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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 30)

Konbanwa minna and welcome to the Last post of this 30 Days of Anime Challenge. Yes, the last one! *Throws petals everywhere* Thank you all for keeping up with my posts, I wouldn’t have made it this far if only it wasn’t for you guys. So, let’s not waste any more of our time and enthusiasm and end the challenge.

An Anime That You Wished Would Never End:

What a perfect topic for today’s post! It’s said that all beautiful things come to an end, just like my awesome Anime Challenge posts (#SWAG……… Jk tho). But honestly, there are some anime series out there which we always wished for it to never end. Well, I won’t be writing about how I wished for Naruto or DBZ to never end, no sire; but instead I will be writing about some small series which didn’t get much season but would have been awesome if it just continued.

Image result for sket dance wallpaper

First on the list is ‘Sket Dance’. Well for someone who desperately tries to be a good comedian and binge watches comedy series like there’s no tomorrow, this series just had to make the cut. Sket Dance is one of those series which was funny as hell, really long and showed some chance of continuation. But, since there are many reasons for it to not get any continuation series, I couldn’t help but wish for it to get more and more seasons for the rest of my life. I would do anything if I could keep watching that awesome comedy series. Is there anyone who could support me on that?

Image result for hyouka wallpaper

Then, we have ‘Hyouka’ in this short list. Well, there are many detective and thriller series out there which surely have had cases even more trickier and fun than this series, but the reason I chose it over the others was because of the fact that, it cannot get boring. In most of the thriller anime, there is one absolute villain set to cause destruction and stuff to the world. But in this series, it was just a bunch of high schoolers (Well, 4 actually) trying to solve some small cases which are tricky yet fun. Actually, it would be fun to see them complete cases and continue their passive romance story as long as I am alive.

And with that, I, Ryuji Tatsuya, finally end this 30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Thank you all so much for accompanying me in this journey, especially Acacia and Karandi. It was fun and I’m sure the fun will escalate even more as I continue blogging and do even more challenges. Be sure to tell me your answer for this topic as usual, in the comments below. Thanks for reading guys! See you soon!

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 30)”

  1. Haha, lol. Thanks for the mention!(You can call me Auri btw)
    I’m probably the annoying companion who wont shut up on a journey huh? Well, to continue and prove that description true, I’ll add my list 🙂 –

    1) Skip Beat- Even though Ren and Kyoko are probably going to end up together and after they do, it’s going to slow down; the real reason I love the anime/ manga is because ACTING.
    I really love the manga and I don’t want it to end!!!

    2)Horimiya- You should really try this if you didn’t. It’s funny, it’s meaningful, its relatable, cute and the art is pretty! The manga has scope for it to go on for long, but its going to end soon, damn.

    3) Area no Kishi- Football!! The only comfort is that it takes forever to update so it’ll be quite a while before it ends, haha.

    Congratulations on finishing thirty days!!!! It was really fun to read and give suggestions*wink*
    Bye for now, I guess.


    1. I would rather prefer a noisy companion over a silent one XD. But seriously speaking, it really was fun and satisfying reading your comments and replying them (After noting down all your anime list lol).

      I have been wanting to see Skip Beat for sooooooooooo long, I mean, I can’t watch anime online so I download them and holy sh*t, this series has been a pain to download. Well, I won’t back down that easily and one day, I will watch it for sure.

      I didn’t see/read this anime/manga. When I searched about the anime, I found really good reviews and ratings even though it’s of only 3 episodes; so I will try it out.

      Football! No other reason needed XD

      Thanks a lot for sticking up with me during these 30 days. It’s over for now….. but new ideas are starting to enter my mind, so look forward to them.

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      1. I’m still a noob when it comes to manga. (The only manga I read are Hibi Chouchou and Toradora) But yeah, I will be sure to give the manga version of Skip Beat and many others anime a try…. (After I finish watching the new anime series I downloaded XD)
        Looking forward to your post… if it’s a little bit towards anime, maybe I could share my thoughts too? Thanks again…

        Liked by 1 person

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