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A Possible Beginning Of My Love For Manga

So this other day, I was watching a rerun of ‘Hayate no Gotoku’, and while enjoying the nostalgic feelings of comedic jabs of my ex-favourite anime, I realized that it’s been 5 years since I have stepped into the anime culture; and it’s kinda surprising that I still haven’t gotten bored of it in anyway. A cheers to that!

The enchanting element of Manga finally infiltrated my mind

However, the point of this post isn’t to celebrate 5 years or stuff like that (As I know that there are people who have been watching anime for even longer period), instead it’s about how I have finally started to read manga.

When I was done with watching the second season of Hayate no Gotoku, I came across a folder that had one manga in it, Hibi Chouchou. Now, I was never a fan of reading and that’s one of the man reasons that I wasn’t able to get the urge to read manga like everyone else did (My manga knowledge is limited to Hibi Chouchou and 50th chapter of Toradora). But for some reasons, I was now eager to start reading one, and before I knew it, I downloaded a manga reading app on my phone.

So the first story I read there wasn’t basically a manga, but a Korean webtoon series, ‘Household Affairs’. It had NTR, smut and gore scenes (The three most avoided genre in my list), but for some reasons, the story was so intense and exciting, that I couldn’t stop reading it and ended up finishing the 75 chapter manhwa in the first day (Btw, the ending was shit…. It lost its sense by the time it reached the ending so I was kinda prepared for that). Well, I wouldn’t say that it was the best read ever, but it was just how I was feeling back when I finished my first anime series and was too excited to watch more.

The next manhwa also had smut and was not that much extreme in comparison, it was called ‘Brawling go’. It lacked the attractive powers that I just experienced from the previous story, not to mention the fact that all it had this time was meaningless sex and increasing harem (Even though it had potential to make a good love story), that’s why I ended up dropping the manhwa when I realized that the pattern was going to be repetitive af.

But then, thank God, I came across a manhwa, which I think caused a huge impact on me. It was an action and psychological mystery which was driven by vengeful spirit, but the story was extremely well put and just amazing. ‘Dear boy’ was a story about how an older brother decides to take down the bully that made his younger brother go to coma, only to discover the dark and twisted side of the Dazzling High school life, which is filled with violent and heartless delinquents. The dark story was so infuriating that it made me jump in joy everytime the bullies got what they deserved. I urge all of you to please give this manhwa a go, it’s worth it!

Ok next, I read another great story, but this time it wasn’t a manhwa, but a genuine manga. I’m sure that I was recommended this manga once by Auri a while ago; it’s called ‘Horimiya’. I was reminded of that recommendation the instant I read the title in the romance list of the app, and I couldn’t thank her enough for telling me the title back then. I have fallen in love with this story and the cute couple too! It’s just too good!! When I found out that the manga is still continuing, it made me sad for a moment as now I will have to wait a whole month to get a new chapter (Since I was binge watching all the manga so far), but it also made me happy as I will get to watch more of them in the months to come. Thanks a lot Auri, for recommending this to me! (I would be asking for more recommendations from you, O Manga Goddess!)

After that I struggled to find another manga to give my time to, however, it was harder than expected as I wasn’t enjoying mangas with old art style. Finally, I came across ‘Love and Lies’. I wanted to watch the series since the past few weeks, so the manga just piqued my interest even more; not to mention that the art style was just as I wanted. But that also ended in a couple of days (Since, every chapter was extremely short).

So now, here’s where the problem lies. After reading Horimiya and Koi to Uso, I just couldn’t stop wanting for more Romantic manga, but the catch is, the old style of art is a no no.


That’s why I have come to you all with a favour. If you have any manga in mind which you think I would like then please go on and tell me, but keep in mind that I would rather go for Romantic Comedy and stuff, and also the fact that the art style has to be new. Well, I sound selfish AF but I just can’t stop but to wish for a series which will give me joy and pleasure like Horimiya did. Until the day comes when I will be able to search for manga myself, like I do for anime now, I hope you guys will help me. Well, that’s all that I wanted to say for now, I hope I get recommendations from all of you soon. Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “A Possible Beginning Of My Love For Manga”

  1. Hahaha! ‘Manga Goddess’ that’s a first!

    Oh, how I hate WordPress for not showing up notifications sometime.
    You started Horimiya! And finished it! YAY~

    Right, now for the recommendations, haha. I’ll stick to three for now, ok?
    1) Skip Beat! – It’s romance AND comedy with beautiful art, so go for it man!
    2) Namaikizakari- Older girl, so if that’s ok, give it a try too.(cute art btw)
    3) Niijiro Days- From the guy’s perspective, but sort of slow. Got quite some humour, but I’m not too sure.
    4) Haru Matsu Bokura- Another basketball one, like Namaikizakari, but KAWAI art and story. I’m pretty sure, you’ll like this one!

    Whoops, that was four.
    Just a reminder: all those were on going. Just let me know if you’d like finished ones instead, I’ll give you more. Way more.
    For starters, for finished-
    1) Seiyuu ka!
    2) Strobe Edge (this one’s really girly though. Not my favourite but it’s short so *shrugs*)

    Well, let me not spam.
    Let me know whether you’d like more.
    YAY for manga~


    1. Hell yeah! I knew that asking for recommendations from the Manga Goddess would be a great idea! Thanks again for such a long list! (Damn I was happy af when I read this comment)

      I was thinking of starting Skip Beat since nearly everyone is going around talking about it, but I never thought that it will be an ongoing series…… nevertheless, that’s gonna be my next manga.
      Nijiro days, well I enjoyed the anime even though it was a lil bit slow in the end, no harm in checking it out I guess.
      New Manga Names *-*)/
      *Adds them to the To be read list*

      Well I would like if the series are finished since it kinda makes me a lil bit mad if the series I’m loving so much makes me wait for the next episode…. so yeah, Finished ones will be good too!

      Thanks a lot for these recommendations! I’ll ask you for more when I’m done with these series. Currently I’m reading ReLIFE and Rental Oni chan, but both of them are gonna end soon, so thanks again for refiling me up once again!

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      1. Ok then Ryu-kun! Let me know whenever you’d require more.
        Yay, you’re starting Skip Beat!

        But let me just give you one side read, Mizutama Honey Boy, it has pretty art and not much of a story line, so it can be taken up as your break read or something. Just for a light one!

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  2. I also loved reading Horimiya a lot. I was equally sad and happy when I got to know that it is an ongoing one (mixed feelings).
    If I had to suggest a manga with somewhat similar style, it would be “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun”. (That’s the one that I read some months ago, so can only recall that for time being). It tends a little bit more to comedy than romance though. Not sure if it would suit your taste, but you can give it a try. (I was hooked in the first chapter itself).

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