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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 27)

Hai domo, virtual blogger Tatsuya Ryuji desu! (That’s a legit original af intro XD) Welcome to what might be the second last day of my ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. We have sure come a long way in the past month and now, let’s not break the momentum and get right into it!

Most Badass Scene By An Anime Character:

We have got really great and philosophical topics in the end parts, it’s gonna be fun answering them. So, today the topic is the most badass scene by any anime character. Well we have to admit that there are millions and millions of badass scenes (It’s like Anime is the center of Badass culture) and thanks to the huge amount, I have been able to choose two scenes which was able to send chill down my spines. Let’s check those scenes out!


Firstly we have the ending scene from the third season of ‘Naruto’. Well it’s a scene delivered by not one but three characters. In the ending of Episode 124 when Lee, Shikamaru and XXXX were cornered by enemy and might have been defeated, thus entered 3 shinobis from the Hidden Sand Village. Yes, the elite sand trio; Gaara, AAAA and BBBB. That scene was really badass, with the 3 villains asking who they are (Each was in different locations, of course) and they individually answered, “Allies of the leaf village”, “We are shinobis”, “From the Sand”. The end collage of the 3 villain vs 3 rescue shnobis was just awesome.

Dat scene tho~ 

The next scene is one from the first season of a critically acclaimed anime ‘Durarara’ (I hope that’s the correct amount of ra). It’s from Episode 3 when Mikado met Izaya for the first time. Well, at that time Sonohara was getting bullied by some girls and  in a clichéd way (As Kida mentioned) and thus entered Izaya and after some words, he scared off the girls and one ‘Boyfriend who is in dollars’ by…………. Stepping on one of the girls’ cell. THAT’S SO COOL!! There’s a reason why everyone likes that guy and this is one of the reason, showing hostility in the most passive way possible. Clearly, Badass!

And with that I’m gonna end first my badass post of the day. Be sure to tell me which scene was badass for you, in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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