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Some Anime Cliches (Fantasy Genre)

Heyyo minna! It’s Ryuji Tatsuya with another ‘Some Anime Cliches’ post. I did say that I will be doing one this month before though, but it kinda took longer than I expected. Anyway, today’s post is going to be about a diligent genre that has been entertaining us passively for a long time; we’re talking about Fantasy genre! This list might be quite newbie-like, since I don’t have much experience about this genre, but I hope that it will be fun to read and relate to those mundane clichés that we encounter in our beloved anime. So without further delay, let’s get right into it!

  • Let’s Start This Sh*t!

    Like almost every anime series out there, let’s not forget the most basic and master clichés of all…….. Getting ready for school. The main character would either throw in a random past year experience or how he yearns for an adventurous life, blah blah blah; but that’s not the point. The main story starts when there’s suddenly a random state of emergency and then all of a sudden a random student (Mostly a classmate with the least presence) would come up with flashy moves and defend the main character. Now, all of a sudden, this random dude would say some Out-of-this-world stuff and persuade the “Protagonist-kun” to accept his proposal and become a random high level magician or stuff like that (Still can’t understand why it happens so fast).

  • Hogwarts (Anime Edition)
    Image result for anime magical warfare school

    Whenever we think about anime, it has to be set in High school (Don’t stress on the fact why, just accept it! IT WILL BE A HIGH SCHOOL!!). Now don’t think that Fantasy anime series don’t have that, in fact, they would suddenly present the main character with a Japanese version of Hogwarts that existed in some parallel world or stuff like that. The best thing about these schools are the fact that it’s TOTALLY like a normal one (That includes all the clichéd high school romcom setting), the only difference being that the subjects are about magic and the school is under a constant threat of getting destroyed by the antagonist (Sometimes I wonder why aren’t anime real ._.)

  • Cheeky pet

    Image result for fairy tail pet

    Whenever we are dealing with magic, it has to include talking animals; because why da**k not? Well that’s the case in most of the fantasy anime out there. There will be at least one animal or fantasy beast out there, that talks a lot and is cheeky af; and also doesn’t gets along that well with the main character at first (They are too rude for some reasons). Oh but don’t worry, thanks to his/her sudden acquired charms and ‘Protagonist powers’, the pet will gradually find out that he/she is actually a good person, and then they would become quite good friends (Fast character development? Please! It’s called MAGIC!)

  • Illogical Harem

    Image result for anime ichika harem

    Aha~ How could we ever forget about the biggest tradition of almost all the fantasy or action based anime series out there; Fanservice. And whenever we are talking about fanservice, what’s better than a huge harem of girls? Honestly, the stupidest and the most annoying cliché of all, I personally loathe this harem game. Sure, a love triangle is okay if it’s played out well…… But countless random female character just jumping out of nowhere and throwing their bodies at the protagonist is a little bit too idiotic and infuriating. I mean, why would every girl present in the story suddenly want to be with him without any apparent reason? (I forgot which anime it was, but this random girl joined the harem since the main character bought her a juice can…….. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU???)

  • First Fight: Serious mode on


    Even though the world that the main character of the story was sucked into is under the threat of getting destroyed by a random evil mastermind, Protagonist-kun can’t really get all that serious about what lies for him in the future. It’s during time like this that a sudden enemy appears in front of him (And his group of friends/harem of girls) and almost destroy the whole school before fighting our ‘Hero Squad’. This cliché takes place generally during the last few episodes of the first season, to show that the main character now understands the gravity of situation and is now fired up. But what’s annoying is the fact that the pattern is a little bit too repetitive. The school will get destroyed all of a sudden, the group of friends would try to save the situation without the hero (Only to get screwed up by the villain), the hero would appear all of a sudden with a partner (The partner would possibly be the one who brought him there), the fight would start pretty pathetic for him at first but then by the end, he would miraculously win by yelling as loudly as he can and pulling off a rare magic (Not to mention that there will also be a flashback in the middle of the fight because screw the excitement)

And with that, this post also comes to an end. Boy, I sure wrote some lengthy points in comparison to the previous ones. Anyways, be sure to share your views about my list and tell us if you have any point that should be added to this cliché list. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Some Anime Cliches (Fantasy Genre)”

  1. Yippee, here’s my favourite type of post!
    Good one as usual Ryu-kun.

    You missed one though. It’s called- “The lazy guy/girl who’s actually stronger than anyone in the series”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah of course! Thanks for reminding me that point….

      The lazy guy/girl who will always sleep and laze around, skipping classes and practices; but then would suddenly get all the energy to take on a villain all alone (Where did he/she get the energy from now?)

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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