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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 11)

Hey how’s it going everybody, it’s Ryuji! Since I was only able to post 10 answers in 18 or 20 days, I will be posting more than one blog per day to keep the count equal. Let’s just hope I manage to end the challenge. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

Best Fighting Anime:

So today I will be talking about something which, again, I have really low knowledge about. I’m the peace and romance loving guy, ask me anything from holding hands to ecchi stuff and I have the answer, but ask me the easiest question on action or fighting stuff, I mostly have no idea. This question is like the most basic action anime related question, but luckily I think that I have an answer that probably won’t disappoint you guys.


I’m not choosing DBZ or Naruto as the answer of this question because I haven’t watched the first series and the action scenes Naruto were pretty amazing but stretched a lot. For me, the best fighting anime will be ‘Future Diary’. Yeah, surprise-surprise! Well I admit that I didn’t give it a good rating in my review but that’s because of the fact that I didn’t like the ending and I despise gore element. However, if I liked gore scenes then this anime would probably be my favourite. I also chose this anime as the answer because the fight scenes do not unnecessarily exceeds 2 or 4 episodes or doesn’t have those crappy dialouges like, “The fight has just started”, “This isn’t my full strength” and so on. The fighting were clean and merciless, especially when Yuno was on her rampage. Well, even though the romance and thriller part isn’t the best, but I will give 10/10 for the fight scenes.


And that sums up my 11th post of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Be sure to comment down your favorite fighting anime and what do you think about my answer in this segment. Now if you will excuse I need to find my friend, I hope Yuno him, He is Yukki. (RIP Pun)

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