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Anime Showdown: Ano Hana vs Orange (Presentation of Regret)

eyyo minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya and welcome back to another post of the ‘Anime Showdown’ thread! If you guys want to check the earlier posts then click here (1 and 2)

For some retarded reason, my school has two continuous examinations with an interval of just one week. After the exams in end of November, I had to give these super hard exams again in these last 5 days and thanks to that I didn’t have any time to write anything! *Sigh* It was frustrating. But, as of today, exams are over~! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~

Still have schools until 20th though (._.

It’s the beginning of the last month of the year, already! Is it just me or did this year came to its end a bit too quickly? Well, just like every year, this year too we all must have some regrets; some words left unspoken, some feelings left untold. We might just be grateful to what we did/didn’t do this year, but there are also chances that we might regret on doing/not doing something too.

Keeping that in mind, I have decided to compare ‘Ano Hana’ and ‘Orange’ with the topic being ‘Presentation of Regret’. Both of these series are based on a mistake or tragedy that took place in their lives years ago and their struggle to keep up with their individual regret, but one of them was better than the other (For me). Which one was it? To find that, without any further delay, let’s get right into it!


Image result for ano hana anime wallpaper

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Comedy  

Ratings: 9/10 (My Anime List)
9/10 (IMDb)


  • This series was really good in flaunting with the tragic element of the story. Thanks to that, it has earned a very well deserved place in one of the best sad anime series category.
  • The animation and art style was really good. A-1 pictures are known for their beautiful creation so I guess this point wasn’t that much of a surprise for anyone.
  • The OP/EDs and of course, the OSTs were just phenomenal! It’s not a daily occurrence to come across OSTs that were so much in synch with the story.



  • The characters in this series were lovable; but still they weren’t given much time to prove their worth, since the story focused mainly on certain characters for the most part of the story.
  • The story gets a bit rough and ugly when it starts to reach the end, making it difficult to not get judgmental.
  • The time skip between the incident and current time almost seems forceful to fit into the High school setting; showing the desperation of the creators to follow a really clichéd trend.



Image result for orange anime wallpaper

Genre: Slice of Life, Romance

Ratings: 8/10 (My Anime List)
7/10 (IMDb)


  • One of the best things about Orange is its portrayal of friendship. It’s admirable that the group of high school friends were able to stay together and help each other out for such a long period of time.
  • The characters in the series were really lovable and fitted into the whole ‘Slice of life with hint of romance’ genre quite well.
  • Orange was able to keep the issue of Depression and Anxiety in the surface for everyone, which was a good try into bringing a change to the minds of the new generation.



  • The art style wasn’t really impressive. The thing that kept bugging me from the moment I started the series was the animation and the art style which I really hate.
  • Many mysteries in the series weren’t explained at all, making it a disappointment to the viewers when they didn’t get the answers they were searching for.
  • Even though the series was sad, there were times when the sadness felt forced and thus in turn, made the amount of tears shed in every single episode seem futile.



  • One of my biggest fears is not being able to convey my feelings to someone. By that I mean, I’m afraid of losing anyone while I still had something to talk to him/her about; even if I don’t, I hate losing anyone. This feeling of regret and loss when someone special to us isn’t with us anymore was portrayed by both of the anime. While the future selves of the characters in Orange showed how much they regretted their decisions in the past and their incapability in saving Kakeru, the characters of Ano Hana were also really good in showing their share of regrets that played a part in the death of Menma. That’s why the portrayal of regret by both the series was equally good; the one favoured is just the matter of an individual’s choice.
  • The topic Orange dealt with was a sensitive and sad one, but it was unable to use those in favour of the story. Agreed that the plot wasn’t happy and all, but it wasn’t exactly that tragic; so much that every single episode had at least one scene which showed a character tearing up for some reason. If the scene is tragic, or heart touching, then it’s justified; otherwise it is pure crap which, instead of urging the audience to become sad, would make them angry instead. On the other hand, Ano Hana followed the idea of using small amount of sad scenes, but with lots of gravitas, making those scenes successful. So this point goes to Ano Hana.
  • As I mentioned earlier, in Orange a group of friends decided to write letter to their past to prevent their dear friend, Kakeru, from committing suicide; and amazingly, they were successful in doing so. But the frustrating part is that they didn’t show HOW they were able to do so. It’s not something mundane that they just skipped that part; just saying that there are possibilities of multiple future isn’t enough! If sending letters to past were as easy as handing them out to a postman then it was no big deal, BUT IT’S FREAKING TIME TRAVEL WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!! Thankfully, Ano Hana played it safe and didn’t meddle with any time travel or “I will save you” stuff. It was just a simple and light hearted story filled with some really emotional backstories. That’s why this point also, goes to Ano Hana.
  • Even though the series started off giving us a feeling that every character in the series are in good terms with each other (You know…. That nostalgic themed OP), when the story actually started to become clear it showed that they have grown distant. Ok, fair enough! As the story progressed, we kinda came into terms with it and took it well; but it all started to become ugly as it reached the end. The way the story became so rough by the climax, made the heart touching ending lose its value. If only they could turn down the heat a little on showing the ugly side of their friendship, it might have been better. Orange wasn’t like that at all. It portrayed a beautiful and admirable friendship between the characters from the start and it never got ugly at all. It was rather sweet and comforting to look at a group of friends doing so much for each other, and also being close even so many years after graduating high school.

Well now that the odds of this showdown are up, it seems the winner, according to me, will be Ano Hana! Again, this is completely my own opinion. But surely you guys have some other ideas regarding these two pair of series too, right? Let me know which one you would favour among them in the comments below.

With that, another monthly post comes to an end. I know this post came in a bit late but you guys are nice, you will let it slide this once, right? XD
Until next time, I hope you guys have a great time, and as always, thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Anime Showdown: Ano Hana vs Orange (Presentation of Regret)”

  1. Arhh I’ve not watched Orange yet even though I’ve been meaning to :((
    While the ugliness portrayed at the end was kind of sour to take in, its (imo) appreciable that they chose to resolve it that way (making way for the recovery in the movie). I feel like these kinds of raw expression are rare in reality (expressions leading to recovery) where most would end up tumbling downhill to permanent ghosting instead.

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    1. In real life, that’s something which almost never happens (Recovery in friendship after letting out their bitter confessions, I mean); but yeah, it’s appreciable in a way.

      I think Orange, even though not the best series, must be given time to.

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