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Gamers (Anime Review)

Heyya minna, It’s Ryuuji Tatsuya!

So after experiencing a rather painful debut in the Yuri genre, I was searching for a series which can help me recover a bit before I went in for another new genre adventure; and what better way could there be than retreating to my comfort zone of SoL and RomCom. That’s why I decided to watch ‘Gamers’ for a change of mood. How was it? Let’s find out!

Name of Anime: Gamers
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Number of Episodes: 12

I downloaded this series a couple of months ago and tried to start it too, but that enthusiasm of mine was lost in a few minutes as it didn’t really felt that exciting; after that, I didn’t get back to it because I had a long list of series already waiting to be watched. But now that I didn’t have anything else belonging to this genre, I started binge watching it.

The story is mainly about Amano, a high school guy who doesn’t really have that much presence in the school, and Tendou, a high school girl who is also considered as the school idol. The basic plot is that Tendou is in love with him so she decided to finally approach him, asking him to join ‘The Gamers Club’ since he is always seen playing in his PSP or mobile. Some other characters like Uehara, his girlfriend Aguri and another love interest of Amano, Hoshinomori also joins in the series within a couple of episodes.


For starters, let’s focus on the positive aspects of the series, just like we always do.

I watched the series for the laughs and easing mood, and I gotta say that I was satisfied in that end. The punchlines were quite hilarious, especially when Uehara was around. His comic faces, amazing timing and great voice acting is what makes him the king of comic timing in this series. While it is pretty obvious that the creators expected more laughs from the awkward situations that they put the characters into, but they failed in those areas because of something that I will be talking about later in this segment. Still, if you want to watch a series purely for laughs and no basic story, you have one right here.

Image result for gamers anime uehara faces

The OSTs weren’t noticed as much as we did back in Citrus, but that’s one of the few disadvantages of being a comedy anime. However, the OP/EDs were quite good! Even though they didn’t have an animation for the ED in most of the starting episodes, when they finally did show it I was confused and thought that maybe the episode hasn’t ended yet. Why? Because it was so beautiful, I thought that it’s just part of the series (Like maybe they were showing a game promo video or something). All in all, the series has some good music. Recommended if you like a bit high pitch and fast paced songs!

I have mixed reviews about the character aspect, maybe because I absolutely loved some of the characters while at the same time, hated the others. When talking about lovable characters, Uehara is the first one to come to my mind. Sure, he started off as the clichéd popular ikemen who ‘Somehow’ starts liking Amano and ‘Somehow’ becomes really good friends with him (Because he sees a part of his past inside him and blah blah blah). But still, it’s the end result that counts! And after a few episodes, I was so hooked up on his reactions that I kept waiting for when he would have his time in the screen; the reason for such liking? Comic timing!

Image result for gamers anime uehara faces
I also loved Hoshinormori’s character. Why? Because she is cute! Yeah well, she has some talent in the humor section too, but damn I love her more because of her character design. I’m actually saddened by the fact that she wasn’t chosen as the main love interest, I ship her with Amano so much!!

Image result for gamers anime hoshinomori
*Desperate Fanboy Shipping Breaths Intensifies*

The other characters, including the protagonist, are a pain in the ass. That’s right, a huge pain in the ass! I know that the story is responsible for the portrayal of characters as how they are, but still I can’t stop myself from disliking them. Amano has no charm at all! He has the same voice actor as Riki from Little Busters but he is nowhere near as good as him; I’m completely disappointed by his character sketch as he is neither a good gamer nor a good lover, all he does is keep saying ‘But…’ and ‘Maybe….’. I have never seen such a half assed protagonist and not to mention, the desperate attempts made by creator at times to make him look good. Tendou and Aguri too are neither interesting nor cute. I think all Tendou basically did was grunt and moan in the sides while Aguri kept whining about her suspicions about Uehara cheating on her. That’s it! Jeez, they made me so salty.

