My Top 10 Anime Couples (Valentine’s Day Special)

For the last seven days, the whole atmosphere of the world has been all lovey-dovey, because of course the Valentine’s Day is here. And you know the best thing about it, for the first time in my life I will actually be able to enjoy it with my girlfriend, Amanda. (Yesssssssssssss) That being said, Valentine’s Day is not all about gf-bf love, couples and things like that, it can be love for your sister, love towards your parents and love for the whole world, so go ahead and show all the love you can to the world.

On to the main topic, we all know that our blogs should synch with the trend every time (Or else how will we get the views…… we want the views) and that’s why I decided to write a Valentine’s Day special post and that is, Some of my favourite Anime couples. So sit back, relax and enjoy this list of Anime couples.

  • Kirito X Asuna


    SAO has never been something that I look forward to due to its romance element; however I will have to admit that the main couple of the anime had some good romance between them. SAO has some real bad clichés and all (SAO fans, sorry about that) but still Kirito and Asuna manages to spark in some life into the already dead story by their hot romance and mutual respect for each other; that’s the best thing about the anime.

  • Izumi X Ui


    I just started this anime and I will have to admit, it’s hard to find loyalty in an ecchi anime. There’s no loyalty shown by the protagonist in this anime (He goes all out and rubs the breasts of another girl) but the thing that made me find love in this couple is the fact that no matter how unfaithful and ‘Men’ he might be, there are some things which Izumi does only with his wife. I like how both of them supplied a solid connection that was built up to a silly concept of getting married together out of spite from both of their parents.

  • Raku X Chitoge


    Raise your hand, if you think this couple of the list is the impact of ‘Nisekoi’ being a mainstream anime! Well I don’t actually follow manga, but I guess these two are the real deal now (Are they?) if it’s false then, meh, but if it’s actually true, I’m extremely happy. Raku and Chitoge were actually a really cute couple and I supported them with all my heart (I also shipped Raku and Ruri, but who cares) These two are really cute together, and why wouldn’t they be cute, after all there’s a Tsundere…….. Always love the Tsundere.

  • Tsubaki X Urabe


    If I remember correctly, I reviewed this anime where I said, “I have no idea why I love this anime so much” but now I think that I know the answer to the mystery. The answer is the steamy hot but cute relationship between the plain boyfriend and the mysterious girlfriend. I mean, holy shit, these two are so meant for each other. Tsubaki and Urabe were not shown kissing in the anime, but still they manage to bring out so much passion in their love that at some point, it’s remarkable.

  • Kaito X Ichika


    If the previous couple is there for its steamy hot relationship, even though they never kissed, then this couple has this spot in the list because of the pure hearted love they share, even after they kissed so many times. This anime showed Kaito and Ichika maintain a safe distance where they never kissed with a romantic sense through the main part of the series, however the last 3 or 4 episodes was full of kisses and romance. I loved how they were so hot for each other, so much that at some point it makes you cheer for them when they have an intimate scene (At least I did)

  • Otani X Koizumi

    Maybe the only old anime of the list, the couple is not here for nothing. Given the fact that this anime is pretty old and at that time, showing kisses was not really accepted by the audience, these two came all out in showing their love. At first Otani and Koizumi were like, I don’t love him and she doesn’t loves me, but when the misunderstanding was finally cleared, what emerged was a couple so friendly with each other that there was no need to show any real romance between them. The kisses shared by them were amazing too, and the chemistry was awesome!

  • Kousei X Kaori


    Now coming to the top 4, we have Kousei and Kaori, a couple which showed loved beyond the boundary of life and death. All of us, when watching this series, felt or knew that the story will not be a happy one, but we didn’t dropped watching this masterpiece. Not because we were hungry for the sad ending, but because we were enchanted by the cute relationship between Kousei and Kaori. Where on one side, Kaori was trying her best to be at the best mood for her love, Kousei was also giving his best to make sure he could share stage with her again and again. The love between these two is undying and heart touching!

  • Kawasumi X Suiren

    Surprise, surprise! I bet you guys didn’t expect that. Kawasumi and Suiren are characters of a Manga that I recently started called ‘Hibi Chouchou’. I’m not a big follower of manga and to be honest this is only my second one, but I couldn’t help but put the names of these two characters cause somehow, this guy is almost like me and the girl is also like my girlfriend (Coincidence? I don’t think so.) I don’t know what exactly the deal is with these two being the replica of our life, but I won’t mind if we went on to have a relationship like them.

  • Touma X Kitahara


    Not all romance end with a happy note, while most of the other anime were showing us the joyous side of love, ‘White Album 2’ was showing us the pain of being in love and getting a sad end. Touma and Kitahara were always meant to be in love with each other, and they even did, but in our world, lovers don’t decide their future, destiny does. Destiny made sure that these two don’t meet, but still they also made sure that their love never dies.

  • Ryuuji X Taiga


    Raise your hand, if you were not surprised by the end result of this list. For a person who loves romance and whose first proper romance anime was ‘Toradora’, these two had to be in the top spot of the best couples. What makes Taiga and Ryuuji, Taiga and Ryuuji is something beyond words. These two actually ‘Click’ with each other. It is said that we try to find someone who completes us, and these two are the one who really complete each other. What’s more, they are not always lovey-dovey, the female lead almost kills Ryuuji, but when his soul is about to leave, she makes sure that she puts it back to his body (Too much metaphor, right?) So, in the end, the best anime/manga couple goes to Ryuuji X Taiga for a relationship which cannot be defined.

And that was my list of Anime couples which made my heart go all *Doki Doki*. What about you? Who are your favourite anime couples? Do you agree with anyone on my list? Then be sure to leave them in the comment section below! Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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