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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Day 28)

Konnichiwa minna and welcome to the second post of the 30 Days of Anime Challenge. Today, I will be writing the post a little bit differently from the other posts I have written so far. Let’s see the difference.

Favourite Anime Quotes:

Anime is special for many reasons and one of those many reasons is its amazing quotes. I have to admit sometimes they sound cheesy and are used to stretch a fight scene or end an episode to keep suspense for the next episode, but they hold really high value and life lessons. That’s why it’s a little unfair to write about only one favourite quote when there are tons of them available. So today, I will be writing about my top 10 favoruite anime quotes. Let’s see what these are.

  1. “If you win, you live… If you lose, you die… If you don’t fight, you can’t win..
    Image result for famous anime quotes
  2. “It’s alright, I can stand up again by myself…. Even if I’m all alone, I will survive”
    Image result for famous anime quotes
  3. “You can’t ever win if you are always on the defensive……. To win, you have to attack!”
    Image result for famous anime quotes
  4. “I would rather trust and regret, rather than doubt and regret.”
    Image result for famous anime quotes
  5. And my favourite…..
    “Fake people have an image to maintain… Real people, just don’t care.”
    Image result for Hikigaya anime quotes

And with that, I’m gonna end this post for today. Thank you all for reading and be sure to share your favourite quote with me!

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