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I don’t know if I would be able to make much of a difference here, but I won’t fall back from supporting such a noble initiative. In India, and maybe also in some other parts of the world, Depression and Anxieties aren’t regarded as a disease at all. Why? Because it doesn’t show wounds, or has a big name in the deadly disease list. But to be honest, these are actually even worse than Cancer. They consume you slowly and painfully from inside, wear you down, destroy your will to live and makes you think that maybe your existence has no significance at all… that maybe everything will be alright and no one would give a single sh*t if you died.

As Auri mentioned in her post, it’s not that easy to ask for help (Especially from your close friends), maybe because you think that it would make them hate you; or ever worse, maybe they will stop becoming your friends. It’s not easy to open up to strangers on the internet too; “You don’t know me….. and you better not try… I’m not as you think I am”, I’m sure these words were spoken by you even though you are desperate for someone…. Someone who can at least hear you out.

But here’s a small step to reach out to YOU. If you ever want someone to talk to you, give you company, some motivation, or at least listen to what you have to say; then AuriRai SanRemy and Irina are here to give you what you want. I know, and everyone here knows, that it’s not that easy and that it won’t be cured in just a few days, but still all this effort is worth it!

I will also do my best to hear you out and help you as much as I can. I’m not a professional, but I can be that stranger-cum-friend who is ready to give you all the attention you want, as long as you want it, without getting judged or ignored. Consider talking to us, before doing anything rash.

Continue, Don’t Quit: You are not in this Alone.

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Facebook: Jishnu Chakraborty

Some days, as you wake up, you wonder what the point of this is. This whole talking, eating, sleeping. This living. What was the point of it, when you felt like you were watching another person’s life and yet felt so much pain? As if you weren’t meant to exist? As if… anything you touched […]

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8 thoughts on “Continue, Don’t Quit : You Are Not in This Alone — Manga Toritsukareru Koto”

  1. Thank you so much for doing this. You are amazing. I said over on another blog: I don’t think that I have ever seen a single post that has been featured on so many other blogs, than this one. I’m so proud of Auri..this is such an amazing thing she did here 😊😊

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    1. Exactly! When I opened the reader’s section, I was amazed on seeing the number of people who reblogged it and/or retweeted her link. It was a great call from her side and nice of you, Remy and Irina to support her on that idea. All of you are the heroes we need

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