5th post of the ‘A Fortnight of Shojo Challenge’! Yay!! God, it’s 5 AM in the morning when I’m writing this, can’t believe I fell asleep while writing, last night XD. Anyway, so if this post has some error in it then don’t hesitate to point it out, I might edit it later.



Now, I’m a tad bit confused about the theme today. Is it asking me about my favorite manga creator or favorite shoujo manga creator? Considering the fact that it’s a shoujo challenge, maybe the latter would be appropriate, so let’s just go with that!

Ogura Akane

Related image
Akane Ogura (Center)

Well to be honest, I’m not a loyal anime/manga lover; I love works of different creators and it’s just once in a bluemoon that I come to like a couple of works from the same creator. Also, my manga reading habit isn’t that old so I’m not that experienced. However, luckily enough, even in such short time interval, I have come across two works which I really enjoyed, Kanojo ni Naru hi and Rhapsodia in blue being those manga. Ogura Akane doesn’t has a huge number of completed works, and they aren’t that famous either, but these two series that I read were really really good! I think she should get more love and recognition than she has now. Her stories are unique and the way she slowly yet aggressively develops the romance between the main characters is admirable! I have to admit that her art style isn’t that attractive, it’s barely good; but thanks to the story and beautiful progression in the romantic side, I haven’t been affected by that drawback of his.

Well, with that another post comes to an end. I admit that today’s post was hella short but well, I guess I will be able to write 3-4 pages about the same topic when I get even more hooked up in manga than I am now. Be sure to share which manga author you like and don’t forget to mention his/her best creation for you (So that I can check it out). Until the next post, I hope you guys have a great time, and as always, thanks for reading!

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Don’t tell the cops….

3 thoughts on “A Fortnight of Shoujo Challenge: Day 5”

  1. Ah! Minami Maki sensei (Special A and Seiyuu ka! author) and yoshiki Nakamura sensei (TCP and Skip Beat) are my favourites!

    I can’t believe you wrote this at 5 am… Dedication!
    The only manga of Akane Ogura sensei I’ve read is Mademoissele Butterfly….
    See you soon!


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