Image result for gamers amano

Anyways, now that we have covered the positives and mixed feelings section, let’s bring in the saltiness and talk about the negatives.

First of all, the story sucks. If you are a SoL or RomCom lover like me, then I do NOT recommend this series. It started off pretty clichéd and normal; although I didn’t approve of the clichés back then, it wasn’t too bad. But by the mid episodes, they created this misunderstanding where Uehara was being suspected as a player (Of course, only by every other character, but not us). A misunderstanding is quite normal in these genres so I didn’t mind it, but it became unbearable when they refused to clear it up till the 3rd last episode. You see, normally, a misunderstanding is cleared up within two episodes, but they kept stretching it in the hope of attracting the audience in watching a comedy of errors; sadly, this wasn’t the 12th century, they were a bit too late into achieving their aim (Missed it just by a millennium).

Another big flaw in this series was the lack of beauty in animation. The reason why I didn’t like the series at first was because of this very weakness. Even though Gamers came out in 2017, the art style was too 2012-ish. Honestly, I don’t get why comedy anime in general neglect on investing more effort in the animation quality. It’s the reason why most of the action and fantasy lovers don’t bother watching this genre, because it’s too bland compared to their ultra high quality fight scenes and art style. Let’s just hope that the new series will start with better art styles and visuals. For now, the animation wasn’t good in Gamers (Except Hoshinomori’s character, she is ❤ )

Image result for gamers aguri crying gif

Well in the end let me just say that this series isn’t actually bad, but it’s not good either. While some of the punchlines will make you laugh hysterically, others might not get any reactions. Some of the characters might just be hilarious and relatable, while others can be a huge pain; it’s just too average and that’s why you should watch it too when you are in need of something purely funny and average. I rate it 6/10.

And with that, another review comes to an end~
Have you watched Gamers? Did you like it? Or did you dislike it? Do you have any other opinion about this series? Then be sure to tell me all about it in the comments below! Until then, I hope you guys have a great time and as always, thanks for reading!

Image result for gamers aguri crying gif
Introducing: Hoshinomori’s sister AKA Azunyan 


12 thoughts on “Gamers (Anime Review)”

  1. Gamers was my first blog post and I gave it a 4/10 lol. I loved Amano and Aguri’s friendship, but everything else was really bland. The misunderstandings were funny at first, but it got so bothersome by the end and I felt bad for Tendo that she became a side character when she was introduced as one of the main one.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Uwah that’s harsh xD
      To be honest, I was going to give it a low score too but at least I enjoyed it more than Citrus so….
      Yeah Tendo is pretty unlucky about that, reminds me of Tadakuni who was also ignored in the mid episodes of Daily lives of highschool boys; but sadly, Gamers wasn’t able to handle it as well as that one.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It was a fun watch for sure. But I think if they wanted to talk more about the differences between casuals and hard core gamers, they should have expressed how both sides are having fun, just in their own way.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The series was hilarious. But barely had anything to do with gaming. I kind of wish they focused on the gamers playing actual games. It was a romantic comedy that had it quirks but I again wish it was more games played

    Liked by 1 person

  3. HAHAHA Azunyan doppelganger!!!
    そうか,そうか ~
    I was so caught up in the stupidity and joke-ness of the misunderstanding was that I still managed to enjoy it somehow です,です!
    While the art isn’t tip-top, I still appreciate their attempts with the silly faces (lol).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ne ne ewe
      Translational for those alien words please

      Well it’s fine if you liked the misunderstanding, it depends on each individual after all
      Not for me tho :v

      Exactly! Those faces were my favorite in the whole series. I’m glad they didn’t restrict it to a single episode or character

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Awww 😥
        I was trying to imitate Hoshinomori (souka! souka! desu!! desu!!). I admit it is pretty adorable, when people talk to themselves aloud (by experience, it applied mostly to gals, and for some special cases guys too) 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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