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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 15)

What’s up everybody; it’s Ryuji, with the 15th post of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Finally, we are halfway through the challenge. Guess I’m not doing that bad. Anyway, let’s not break the momentum and continue with the challenge!

Favourite Anime Pet, Summoning or Sidekick:

Now that’s an off-beat question. In most of the anime, all we talk about are the main characters, antagonists and at most, the supporting characters. However, today that I got a chance to tell you guys about my favourite Pet, Summoning or Sidekick; I will be going with the Summoning category.


The summoning that I’m gonna talk about today is from an action based anime series called ‘Strike the blood’. There aren’t that many anime where the main character is a vampire, are there? I liked the story, even though it had some unnecessary ecchi scenes, 40% because of the story and fighting stuff, but 60% because of the awesome familiars. I love his 3rd dragon familiar ‘Al-Meisa’ which was summoned by him in the third arc? Dunno. (For those who didn’t realise yet, I usually get enthralled by dragons, that’s why I have the name Ryuji) But seriously, that dragon was created into such a fine one, the CG work was good, its power of warping and devouring void spaces was awesome and the animation style was just breath taking. (The sheer description I gave of him right now makes me wanna watch it again)

And with that, I’m ending this segment of the anime challenge which now kind of looks achievable. Be sure to tell me about your favourite pet/sidekick/summoning in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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