My Top 8 Anime OSTs

Heyyo minna, its Ryuji Tatsuya with yet another new post! I wonder if my luck with the electronic devices were ever more awful; I broke my phone and my laptop suddenly went poof (WHILE I WAS WRITING A 900+ WORDS POST *Flips Table*). Good news is, the laptop is back and that’s why I can write stuff once again, however, my phone is still in the service center so…….. RIP Social Platform Accessibility. Anyway, lets focus on today’s topic for now.

Recently, I have been fussing a lot about a little detail in every form of media, that we ignore more than credits scene, Background Music. Normally, we are so focused on the content of the series or the extremely eye catching OP/EDs, that we hardly notice the quick and constant change in the background music of the series. Thankfully, some of us do enjoy the BGMs too and (I hope to God it’s not just me) also get highly excited when the BGM is able to increase the quality of a certain point in the show.

So today, I’ll be writing about some OSTs (Original Soundtracks) in anime which, I believe, are awesome in their own ways (I have left the link to the songs in the caption, so click on them if you wanna check it out). So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!


    Yuujin A-kun wo Watashi no Bansousha ni Ninmeishimasu

    Image result for your lie in april kaori x kousei gif
    Yuujin A-kun wo Watashi no Bansousha ni Ninmeishimasu

    This OST is really close to my heart. I loved how it started really slow and in a calm manner and then gradually picked up the pace. In the series too, this song was able to take the story from a little serious or romantic moment to an electrifying moment in just a span of a minute or so. (PS: This is the first and the only OST that I can play in piano, so far)

    Kujikesou ni Naru Watashi wo Sasaete Kudasai

    Image result for your lie in april sad gif
    Kujikesou ni Naru Watashi wo Sasaete Kudasai

    I heard this OST a lot of time in the series, but I actually got to feel it in the 20th episode (Not gonna say when but you might know when you check it). The scene was supposed to deliver the message of “All is not well” and I believe that it was perfect in doing that, to the point where it made itself the saddest OST of the anime as well as the current list.



    Kimi ga kureta mono

    Image result for anohana ending sad gif
    Kimi ga Kureta Mono

    The original one actually has vocals in it, but in the anime, it was used with the guitar cover for some time and then the original one took over. While I like the original one, I love the guitar cover of this OST and that’s the reason I’m sharing the link of the guitar version; listen to it, it’s so soothing that it might put you to sleep.



    L’s theme A

    Image result for death note l cool gif
    L’s theme A

    Only two words are required to define this OST, ‘Badass AF’! It was the first OST that I ever paid attention too, and I don’t think it was a waste of time to do so. This BGM is so exciting AND well executed in the series that it makes everything else look like a child’s random noise. Seriously, if you are a fan of those slowly building up, psychological drama BGMs, then this one is for you.

    L’s theme B

    Image result for death note l cool gif
    L’s theme B

    It’s almost the same thing, but the slight change in the tempo actually proved pretty crucial in giving it a complete makeover. Again, the implication of this OST was really really good; so good that it might give you goosebumps (Only if you’re into the story at that time and are also paying attention to the background details).



    Danshi Koukousei to Tomodachi no Heya

    Image result for daily lives of highschool boys gif
    Danshi Koukousei to Tomodachi no Heya

    This OST is nothing like the other entries of this post; it’s not slowly building up and also doesn’t have the sad element with it. The reason why it still has its name in here is thanks to their normal and carefree music, which somehow makes everyone lazy; a perfect match for a carefree SOL anime with a touch of relatable boyish humour.



    Weirdo Haste

    Image result for haikyuu kageyama and hinata play gif
    Weirdo Haste

    Haikyuu has quite many of my favourite OSTs, this one being one of them. What I like about this music is that its quirky and different approach was perfect in emphasizing the weird yet effective quick play done by Kageyama and Hinata. According to me, there wouldn’t have been any other BGM to fit with that play, as much as this one.

    A Desire

    Image result for haikyuu s3 tsukishima cool gif
    A Desire

    When Tsukishima was desperate to come back to the court and help his team clench victory (In the 3rd season), I don’t think it would have been any more majestic than it already is, if it wasn’t for this OST. Even though, when you listen to it in complete silence, it sounds to fit more into the action genre, but hey, sports are also war.



    Classroom of the Elite OST

    Image result for clasroom of the elite gif
    Classroom of the Elite Trailer

    Now the OST album of Classroom of the Elites was supposed to be out by Oct, but it got delayed so I don’t exactly have the pure version of the music that I wanted you guys to hear; so you will have to manage with the small part that is played in the trailer. This BGM is loved by most of the people who watched this series; the reason, it’s just mind blowing! The sharp piano notes are so in synch with the series that…….. Well, you will get what I mean once you watch it.



    Haritsumeta Kuuki

    Image result for assassination classroom gif
    Haaritsumeta Kuuki

    Assassination Classroom had many amazing soundtracks, most of them being soft and calm in nature (And the one in the serious side being just way too creepy), this one was unique. It was able to give off the creepy aura and at the same time, it set up a stage for something grand that was about to take place. I think I love BGMs which build up into a more amplified version, but even if that wasn’t the case I would’ve chosen this soundtrack as the best of the series; that’s just how awesome it is.




    Image result for nisekoi raku x chitoge gif

    I have been searching for this OST for more than a year now, and if it wasn’t for this post, maybe I wouldn’t have found this piece of art anytime sooner. I love this soundtrack so much that at one point it hurts that I gave up on finding it. This BGM defines what love is. It starts slow and passive, and then as it builds up it starts getting painful and painful. But by the time it reaches the end, it suddenly mixes with a sense of achievement giving rise to bittersweet feeling that is just out of this world. I don’t know if I was able to convey how I feel every time I hear this, but I at least hope that you guys will love it too.

With that, this post comes to an end. Thank God that I decided writing this. If it wasn’t for that then I wouldn’t have founded many of these awesome BGMs. Well, I hope you guys like my choices, and please be sure to share some of your favourites in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “My Top 8 Anime OSTs”

  1. I’m guilty of skipping OPS when they don’t appeal to me on the pilot episode. But I guess there are songs that just geow on you the more you listen to it, like Haikyuu’s.

    As to the others you listed, I’m not really that familiar! 😂 . But now I’m thinking of rounding up my recent watch list to specifically listen to their songs! Lol!

    Nice post, Ryuji!

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  2. I usually am left with a stronger impression of OP/ED songs because I go through them for every episode (but I tend to skip it for slice of life genres if the style isn’t one that I’d listen to over and over)

    But a few ost got tangled up in my memory, like YLIA’s “Watashu no Uso” and “Again”, Amagi Brilliant Park’s “Solitude” and NGNL’s “Bias Hacker”, each of them for their own traits. :))

    Great post!

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    1. Yeah I tend to skip the OP/EDs of SoL and RomCom genre anime too (I think they’re… umm.. not my style).

      Ah~ I like ‘Watashi no uso’ and ‘Again’ too, but the others, I think I’ll listen to them in free time.

      Thanks for reading!

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    1. Ikr? YLIA has some great OSTs and the piano pieces were awesome too.
      You fan easily find the paino pieces in Youtube. Just search for YLIA Ost and click on the playlist that pops up, I’m pretty sure I saw some there.

      I’m glad that you liked this post!


  3. Here’s some of my favorite anime soundtracks:

    Haibane Renmei
    Now and Then Here and There
    Read Or Die
    Kino’s Journey (2003)
    Jungle Emperor Leo (1997)
    The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
    The Place Promised In Our Early Days
    Key the Metal Idol

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